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All Things N'ice is the latest concept created by the BreadTalk Group. Drawing inspiration from Taiwan and Hong Kong, coupled with our local flavours, a variety of hot and cold Asian desserts such as Yam in a Husk, Signature Chendol & Signature Cheng Tng are created. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
The restaurant is a newly open ever since Suntec had its renovation. It have different old school hot/cold version of desserts and we settled for the cold one because of the hot weather outside.. Ordered chendol about $3 and shared among 2,the portion is just nice and the toppings- red bean and jelly is given generously! Totally enjoy this dessert and would be back to try their other dessert. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-16
A return attempt made to All Things Nice to satiate the chendol cravings. The first visit of All Things Nice in 2013 did not give anything impressive due to the cost of their desserts.Environment did not change much as of the last visit and we have a wide range of seating to choose from as the crowd is still similar to before.Buzzer is still put to use in spite being the only customer there.We had ordered Previously priced at $5.50, we were quite surprise to see its price dropped to almost half! Good news to dessert lover, the amount of ingredients in the bowl still remains as much just that the presentation had slightly changed. The clear glass bowl was no longer put to use.Grass Jelly was cut into uniform cubes with Sweet Potato and Taro flavoured chewy balls, similar to the Taiwanese desserts. The amount of coconut milk added was generous and fragrant. With a scoop of mashed cooked yam by the side, this bowl of dessert is completed and never disappoint with its honey taste!For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level2 2014-01-14
Another food concept eatery under Breadtalk Group. One would have to go to the counter to order and will be given a 'UFO-shaped beeper' where it would 'beep' for our attention where your order is ready. Then one would have to self-collect the dessert at the counter. I ordered the Signature Chendol. I couldn't understand how and why a foodcourt-like dessert eatery can price their Chendol more than twice ($5.50) of what u can get at foodcourts! Heck, at that kind of price, it better be (darn) good.My order was ready in a jiffy and beeper took like less than 5 mins to sound. Went to the counter to collect my Chendol and to my astonishment, I saw the big sago pearls were all half cooked, with some parts of it still whitish in colour (cooked sago pearls are opaque white in colour). So I asked the lady at the counter "how come your sago pearls are not thoroughly cooked?" Her tone was baring patronizing and reply was blunt. "We were told to cook it that way cos it taste better". Seriously?! Can anyone tell me if half-cooked pearls really tasted better?! U must be kidding me?!The Chendol came with some soft and sweet red beans, the green "twiggies", 2-3 atap seeds and a few "strands" of jackfruit. The only thing good about the Chendol was probably only the red beans. Is it worth $5.50? Will I return to try other desserts? Hell no!!!  continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-18
This new dessert place is located in front of the food court and has a good view of the fountain. Based on the attractive poster by the place, we decide to have dessert here. We spend quite awhile looking for a table. There is a number of unoccupied tables but are filled with leftover and unclean. In the end, we have to get a cleaning aunty to come over to clean for me.As there is an on going promotion of 10% discount if we show the staff that we liked the outlet's Facebook page. I have tried but cannot find the page. I asked the staff for help but she too has problem finding. Another staff next to her, asks for our order and does not give us discount. Hey! It is not that we do not want to LIKE your Facebook, but cannot find your page. Even your own staff also cannot find it. Maybe next time the outlet should create a promotion poster with QR code. That's will be easier. The staff who accepts our payment still has the cheek to act blur and walk away, even after I question her. She refuses to answer me. What's kind of service is this. I do not think I will be back in the near future.A pager is given after making payment. One has to collect the deserts oneself after the pager sounds. I am having the Signature Chendol ($3.20), which looks quite good. But tastes too sweet for me. The amount of shaved ice is way too little. The sago pearls taste frozen. There is not enough milk in this dessert. Overall it tastes quite average, more like the food court type. Therefore not worth its $3.20 price tag.My 2 friends are having the Yam in A Husk ($4.20) each. It is actually hot mashed yam served in a coconut. From the top, I could only see milk and tastes quite watery. The coconut used is quite old as the flesh is hard.Overall the desserts still need much improvement. Service has lots of room for improvement. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-03
Another new concept stall opened by Breadtalk boss, he indeed got foresight on what people like, we order the yam paste in coconut husk $4.20 and homemade beancurd ($1.80), i can say their dessert quality is good, love their yam paste ( very nice and not easy to make in fact, taste is very savoury in coconut husk) and their homemade beancurd is smooth and very old school type, it is not that sweet, very nice. I really don't mind to pay for good and quality food, I will go back try their other dessert next time. highly recommended. Except sittings very limited, this is a great place to go. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)