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This sleek and sophisticated space sears up an impressive selection of premium steaks. Pair our signature Australian beef with great wine from our extensive collection and enjoy gorgeous city views framed by our floor-to-ceiling windows. Paying tribute to Australian culture, the restaurant also features an aboriginal dot-painting mural as one of its centrepieces. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-27
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We celebrated Christmas at Wooloomooloo as we thought their 4-course Christmas Set Lunch ($68++/pax) was a steal. We were first served a huge loaf of warm, fluffy focaccia bread topped with cheese, onions and rosemary. It was one of the tastiest breads I’ve tried!Crispy Duck SaladServed with braised red cabbage, orange segments and candied walnuts, the duck confit was well prepared with its crispy skin and tender meat. It was not too salty or oily; making it light enough as an appetizer.Lobster BisqueTheir lobster bisque was quite unique in taste as it was scented with Kaffir lime with a hint of chili (or perhaps curry spices?). The soup was smooth and mouth-watering and was complemented with a large chunk of lobster meat. I especially like their presentation in the iron-cast bowl which brought about a rustic country feel.Traditional Christmas TurkeyTheir turkey was flavourful and tender. The rosemary potatoes were surprisingly delicious too!Grass Fed Warrnambool Australian Filet MignonThe beef was a disappointment. The texture was tough and lacked the natural juices of the meat. What totally spoiled this dish was however, the mismatching side dish (peanut kale salad) which tasted somewhat like CNY’s yu sheng. Perhaps it was meant to be a fusion creation which somehow backfired.Sticky Toffee Pudding Served with Armagnac caramel sauce, the pudding was moist and not overwhelmingly sweet. The vanilla ice cream was light and complemented the dessert well.Panna Cotta The soft creamy panna cotta instantly melted in your mouth and burst into full flavours, thanks to the zesty sloe gin infused forest berries. This was definitely the star of the day and a perfect ending to our Christmas feast! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-11-17
67 瀏覽
Wooloomooloo Steakhouse origins from Hong Kong, and has since expanded to Singapore. It is known for its steak. It is actually named after a town in Sydney, which is called Woolloomooloo, as one of its owners is Australian.Tonight we are here for its Restaurant Week Dinner which costs $55++ per person for a 3 course meal. The first thing that attracts our attention as we enter the restaurant is the cold room with different cuts of meat in it. Unusual.Next to it is the wine storage, where customers can store their wines in the restaurant.Along the walk way, we are surrounded by wine chillers.After that more wine storage area.The wall of the dine in area is surrounded by shelves of chopped wood.We have a table by the window, where we have a great view of the Padang. The table is quite narrow and we seated quite close to the next table. The place is quite noisy with its loud music. I could not hear what is my partner talking about with all the noise.From our table, I could see the kitchen super busy with lots of orders.We start the meal with the famous Onion Focaccia, which is served complimentary with butter on a wooden board. I am surprised that our order has not taken when the bread is served.AppetizerSteak Tartare (usual $32++)Hand cut filet Mignon, traditional condiments & French friesThe mixture is a bit uneven in taste as I feel certain parts are more salty than others.Sauteed Garlic Prawn (usual $32++)Gewurztraminer, sofrito & garlic flakes enchanced by a dash of lobster bisqueThe bisque is great as it is very flavourful and thick.MainPan Seared Barramundai (usual $58++)Served with creamy spinach with a hint of chili, melted Parmesan150-Days Grain Fed Australian Rib Eye (usual $68++)Served with duck fat potatoes, wild mushrooms & Bearnaise sauceBoth of us decide to go for the USDA Prime Rib Eye (usual $80++) with a $8++ topup.I have my piece of meat done middle as recommended by the staff. The meat is quite juicy and smooth to eat, although the centre part is a bit too fatty. The watercess that served with it is quite bitter in taste. After the dish, I realise that we are not served the 4 well known sauces for the meat. I am quite disappointed, especially seeing customers being served with the sauces.DessertWooloo-Wonker LollipopKeep an eye open for the golden ticketVanilla ice-cream, caramel, crumbled nuts & crisp chocolateI die die want to change the dessert. I even told the staff on phone about it when he calls to confirm the reservation. I have seen the next table having it, which looks like something one can get it easily from the supermarket. It is just a chocolate coated vanilla ice cream stick, in a rather thin and cheapo looking paper box. It is something that one definitely wouldn't have expected from an atas restaurant. The only good thing about it is that one may win a $50 voucher. In the end we have to use 2 Wooloo-Wonker Lollipop to exchange for 1 dessert from the Dessert menu. Some may say it is a unbalance exchange, but at least I will be having something I like.Souffle ($24++)I have order the passion fruit & Grand Marnier flavour one. It is served hot in a metal pot. One has to cut open in the centre to pour the sauce in. It tastes very light and fluffly, as well as, strong in the liqueur taste.Overall the food is not bad. The place seem to be unstaffed as we have a hard time getting the attention of the staff. Water is not refilled regularly. Overall it falls flat of my expectation. Total bill is $148.30 for 2 persons. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-04
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I'm someone who don't like to drive so convenient location especially when it's very accessible from the mrt appeals a lot to me! So for Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, being located at Raffles City is a plus point for me.Before I start on the delicious main course which I had, we shall start with the bread first! It has onions in it which i like and they gave a generous portion with the butter too! Super love!Now the main course - Beef Wellington ( Australian filet mignon with mushroom duxelle, wrapped in Parma ham, topped with Foie Gras & wrapped with puff pastry. Served with red wine Madeira sauce ). I was viewing the online menu first and when i saw the deescription, i knew i'm going to have this! All my favorite stuff in one! Shiok is the word to describe. Imagine my happiness when i opened up the puff pastry to reveal what's inside! I asked for medium for the filet mignon and i was satisfied with it. Foie gras is of a decent size and parma ham add a nice bit of saltiness to the whole dish. For $69, i thought it was quite worthwhile for the goodies i get within one dish. Service was nice and attentive too. Quiet environment too on a weekday night. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-15
40 瀏覽
We came this time to have a go at their desserts, and we got the bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice cream, which I think costs $16, and the passionfruit souffle which costs about $20. Quite steep for desserts but you pay for the ambience and service, service was very good. The vanilla ice cream was rich and creamy, and the bread and butter pudding dense and moist, not a fan of it though. I like the passionfruit souffle which was fluffy and a little sour. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-08
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They gave this caramelized onion foccacia bread. Simply delish! With some soft butter (sprinkled with sea salt) to spread over the bread, I almost finish this but I had to save appetite for the meal. This is the tuna and crab tartare. They had wasabi in it which was not stated on the menu, so that spoiled the dish for me. Otherwise the ingredients are fresh and lovely. A nice cold starter. The main hero of the day - the ribeye steak! Wooloomooloo has many different cuts of steak but I usually like to go for the Ribeye. I ordered mine medium rare and it was still a touch overcooked but just a touch. I can still forgive it . The meat was delicious and it comes with 4 sauce - Red wine Madeira, Au jus, mushroom and peppercorn. I like the Au Just and Red Wine Madeira surprisingly. But since you get all 4 sauces, just dip away! Ordered a few sides - Sweet cream corn and cream spinach. Quite expensive - $14 per side. Worth to order to share as the portion is big. 繼續閱讀
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