With Ambush, everyone gets a little taste of Europe. Taking after a modern casual European dining concept, the eatery takes pride in serving up gourmet food with reasonable prices using only the freshest ingredients. continue reading
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Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Mussels in Signature Sauces Pork Knuckles Rosti with Sausage Seafood Paella
Review (15)
Level3 2014-03-12
Went for a walk a the new shopping mall westgate and decided to have lunch at Ambush at the JEM which is just opposite westgate. The restaurant have seats which are near window and facing. Garden. Hence the restaurant is bright and comfortable. I ordered set lunch which include a soup of the day that changes daily a main and a drink. I choose to have sausages and fries. The sausage is big and have 2 pieces The fries are hot and crispy while served. I had a coffee instead of soft drink after the main The total cost for this set lunch is $9.90++ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
I was back to ambush for dinner last weekend when i was at JEM. This time round i have rib eye steak with fries, and they were good! i ordered it as medium well and the beef texture is just right; not too hard nor soft. And it is very tender. Together with the hot BBQ sauce it just taste perfect. The fries were pretty average on the other hand. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this meal continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-11
Jem has been my favourite hang-out place to go. My buddy and I decide to patron Ambush one weekday just because of their wider floor space & more relaxing environment among many other eateries there. First impression counts!We had this French dish called the Poulet Roti ($17.20) which is roasted garlic & herb rubbed chicken leg with grainy mustard mash with yellow chanterelle mushrooms, reduced cream sauce & seasonal vegetables. It wasn't exceptionally awesome and definitely cannot be compared with the restaurant 'Poulet' but a good try anyway! We also got the another French dish of Sesame Crusted Salmon Fillet ($17.80) which was served with cranberry rice, scallion capers hollandaise & garden greens. The fish may need a little more flavour but the rice & sauce were amazing! Besides the French dishes, we figured we needed to try another European dish and this is the Spanish Ambush Paella ($14.20). It comes with white clams, mussels, queen scallop, prawns, sliced bacon and sausages. It's a very flavourful dish but just a little too liquidity than normal. I do hope the other paellas taste better considering it's Spain's national dish. Overall, although the prices should be lowered, the ambience and service were great. I also like the concept of the casual and convenient European food. Will return to try other dishes like the the German sausages and chicken schnitzel. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-22
Baby Calamari Fritti Skewers $6.80 It reminds me of those squid heads that Old Chang Kee is selling. Nice, crispy and chewy. The deep-frying part is an important element which affects the overall taste.Funghi Alla Gamberi $9.20 - RecommendedThe photo didn't do justice to the food. Although it looks as if it has just mushrooms and prawns, but it definitely tastes good! My kind of comfort food if I don't choose to have any mains. I love the way the mushrooms are sauteed. To me, mushrooms taste the best when saute. They used olive oil which is healthy. And the prawns are superb fresh and springy. Escargots De Bourgogne $8.50 - RecommendedI need the seafood smell to be removed in order to enjoy this escargot. It did and all I can taste is the chewiness of these fresh escargots with lots of garlic.Marinera Paella - $13.80It has this very tomato taste and it stays in your mouth for awhile. You can also find fresh prawns, salmon belly, small little scallops, clams and mussels. It kind of make me wonder how they manage the fire so well that it is not too moist. This is the essence of what paella should be in my opinion. We actually did not squeeze that lemon onto the dish but it is good enough. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-16
Went to the Jem outlet yesterday'. Been hearing good reviews on Ambush and thought of trying! Reached at about 8pm on a Friday night, and there wasn't a queue. Got served to our seat right away. Look a look at the menu, and my eyes were set on the Squid Ink pasta. Did tried squid ink pasta in some other places but this one in Ambush came with baby scallop, which is one of my Favourite. Also, it's topped with flying fish roe. Gosh. All the best food in one plate! On the other hand, my Boyf chose Vongole, which is one of the typical pasta. We also order one set of the "Complete your meal", which came with the soup of the day and a drink. There was also a choice for your pasta from spaghetti to penne. We chose linguine, what we usually have for pasta. The dishes came shortly. The soup was interesting, it was my first time trying cream of carrot, hardly hear of such soup, or maybe I was just living in the well. Hahaha. It was okay, just a little bit bland,but with a dash of pepper to go with it, I think it's fine. I was amazed by the amount of baby scallop that the pasta had. There was about 7 of it, I went Wow, worth my money. The Vongole pasta came right after my Squid Ink, the amount of clam was just generous!!!!!! We had a sip of the white wine sauce, gosh, so heavenly, it was sweet, filled with the sweetness of seafood. Overall, the pasta were great, and delicious, especially for us, we don't usually have pasta, but these two dishes were just Wowwwww. Would love to return again! & the staffs were all friendly! Plus point! Cream of carrot3/5Baby scallop with flying fish roe - Squid ink4/5Vongole with Norwegian Shrimps - White wine sauce4/5 continue reading
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