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Ajisen Ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968 and now has expanded with more than 700 shops worldwide. Famous for its rich Tonkotsu soup (pork broth) which captures the essence after hours of boiling, Ajisen offers a wide variety of ramen which caters to customers of all ages. continue reading
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Review (18)
Level4 2013-07-30
Being a member of this establishment, I frequently patronize ajisen ramen whenever it is one of the dining options. During the 3rd monday of every month, members get a 50% off on all ramens. This is very worth it as for about $5-6, you can get one hot bowl of soup and noodles! Hard to come by nowadays where prices are always increasing instead of going south. I ordered the seafood ramen and this has always been my favourite as the soup broth is always very tasty, the noodle was soft and easy to chew (which I like). you can also slurp them up for the fun of it! They are also very generous with their ingredients which includes Japanese crabmeat, scallop, beansprouts and sotong. Pretty worth it for a price of $11 considering that Ramen takes an effort to produce. If you would like a set menu (1 side dish and a drink), the seafood ramen will amount to $14.90. Do give it a try and of course, become a member to enjoy better discounts! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-24
I think this outlet can work to improve their service when there is a lot of people in the restaurant. i went there at dinner time and ordered their gyoza set. their gyoza set include ten pieces of gyoza, two pieces of chicken karage, one bowl of rice and one bowl of soup. after waiting for some time, my ten pieces of gyoza arrived. i waited for about 10 minutes and i asked a waiter for the rest of the food, another 5 minutes passed and the two piece chicken karage came. the rice and soup was no show for the subsequent 10 minutes. i asked the same waiter and he was kind of lost what the set meal included. i was kind of annoyed so i directly flagged down the manager and told her that the rice and soup had not come. the manager disappeared into the kitchen for a good 10 minutes before coming out with the rice and soup. by then the gyoza and chicken was cold and the skin of the gyoza was a little hard. they need to improve product knowledge i guess. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-23
High tea at a swanky hotel is the ultimate indulgence on lazy Saturday afternoons, but those who are not sweet toothed will probably shudder at the thought of the sugar overload, and a respite that leaves no room at all for dinner. Places like Coffee Club and TCC offer ala carte selections of cakes and finger foods to go with fancy coffees by the cup but the total bill could end up overshooting the cost of a high tea buffet at the hotel. If one prefers tea to coffee and doesn't mind not sitting on sofas, Ajisen is the place for savoury snacks that's easy on the pocket too.Ajisen? When my ex school pal suggested the ramen chain I had my doubts. Previous visits to Ajisen for their ramen had been hit and miss meals. Sometimes we were served soup that were ultra salty, sometimes the soup had a layer of oil on top, sometimes the bean sprouts tasted raw and had dirty roots....But tea time at Ajisen turned out to be a pleasant and affordable experience. The staff topped up our glasses of green tea without being prompted to do so, and gave us no pressure to order more food or leave by leaving our empty plates on the table. Their tapas or side plates were toothsome & morerish. The crispy cuttlefish $4.90++ was really addictive. It was nice to be served the tails which had more bite, and I could eat them non stop after dipping them into the Thai chilli sauce provided on the side. Thepan fried gyoza was great value at $3.90++ for five flavorful, plump dumplings, golden brown on the exterior, soft thin pastry skin & full ofminced meat and chopped chives. The ebi fry $4.90++ for 3 medium sized shrimp and the small plate of crispy dory fish chunk $4.90++ were good too. The staff obligingly filled our request for more Thai chilli sauce which really enhanced the taste of our deepfried snacks. We had a nice time catching up over countless glasses of iced green tea. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-29
It's Ajisen Ramen again.This spicy ramen is not bad.The ramen is soft enough,but the soup taste normal.There are also egg,chicken and some vege inside.It seem small bowl,but i feel very full after finish it.This little fried white fish is nice.It is simple,just like fish and chips,but not so oily.And it is thicker,so i can taste more fish taste.The chilli provided really match well with the fish continue reading
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Level3 2012-11-26
Instead of going to food republic for lunch as usual, my family decided to head over to the basement to see what we could eat. I suggested ajisen ramen as there were lesser people inside and maybe our food would be served to us quickerAfter getting ushered to our table by the waitress, each of us were given a menu to read and were asked what we would like to drink. We opted for green tea, which was promptly served to us.There was a ramen set offer where we can choose our own ramen and add a side dish for a cheaper price. I ordered a chashu ramen with side dish of fried tofu to share with my mum, my brother also ordered the chashu ramen with side dish of ebi tempura whereas my dad ordered the shoyu ramen with fried white fish as the side dish.Overall, for both ramen, noodles were springy and is up to standard. Ajisen Ramen is a good place for occasional lunches, although i probably would not come here again cuz of the oily broth which i cannot stand. continue reading
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