Arteastiq is a casual diner and a sanctuary for city dwellers to retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban living. With its classy yet relaxed English interior and feet-tapping jazzy tunes, the restaurant bears a warm and welcoming ambience. Choose from an array of comfort food at the best value, or enjoy its extensive bar menu after dark, featuring beer on tap. continue reading
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Choya Pear Tea Pomelo Tea
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Level4 2014-05-15
Our previous visit to Arteastiq Boutique at Mandarin Gallery was a memorable experience as it was somewhat a sanctuary haven to retreat to in the midst of the busy city life. A relaxing trip to the Millenia Walk area brought us to its affiliated boutique, the Arteastiq Tea Bone China.Priding itself for serving a range of speciality tea, this branch is more known for its offering of all-day Shanghainese and Cantonese dim sum, all handmade using Arteastiq very own special recipes. The concept of Tea Bone China is inspired by the luxurious experiences of olden-day Chinese merchants who used to lounge in the garden and sip tea while watching birds sing.Salted egg yolk bun | S$4.90/++When this was first served to us, we were dumbfounded as this was quite unlike the usual presentation of the popular salted egg yolk bun or more commonly known as "liu sha bao". The clever use of bamboo charcoal powder to the bun gave a sharp contrast in colour when you pry open the bun, revealing the rich salted egg yolk on the inside. Apart from winning points at a presentation level and novelty's sake, we felt that it was a decent version whereby the buns were not too thick but the intensity and flavours of the salted egg yolk lacked strength. It was good but not the best when I draw comparison from more dim-sum focused Chinese restaurants such as Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck.Crab egg pork siew mai | S$4.90/++Carefully wrapped into bite-sized portions, this would be gone in one mouthful even for the ladies. We enjoyed the juiciness of the siew mai but the crab eggs atop failed to shine through. Overall, I felt that it was rather pedestrian and okay-tasting, do not expect to be wow'ed, that is for sure.Xiao Long Bao | S$7.90/++We are generally spoilt by the vast offering of xiao long bao places in Singapore such Din Tai Fung, so it is no surprise that our palate have been sharpened to taste a good rendition when one comes along. Once again, like the other dim sum dishes tried, this was good but not impressive. The broth within the xiao long bao was not as full as expected and the skin of the wrapping was slightly thicker than desired. We however enjoyed the moistness and juiciness of the minced pork but that was not enough to win us over.BBQ pork puffs | S$4.90/++While most of the dim sum dishes seemed to fare just about average, this managed to be quite a surprisingly good rendition. The flaky pastry was done beautifully and the minced bbq pork on the inside was also delectable to our palate without tasting overly sweet. The drawbacks were that the pork filling was insufficient and it was served cold, which might have been due to it being exposed for a while and personally, I would settle for nothing less than freshly baked pastries when it comes to dim sum.Pan-fried pork dumplings | S$5.90/++I actually enjoyed this dish though I have always been quite a fan of pan-fried dumplings or 'wo tie'. It does not involve rocket science to perfect this dish but it is important to ensure that the surface is pan-fried to a nice golden-brown crispness which was done so on this occasion. The chives and minced pork filling on the inside was moist and juicy and it was also not overly greasy which appealed.Like its sister branch Arteastiq Boutique, this place has a nice decor which was thoughtfully designed. Offering art jamming sessions in an attached partitioned room next door, I find the focus to be leaned towards art rather than on food.The service staffs were courteous, friendly and approachable. It was always easy to try and fetch their attention. While the customer service, setting and the offering of art jamming remain crowd-drawing factors, the dim sum dishes failed to justify the calories and it might be a while yet for us to return for their food.Please refer to http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/02/sg-arteastiq-tea-bone-china-reunion-of.html for full review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-27
A lovely treat from my good friend to celebrate her recent promotion in her work.  This restaurant is really spacious, bright and with really nice unique furnishings.She has ordered their all-time favourite hotpot to share with me.  The presentation of their hotpot foods are very nice and neat, looks fresh as well.  Salmon is soft and fresh, but would have been better if they are in thicker slices as after cooked is really difficult to taste the fish meat as they are too thin.  Chicken soup base was flavourful and clear as well.  Not really sure how much she has paid for this meal but I suppose should be at least near to $50 for 2 person.  Service here is friendly and smily too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-01
It's the Multiply girls' Birthday Celebration again and venue for this month is at Tea Bone China by Arteastiq. We have 2 birthdays in Nov - Wendy & Angeline. Twelves beauties 金陵十二钗 $25.90 with impressive presentation consists of 6 pairs of the restaurant's signature dim sum(Sesame glutinous rice dumpling, Crispy wanton, Baked Lotus Paste Pastry, Chicken wrap, Prawn Dumpling & Custard & Salted egg yolk buns)Beancurd skin salad $3 was served at every table. Delicious beancurd skin tossed with vinegar, chili oil and shredded cucumberFried rice w/crabmeat, dried scallop & egg white $16.90. A little pricey and it sure doesn't look impressive, but amazes us with rich flavors of crabmeat and savory dried scallops.Custard & Salted egg yolk buns $4.90 It was really good. Buns are soft and fluffy; as for the filling, by looking at the picture, I reckon I do not have to go into details.More pictures, http://milkfrost.blogspot.sg/2013/11/arteastiq-tea-bone-china-hong-shi-yi.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-20
Here I’m! I chanced upon Arteastiq @ Millenia Walk today. It caught my eye because there’s many artistic stuff and I thought the pricing of the food’s pretty reasonable – you can get desserts below $5 and main courses below $10. I thought I found gold……. but it was not really so. Arteastiq plays Chinese songs by the way.I was slightly shocked when I was billed $0.60 for the wet towel and $1.00 for a cup of warm water with some lemon taste. Luckily I said I didn’t want the peanuts so I wasn’t charged for that.I think the concept’s quite cool – can eat, can paint. 3 hours of painting for $48. I didn’t felt like doing any artistic stuff so I skipped it. I think I wouldn’t be patient enough to paint something for 3 hours anyway!Black Glut Rice, $4.80.Cold dessert with a tinge of orange peel taste topped with pretty sweet vanilla ice-cream. It gave an overall refreshing and sweet taste. Desserts are meant to be sweet right?Red Bean Pancake, $6.50Slightly oily, slightly crispy and filled with sticky paste of red bean. Overall so-so to me. I didn’t like the oil part.TOTAL DAMAGE: $15.15 for 2 persons continue reading
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Level2 2012-12-27
What first attracted me was the poster on easel stand outside the restaurant shouting '20% discount'. This outlet has just opened and so the discount is for a limited time only. However, it's only for hotpot set meals. I didn't mind a hotpot set meal then so in I went.It was lunchtime and the place was relatively empty? I should have noted this warning sign, but I stayed on to give it a try. I selected a sliced salmon set, which was changed to a prawn set as the salmon was unavailable. This place actually specialises in tea related drinks. Alcoholic tea cocktails anyone?After waiting for 25 mins with nary any food item on my table, I made my impatience known to the wait staff. Turned out that the kitchen was short of gas and the gas supplier was late in delivering the tanks.I chose a pork bone soup base but was given bak kut teh soup. The brown rice took another 5 mins as the staff needs to steam it hot before serving me, but it begs the question of why didn't they do it while I was waiting for my hotpot?It was a bad enough experience for a restaurant opening, but I can see that the staff tried their best. I had to dispense some advice on customer service as it seems that they have no clue. Food-wise, not the best-tasting hotpot, but go there for an air-conditioned place to enjoy a hot broth. The hotpot soup is enough for two, though the ingredients in it may not. However, I am likely not willing to pay $5-6 just for the soup and another $12-15 for the meat portion to dunk in the soup. To me, I'll be happier to go on a steamboat buffet at the same price, but of course, the ambience is different. continue reading
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