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Level4 2014-10-07
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/10/07/our-favourite-yakiniku-aburiya-on-6oct2014/went to aburiya for dinner with wife & daughter on 6.10.2014.i had an excellent dinner here last on 19.3.2014. today was just as good! we ordered our usuals – kimchi chigae & bibimen. i love both these dishes.kimchi chigae always so tasty, with some slices of thin belly pork. i love thekurobuta kimchi nabe at shirokiya @ cuppage terrace but for a simple small helping of kimchi chigae, aburiya’s is the best.bibimen is something i come to like because my wife prefers it to bibimbap. now i get to like everything about it, flavours, texture. we decided to order the ohmi wagyu beef set (above & top photo). it looked marbled, tasted good, but somehow not quite matching our expectations of the intense marbled flavours of 1 of the 3 best kuroge wagyu (黑毛和牛) in japan, along with kobe & matsuzaka. somehow the last time we had the cheaper hokkaido wagyu here on 19.3.2014, it left a more lasting impression. maybe it’s better just to order karubi or jo-karubi than to have the tokumori mixed set.for me tajimaya@vivocity’s wagyu was pricy but good too only if there is 50% discount, but they did not have the kimchi chigae & bibimen we liked here, so the enjoyment was not the same. we had the cheap australian angus karubi negi (short ribs with leek). it was quite ok. anyway we had always liked it before we started trying the wagyu here.we tried the kurobuta & iberia pork set this time. it was really good. certainly better than the karubi. i think overall our enjoyment of the pork was more than even the ohmi tokumori set, not that the ohmi was poor.the bill came to S$143 nett for 3pax including a bottle of sake. quite ok for a very enjoyable dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-27
The place is rather small, with simple setup. They do have alfresco dining, which in short, sit outside with no air con lah... Keke.They have ala carte selection as well as set menu. Being the first time there, we decided to go for the set menu, which is already a handful to choose from. Beef StewOoo.. I love this! The meat, the potato and the carrot all tasted sweet and soft. It was soooo good, I tell you! They simply fell apart in the mouth, revealing a sweet taste that teased you for more. Shitake MushroomI love the mushroom, which came in nice sweet sauce. But do note that you dun want to overdose the mushroom with the sweet sauce. I did that on my second visit, and the mushroom became too sweet.. -_-" Egg SoupJust a simple bowl of egg soup, which contained seaweed, egg and bean sprouts for 2 to share.Wagyu Beef (Extra order)TenderloinThe beef was of coz good! With minimal seasoning, the beef was naturally sweet and tender Overall, it was a good and satisfying meal. Price wise, it is about $40 - $50 per pax (with no extra order). Slightly on the higher end, but it's just a premium for a more comfortable eating environment. Least the table are big enuff to display all the items and the ventilation is fairly okay ~ you dun stink so much as compared to other grill places. To read more and view photo, http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2011/05/aburiya.html continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-30
Is a Japanese restaurant serving Sumiyaki We ordered beef tenderloin-the tenderloin is unsurpassed. It comes in cubes, and we had it with the Tare marinade, which was a soy-based Yakiniku sauce. A few turns of the beef cubes on the hot grill is all it takes. The outside is seared and the inside is still so tender you could probably cut it with your chopsticks. The wagyu beef was seasoned with the Shio marinade, which was simply salt and pepper. The thing about the wagyu is, it’s slightly tough to bite into at first but once you do, the marbled bits of fat in the meat literally make it melt in your mouth as you chew. This is definitely a place I’ll be frequenting whenever I’m in a particularly carnivorous mood. continue reading
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Level2 2011-03-04
The first time we went, was the branch at Holland V. This was the 2nd time we tried and at this different outlet.Need to make reservations especially on weekends as business is good.We again ordered the wagyu platter which consists of different variety of choiced meats. And you have to DIY grill the wagyu, which can be very hot.They have different kinds of sauces to enhance the flavour of the wagyu. Besides wagyu beef, we also ordered the foie grasAlso ordered rice ball (Onigiri) to grill for carbo. But it's quite small, hence my hubby likes to order garlic fried rice to complete the meal. Basically outside Japan in little Singapore, this is one of the better wagyu BBQ place to try. They have other meats and seafood besides wagyu beef. But i'm there for the Wagyu! continue reading
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