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Crafted with culinary ingenuity, Antoinette offers a complete all-day dining experience with an extensive menu that encompasses classic regional French savory specialties as well as luxurious pastries and confectionery. continue reading
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Level5 2016-05-02
The cafe was located at the second level of the shopping mall. At the front of the cafe, I was attracted by its offering of delicious looking cakes and pastries.Inside the cafe, it was decorated in a very English style with grand armchairs and comfy sofas.Quatre Fromages croissant ($6++)classic croissant with a well-rounded mix of aged Cheddar, Gruyère, Parmesan and MozzarellaThe cheesy filling flowed out easily like lava. The pastry was light and crispy. There was also other flavours such as Matcha, Charcoal Kaya, Chilli Crab, Salted Caramel, and Salted Egg.Vanilla Cheese Tart ($2.60++)I was surprised when the filling flowed out like lava too when I cut it into halves. Too bad the salted egg yolk was not available. The only other flavour available was chocolate which I was not interested.Royale Hot Chocolate ($7.50++)Spiced with cinnamon, orange, star anise, cloves and vanillaThe hot chocolate was very thick and rich, although I could not taste the orange and vanilla in it.The bill was served in a jewellery box. So grand looking.After paying the bill, the receipt was clipped with a bookmark. So interesting.The staffs' knowledge of items available was lacking. One staff did not know there was croissant on menu, while another did not know what flavours of the cheese tart.The place was packed and waiting time was about 45 minutes when I overheard a staff telling a customer as I was leaving the place. I was lucky that didn't have to wait for a table then. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
The dessert display were enough to entice you to enter this sweet cozy place! ^_^As we already had lunch, we decided to try the cakes and save the savories for the next visit. And yes, in case you belong to the rare species who dun fancy sweet stuff, Antoinette offers breakfast, pasta & burgers. Antoinette's Hot Chocolate - $6.50This was kinda 'disastrous', imagine lukewarm melted dark chocolate. It was too concentrated to enjoy it as a cup of hot chocolate, tasted more like a chocolate sauce. Hmm, where are the churros? The fortunate part? The rest of the items that we ordered was a pleasure. Caramel Creme - $9In comparison with the hot chocolate, the tea seemed more pleasant ~ light and fragrance. Tasted better with a tad of sugar.Saint Honor L/Amour - $8.50It was love at first sight! It looked so pretty among the others that I just had to order, not knowing what it was. Adored the fresh pink cream with a hint of rose fragrance coupled with the shortbread which made this sweet little thing a delight yet refreshing dessert. I had never tasted anything like this before, call me a swa ku (mountain turtle), but I definitely enjoyed this.Strawberry Shortcake - $8I always have a soft spot for strawberry shortcake even though it seems very simple. Sometimes, you just need simple thing to make yourself happy. KekeHere, the strawberry shortcake is basically light sponge cake nested on top on 4 big & sweet strawberries, which sort of formed the base, and again fresh cream on top. I actually preferred strawberry shortcake compared to chocolate cake and the strawberry shortcake here tasted good, almost as good as those I had in Japan. =)Read http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more reivews! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-24
A Fabulous Highly Design concept French Restaurant has offering a great place with such a cozy and peaceful ambience in town area. Full blog review : http://cennds.blogspot.sg/2013/12/antoinette.htmlBurger Antoinette SEE !!! How big the burger it is , . Your mouth definitely cannot go in .. LOLSIt is a chicken burger served with 2 rings of pineapple, tomato and lettuce. There is also a sort of salad and chips sprinkle around the burger. I was super full by eating this burger and like the delicious chicken.A sandwich called as " Club Anotoinette " ..It is another big portion of sandwhich with a sprinkled around of chips and salad around the sandwich.. The chips is nice as well as the sandwhich.Gnocchi CarbonaraWe all thought that it should be a normal pasta since it is an option under Pasta.But didnt expect that it totally looks different and the portion is quite small tooThe pasta was filled too much cream, too creamy and the flour from the pasta itself was also too flourly continue reading
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As mentioned, Antoinette's has remained one of my favorite restaurants cum tea rooms at all times, for their pretty desserts, queenly interior decor and delicious savoury food items as well. Hence, we are back for another evening of lovely pastries.But first,do check out my previous review here.Anyway, so we had different cakes and desserts for sharing, starting with the Strawberry Coolie with Vanilla Mousse (around SGD$9.00). It had a lovely texture on the outside, like a crusty chiffon kind of combination. The sweet-sour flavor of the fruits blended right in, bringing the pastry to a new height -it tasted as good as it looks.Next, the famous Strawberry Shortcake (around SGD$9.00) - velvety smooth and cotton soft, with the most aromatic strawberry flavor in its cream-dream layers. There were also real fruits tucked between the layers, making this cake an enjoyment in texture and flavor.Then we had the Chocolate Macaroons and Opera Cake (around SGD$9.00) - a lovely blend of bites amongst softness. It reminded me of praline truffles, or meringue bits amongst the not-so-soft cake. The chocolate was rich, but not to the extent of toothache-inducing. Overall, this was a lovely selection.Finally, the Le Royale cake (SGD$8.00) - layers of dark chocolate mousse, crunchy hazelnut feutille and almond meringue - on a pulp soft sponge cake. This was a chocolate heaven from first bite till the last- the overt sweetness of the chocolate balanced with the other abovenamed ingredients, making it absolutely another favorite of ours.For full review, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/333a-orchard-road-02-33-mandarin.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
The lovely Antoinette's Tea Lounge / Restaurant. Believe it or not, I have been to all three outlets - Mandarin Gallery, Palais Renaissance, and Lavendar. I have eaten there five times, and will definitely go back again, for more, perhaps try their outlet at Scarlet Hotel this time.Selection of awesome cakes and macarons, all delectable and fulfilling. My personal favorites are the Chocolate Earl Gray Cake (a deeply-chocolately haven mightily-infused with the richness of earl gray flavor, topped with a cherry that looks and tastes good) and Saint Honore L'amour(crusty pastry filled with the sweet goodness of rose petal cream, rose petal adornment, fresh raspberries and strawberry compote). Sadly, the latter, which is a real beauty - has been taken off the shelves.The Wild Mushroom Risotto - exotic field mushrooms cooked with arborio rice in White Wine cream sauce, served with crispy Serrano ham. The arborio rice has always been one of my favorites as well - chewy in itself, infused with the tasty wine-creamery, made more delicious with mushrooms - heavenly!For more detailed information and photos, visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-antoinettes.html continue reading
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