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Level2 2013-09-22
My Boyfriend and I went for dinner at about 6pm and the store was still kinda empty but people started flooding in and the store was packed and some were starting to Q. Though this shop specializes in 鱼头炉, we decided to give it a miss as we were afraid we couldn't finish. We also some zhi char style food. We order sambal fried rice , hor fun , 咸蛋排骨 and thai style chicken.The sambal fried rice was nice and i'm kinda particular about the “火"in the fried rice. This taste really bring out the aroma of the fried rice and the fried rice here is relatively well done in terms of the 火 taste . However, i think that the sambal fried rice is not spicy enough! A little bit more of the sambal chilli will make the fried rice perfect. As for the hor fun , i personally do not really enjoy eating it as i feel that they added too much 黑酱油 to it. However, my bf enjoys eating it. I guess it's not that bad afterall and it may just be that it is not to my liking. 咸蛋排骨 was delicious but the sauce is not evenly distributed as i ate a whole big piece which is without the sauce. It would be great if they can be more generous with the sauce and ensure that every piece of the pork is coasted with the sauce. Nevertheless , it is still yummy! Thai Style chicken is really a normal dish and the taste is really like the typical kind of thai style dish from other places. Hence, if you are thinking hard of what you want to order and there is too many on your to try list, maybe you can give this dish a miss. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
We ordered the Salted Egg Pork Rib, Teochew Fish Head Soup, Stir Fried You Mai Vegetable. This place is spacious and tidy with plenty of seats! I appreciate their fast and good service, we were seated immediately upon entering The succulent pork was coated with thick silky egg yolk. I feel that the fish head soup is more salty than I would like it to be. Perhaps there was quite a bit of MSG added too, because I felt so thirsty after eating! We also ordered this rare vegetable called you mai cai it's crunchy and delicious. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-12
Looks mouth-watering eh? The walls were stained black probably with grease and dust, so if you're extremely particular about cleanliness you may not be very happy with the environment.Slightly before 12pm, my parents and I decided to head down to Chinatown and celebrate our early Father's Day lunch! Have been hearing many good reviews about this place, and it's extremely packed during lunch hours due to nearby offices so do avoid 12-2pm.Uh, it was so delicious and I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures before eating. This is a delicious pork rib thingy which you can eat the whole thing.. the crispiness and the juiciness of it is something that not even my superb mummy can cook. We ordered a small plate which costs $10, and my mum lamented that previously they gave smaller pieces but today felt like it was a medium size serving!We also ordered something special which was clams with deep fried oily egg. I really fancy this sort of crispy egg a lot... although its quite unhealthy, and I remember my first time trying it was in Holland Village's Everything With Fries! Not a fan of clams, but my parents loved it so go ahead and try if you love seafood! This costs $18.Now this is really special, fish mall plus sea cucumber. Only $9 for a plate, do you know that sea cucumber actually helps to prevent wrinkles? I felt quite upset that I wasn't allowed to order a cup of hot drink. We were all sitting right under the aircon and was freezing, and when both my mummy and I wanted to order a cup of hot barley, the waitress insisted and encouraged us to order cold..... so we gave in. We ordered Red garoupa steamboat, and it was quite affordable, only $23! The soup was salty enough and the fish was quite okay in portion. Be careful of bones though, it may appear quite obvious but there are some tiny ones!Here's the total bill.. $60+ for 3 people. Well I guess it's actually quite worth it judging by how delicious it was continue reading
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For full review and photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2013/02/136-hong-kong-street-fish-head.htmlIt's Monday! Hopefully your weekend was great [: Blue Monday, go away!Well, I have always loved eating fish head steamboat but it is not easy to find an affordable and nice one out there. A friend of mine recommended me to this shop and I was not disappointed with its standard!Red Grouper Steamboat. Okay, the main thing you definitely have to order here is the fish head steamboat. The soup is really good and rich, filled with all my favourite ingredients such as fried yam, cabbage, etc. Of course, they have other kinds of fish too if you do not like red grouper fish!Sweet and sour century egg $6. Well well! Recently, I got into a Century-Egg-Craze which means I have this weird compulsion to order any century egg dishes. This is something different from what you see outside! The century egg is fried so that it has this crispy exterior. Eaten together with the appetizing sweet and sour sauce, it can really tickle your appetite open!Mongolian Tofu $18. This is their recommended dish. I must say that it is pretty unique. It resembles the Yam Ring that we see normally, with the yam ring replaced by tofu to form tofu ring instead.Overall, I feel that this is a good and affordable place for big group of family or friends. The standard of the food is definitely above those you see in the average coffee shops. However, take note that the shop is not that big so if you can, try to make reservations before that! continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-08
Whenever we passed by this place, we saw their steamboat was serving to most of the tables. So we decided to have a go.There weren’t so many patrons when we stepped in at around 7pm on last Friday. We didn’t know what to order other than the fish head steamboat, they recommended one of their signature dishes salted egg yolk with spare ribs and we added garlic with potato leaves for fibre intake. Not long after our order, there were patrons kept coming in, quite popular though.All 3 dishes served almost together, the steamboat was heating up with a gas stove, I liked this as it was warm till the end of the meal. They would top up the soup once without additional charge when we requested. Although they said fish head steamboat, actually they served fish meat with bone instead of fish head. First try their milky soup, one word to say “fantastic”, it was rich is flavour and you could taste it has boiled for long hours, the milky colour wasn’t from milk, it was from fish after hours of boiling, no MSG after taste, the rich soup taste was natural, I kept drinking it nonstop! Having said that I didn’t like the fish meat as it was overcooked, too tough to my liking, I would prefer they served fish head instead of fish meat.Both my friend and I were not deep fry eaters, the salted egg yolk with spare ribs was crispy but too dry on the whole, salted egg yolk flavour was too mild. Garlic potato leaves was fine in terms of taste but it was too pricey for such a small serving.It is worth to return if ones is aiming to have their steamboat, especial the soup. continue reading
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