Besides the claim to fame for having the longest sushi bar in Singapore, Akashi offers an innovative variety of over 100 dishes prepared with the finest ingredients personally air-flown to Singapore by staff from the Tsukiji Market in Japan. continue reading
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Level3 2015-05-01
Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Singapore since 1995 with the flagship outlet at Tanglin Shopping Center and is also the first to bring in authentic Robatayaki at Akanoya, located in Orchard Parade Hotel. Robatayaki is method of cooking , similar to barbeque which food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal. They serves most of the Japanese Food included usual sushi, sashimi, bento, udon ( noodle) and other dishes such as fried rice. On top of it, it is also famed for the longest sushi bar in town, offered an innovative variety of over 100 dishes prepared with the finest ingredients imported from Japan. Ingredients and seafood are personally bought by their staff in Japan from the Tsukji market and air-flown to Singapore dailyPitan TofuIt is a simple yet satisfying soft tofu. Lovely hick sauce made form yolk of the century egg topped with Crab Stick and Spring Onion is a good choice for appetizer. Shrimp TempuraA deep fried non – greasy Shrimp tempura is just nice for the choice of fried appetizer. Prawn is fresh and not much flour was tastedShime SabaA nice hop on of grilled Saba in the mouth which known as Vinegar Mackerel, a classic dish from Japan and one of the popular fish in Japan. It is marinated with salt and rice vinegar but no worries it neither taste salty or sour but overall is mouth-wateringSukiyaki The set of sukiyaki comes with fruits of watermelon, light dish, raw egg, slices of beef and light fresh vegetables such as mélange of greens, tofu, shitake, carrots, and glass noodle cooked in a pre-heated pot with a flavourful broth. The soup was a bit of salty but it was superb and like the smell and taste of the broth. Some people prefer to dip their meats with the raw egg, but some prefer to let the egg cooked in the soup.Seafood Fried RiceIt is a small portion of fried rice, smells good and served with egg, prawn, and squid. To some it is a replaceable of 1 bowl rice. Wakadori Set The deep fried chicken is marvelous. Love the juicy chicken meat and crispy skin. The set comes with fruits, soup and light Japanese dish. The Shredded cabbage with a light drizzle plum sauce was nice and sweet praises in my mouth. Look at the mouth watering juicy chicken. It was damn nice fully chicken meatSushi set with Wasabi The exclusive sushi set with complete type of salmon was just nice for salmon craving sushi. Shredded cabbage of plum sauce and watermelon came with most of the set. Salmon were fresh as well as the tasty sushi. However, Be aware that it contains wasabi for each sushi. If you don’t want the wasabi, kindly request them not put wasabi for each sushiChasoba Sushi Set MealNoodles are hard and chewy. Texture and doneness of noodles – cold was just perfect and like the sushi a lot. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
Got myself the Grilled Saba Lunch Set ($16) which includes all that you see in the picture above. I loved the moist pearl rice and the fresh, juicy and sweet watermelon slices, but what I loved the most was the super moist and juicy saba!! Seriously, it was soooo juicy it was such a joy to eat it. What's more, the skin was grilled till it was really crisp, so the combination of crisp fish skin and really moist saba meat was simply AWESOME. What a shiok and satisfying meal continue reading
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I visited this restaurant for dinner with my boyfriend and we placed our order for 4 sets of sushi and 2 bowls of fried rice at 19.53. The waiting time for sushi given to us by the waitress was a maximum of 20 minutes so we waited patiently while 3 sushi chefs were working on the orders.  After a little more than 10minutes we were served our fried rice and thereafter,  we were left dangling there waiting for our sushi.  At 20.20,  after waiting for more than 20 minutes for our sushi,  I asked the waitress where was our sushi and she said that we needed to wait about 20 minutes after we have ordered and I said we have been waiting for more than 20 minutes and she said that she will have it checked out.  She came back to me telling me that it will arrive to me in less than 5 minutes.  The sushi then did arrive however,  the quality has dropped, the sushi did not stick together properly and my boyfriend and I weren't pleased but there was nothing we could have done about it.  Also, a teapot ( used to serve all the customers) was left unattended on the table beside ours due to the nonchalant attitude of the waitress.  My boyfriend then had to use the teapot himself to refill our tea.  My experience with the service at this restaurant was bad,  perhaps it's because my boyfriend and I are young ( 17 years old)  they assume that we can be prioritized last and their attention is only on us when we get upset and demand for our food. What's worse is that the restaurant was not completely full,  so they do not have the excuse that they are too busy due to the overwhelming number of orders.  We were finally able to leave the restaurant at 20.30 and we were charged $29.80 for our food and $2.98 and $2.29 for service charge and gst respectively. A total of $35.05 continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-25
Full Akashi Japanese Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/05/akashi-japanese-restaurant.htmlOperating under the Akashi Group of restaurants, Akashi Japanese Restaurant focuses on serving fresh, high quality sushi, sashimi, and Japanese shabu shabu at decent prices.Ambience at Akashi Japanese Restaurant is casual and comfortable, with decor in the Japanese style... quite zen. Wood and panelling is prominent throughout. Part of the appeal is the sushi bar, where you can watch chefs prepare the fresh sushi and sashimi!I like the service at Akashi Japanese Restaurant. Staff top up drinks without being asked, and ordering is done via tablets. Food is also served pretty quickly, you rarely have to wait long even during peak periods. However, it seems odd that Akashi Japanese Restaurant makes diners self-pay at the cashier, rather than serving the bill to the table.Specialities at Akashi Japanese Restaurant include their Sushi and Sashimi. Freshness is key here, and all the dishes I sampled had very fresh ingredients, treated with respect and allowed to shine through on the palate. Portions are nicely sized for 1 - 2 people, though prices can escalate quickly if you order more.The Sashimi Salmon & Salmon Belly is beautifully sliced thick. Very fresh, the fattiness comes through in the taste. Excellent!Interestingly, the Agedashi Tofu here is served With 4 Toppings, including seaweed strips, spring onions, white daikon radish, and bonita fish flakes. Unusual pairings, but they work quite well, with the crisp exterior and soft tofu interior.I felt the Gyoza was probably the weakest dish here. The filling is loose and scanty / not tightly packed, and not too tasty. Skip this. continue reading
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I love the food from akashi from my past visit. this explain why am i back here to try out more dishes.the salmon sashimi is fresh, chewy and thick. taste best together with wasabi!scallop sushi. the scallop is extremely fresh and it is also quite a huge piece of it. they are quite gerenous of it and the scallop taste good too. doesn't have the "fishy" smelllast but not least, gyoza. i dont know how they make such simple dish to taste so good! the meat inside is very well marinated and the skin is so soft. i absolutely love the food here! none of them disappoint me. the only minus point about this place is the food is quite pricey. but for the quality of the food i think it is worth it. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)