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Ichiban Sushi

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JAN 12

Ichiban Sushi's photo in Boon Lay )
The fried chicken, like all fried chicken from Ichiban Sushi, is amazing. The crust is always not too floury an the meat is juicy. Additionally, the sauce used for the chicken is really good this time round. Its sweet and doesn't have the common salty taste in sauce. I loved it with the rice so much that I cleaned off all the sauce they gave.

The soft shell crab tempura is my mother's favourite. The sauce that comes along with it..which is radish sauce or something, is perfect with the crab. Also, the chawanmushi is totally worth the money. Its very soft and have the actual egg taste. Not only is it a big serving, there's chicken, mushroom, a weird fruit (I'm not too sure what it is yet..) and crab meat in it.
The chasoba and unadon wazan consists of cold Japanese tea noodles, mini BBQ eel with rice bowl, miso soup and fruit. The chasoba was tasty. The soba wasn't too "floury" and it is perfect...
Ichiban sushi at Jurong Point's basement japanese food street perpetually has a very long que outside, even on weekdays. We arrived at 6pm hoping to beat the evening crowd on a thursday and ende...