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Arteastiq is a casual diner and a sanctuary for city dwellers to retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban living. With its classy yet relaxed English interior and feet-tapping jazzy tunes, the restaurant bears a warm and welcoming ambience. Choose from an array of comfort food at the best value, or enjoy its extensive bar menu after dark, featuring beer on tap. continue reading
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Level2 2016-07-24
Visited for high tea. Below is their high tea menuAmbience was nice. As pictured below, we were able to see Marina Bay Sands located at a distance away from us. We were seated at a royalty looking sofa.Service is good too. Their high tea set was not bad. Quite nice. Below are the high tea set. There were many choices of tea to choose from. Their teas was nice too. Above is my choice of tea. The French Rose Tea. It smells nice from the rose and tastes good. Overall, I'm really happy with everything here. Thumbs up! continue reading
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With a grandiose facade that welcome you into an area filled with posh and classic ambiance and seating; and a corner with sofa coded in playful dash of bold colors overlooking the stretch of orchard road. Grand entrance decked with layers of glass wares and tea selections. A short escapade from the bustling city.Sumptuous quirky menu filled with the love for food in a lady and gentleman perspective. Deliciously creative style of presenting menu in this style – light with an emphasize on seafood for the ladies’ affair and heavy with the meat in the limelight for the gentlemen palette.Start our meal with a pot of Pomelo Tea ($11), light with scents of sweet pomelo flavor encircling around the palette. Rich yet mellow. Though the price for a pot of tea is on the higher end, but it really tasted comforting.Beijing Dynasty Duck Pancake ($28) – A good fusion of east meets west. Abundance of shredded savory duck confit wrapped cozily in blankets of sweet and soft pancake. With the presence of an orange compote to heighten its flavor with a tinge of citrusy. It’s surprisingly stomach filling given the portion.Boston Love Boat – Ciponio ($29) – Seafood and saffron stew with sweet potatoes fries. Crispy fragrant flaky pastry crust that contains the umami aroma of seafood within the bowl. The bowl of stew essence with tomato base contains plump and juicy scallop, mussels, fishes and prawns. Seafood were fresh and succulent. Stew were slurp-py good! Accompanying sweet potatoes were starchy with hint of sweetness and crispness.All in all, it was a nice experience dining in Arteastiq though service was a little slow, but food served were of decent taste and quality. Can’t wait to go back for some artsy painting time!https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/02/13/arteastiq/ continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2015/12/dinner-at-arteastiq-plaza-singapura.htmlI've been to two dining concept stores under Arteastiq but have not actually dine in Arteastiq before. Since a new outlet has opened at PS, I went to check out the new store and their new menu.Nice and brightly colored lounge-style decor, with a row of hi-back couches overlooking parts of bustling Orchard road. The floor to ceiling glass windows lets in natural rays from the sun during the day, and dazzling city lights during the night.As I'm alone, I ordered myself a dessert tea set and a main course from their new 'Ladies Affairs' menu.The beautiful dessert tea set was served first, on their trademark wooden tea tray. My Monet Tea $12++ was a blend of French Rose tea served with a scoop of Champagne Vanilla Gelato and biscotti biscuits. The tea was absolutely delicious.The Main course, Louisiana Love Chicken & Waffles $22++, was rather special. It was waffles made with whole wheat flour, served with crispy chunks of buttermilk pan-fried chicken meat tossed in Thai mayo dressing and greens. This savory waffle dish was excellently done, waffles were good, chicken was tender and the sauce was yummy. I loved it!I enjoyed my dinner here at Arteastiq. Food and beverage were of high quality, and service was decent too. Prices were a bit steep though for the fancy dessert teas. I would come back to try other items on the menu but maybe not ordering the expensive tea every time. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-23
For pictures and full review, pls visithttp://madamechewy.com/2015/09/21/arteastiq-plaza-singapura/A recognised name in Singapore, home-grown teahouse and social painting studio Arteastiq has opened a second outlet at Plaza Singapura. Exuding chic refinement, this is a little piece of oasis that makes one forget you’re in the heart of all the action.As a boutique teahouse, Arteastiq takes pride in its tea offerings. Invigorate the senses with chilled teas or soothe the throat with a cup of hot brew. I highly recommend my all time favourite, Iced Pomelo Tea.A collaborative result of 3 well-travelled chefs with expertise in modern European, Asian and Pan American cuisine, Arteastiq’s new menu is truly one of a kind. Mains are grouped into 2 segments- “Ladies Affairs” comprises of sophisticated and lighter options while “Gentlemen’s Dinner” is made up of hearty meat-centric plates.For a refreshing start, go for the healthy and delicious Soba salad, Nordic Lights ($16). The presentation is lovely, isn’t it? Greens, smoked salmon, soba noodles and cherry tomatoes are tossed in light Asian vinaigrette, and served in a tortilla bowl, which provides textural variation.Aphrodite ($25) is a luxe rendition of the ubiquitous Eggs Benedict. Sitting on toasted brioche, the succulent Maryland Crab cakes were crowned with perfectly poached eggs, as well as a dollop of creamy Hollandaise sauce spruced up with smoked paprika.There’s something intrinsically satisfying about fried chicken and waffles. Louisiana Love ($22) is constructed with pan-fried chicken pieces cloaked with buttermilk, nesting on a bed of whole-wheat waffles (less guilt). On the side, there’s Arteastiq own improved version of margarine, a delish maple butter and red vegetable slaw.Satisfy the carnivore in you with The French Affection ($35), a sumptuous platter of NZ Black Angus Ribeye Steak (230 grams), accompanied with sweet potato fries and Bearnaise poached egg. The tender, juicy steak with brown sauce was truly a smack down on flavours. Mention-worthy are the seriously good sweet potato fries- within each addictively crispy exterior, is a substantially filled interior of comforting orange carbs.Seafood lovers will adore Boston Love Boat ($29). Beneath the buttery, flaky pastry, lies fresh prawns, mussels and scallops in a soul-warming, layered seafood saffron stew. Take a bit of stew and fluffy pastry and let it mingle in the mouth- ahhh bliss! Once again, the delectable sweet potato fries make another appearance in this enticing dish.Aphrodite and Louisiana Love are from the “Ladies Affairs” menu while The French Affection and Boston Love Boat are from the “Gentlemen’s Dinner” section.The “Sweeter Sides of Love” dessert menu offer artisan treats to satisfy the most discerning palates. Indulge in Ode to Nectar ($12) a slice of moist and rich honey chocolate mi-cuit, accompanied with a scoop of premium gelato. If you prefer an elegant dessert sans the sugar rush, check out Silk Thread ($13), an interesting rendition of the classic crème brulee. The barely-set custard is smooth, creamy, and infused with Osmanthus, resulting a delicate and refined sweet ending.Making quite a statement upon its arrival is Monet ($12), one of Arteastiq’s dessert teas. The combination of French Rose Tea and Champagne Vanilla Gelato came off really well.Arteastiq @ Plaza Singapura is a sophisticated, comfortable and convenient venue for a romantic date or Tête–à-Tête with girlfriends. Working nearby? Take advantage of the weekday brunch special, which starts from $15 and include a complimentary speciality tea.Like the Mandarin Gallery Flagship outlet, the Plaza Singapura branch also has an Art Jamming Studio for art enthusiasts to unleash their passions and escape the stress of fast-paced city life. Immersing in art is a beneficial activity to conclude a stressful work day or recharge over the weekends. continue reading
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