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<BR>Asia Grand Restaurant is an unique Cantonese cuisine restaurant. Their menu features traditional Cantonese dishes that illustrate the emerging influence of China. The dishes are prepared in the traditional way, and with twist of innovation, give the harmony in taste, texture, colour and aroma. continue reading
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Level3 2016-04-20
Asia Grand Restaurant is a quite a long established brand in Singapore, previously it was located at the former Asia Grand Hotel. Since the demolition of the hotel, it has relocated to Odeon Tower. I have a friend who is a fan of their Dim Sum, though I have never tried them. This remind me to try them out one day. Meanwhile, this post is devoted to the Dinner I had with a group of ex-colleagues.It is interesting that throughout the meal, the diners felt that the food served at Asia Grand Restaurant is closer to Teochew cuisine despite them being a Cantonese Restaurant. One other point to note, Asia Grand Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that offer a table big enough for 15 pax. On the table, before our dinner began were plate of appetizer of fish cake and peppers. Most of us find it strange that this appetizer was served instead of the usual peanuts or pickled.We ordered a Special Set Menu for 10 person at $598 ++. As we have 15 pax, we added for 5 pax. In this set menu for dinner, 8 dishes were served.To get the dinner rolling, we started with the Steamed Fresh Prawn, 白灼生虾 as the first dish for this special menu. Anything that is fresh when steamed, the natural flavour and its sweetness were emitted. And this was the case for our Steamed Fresh Prawn.As we have diner who doesn't take shark fins, as such the Braised Minced Chicken Thick Soup with Egg White, 西湖鸡茸羮 was a good choice as soup. The texture and taste resemble the usual shark fin soup. But personally, I am never a fan of soup, and not even to mention the thick gluey kind. Anyhow, I still went ahead to try and I could savour the chicken aroma in the soup and there was a good amount of minced chicken in it.It was shortly followed by the Braised Sliced Sea Whelk with Vegetables & Abalone Sauce, 鲍汁碧绿海螺片. Nothing worth mentioning about this dish except that the seasoning added to this dish was at a perfect ratio.Who doesn't welcome the Roasted Whole Boneless Suckling Pig, 南乳去骨猪? With a layer of fats in between the crispy skin and tender succulent meat with sufficient marinate, most couldn't resist the charm. This truly is an indulgent.The fifth dish of the night is the Fried Crispy Duck, 脆皮香酥鸭. True to its name, it is indeed crispy and salty. Other than that, no other characteristics. I heard many, even one of the diner in our group was raving about its Peking Duck. Maybe it is better than the fried one.Moving on was the Steamed Fresh Pa-Ting Fish with Olives, Garlic and Chilli, 榄角蒜茸辣椒蒸八丁鱼. I thought usually the Teochew would use olives in dishes. I suppose this was the dish that cause confusion and most thought Asia Grand was a Teochew Restaurant. Another usual was the fish for the dish, it uses Patin Fish, a Malaysian fresh water fish. I am not a fan of fresh water fish as it usually has soil taste in the flesh. At least, this unpleasantness wasn't in the fish.The last dish before dessert was the Crispy Rice In Seafood Soup, 金银海鲜泡饭. Many diners always associate rice in soup as a Teochew dish. Some how I am puzzled with this phenomenon as we Teochew (I am one.) don't eat that way. And my Dad always complains about this highly debatable dish as Teochew dish too. Anyway ... I suppose this is another element that contribute to the thought Grand Asia Restaurant as a Teochew Restaurant.Both white rice and fried crispy rice were both added to the bowl of seafood soup. Hence it provided both texture to the the dish and together with aromatic seafood soup, most would not refuse this comfort food.The meal was ended with the Red Bean Pan Cake, 豆沙窝饼 as dessert.Quantity was sufficient for all 15 person at the table and quality was beyond satisfactory. Food was considerably delish at a reasonable price. The ambience was the typical Chinese restaurant that gets noisy. As such, I would recommend Asia Grand Restaurant for dinner to all.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-20
To start of, I'm not a great fan of Chinese food. I thought they taste almost the same everywhere,with not much novelty. My mum can cook as well leh! But Asia Grand is one of the few that I think scores well in service, food and presentation.Peking DuckThe staff would push a trolley with the roasted duck to your table. You could enjoy the visual effect of how skillful they were at slicing thin layers of the duck skin and then wrapped them in the crepe skins. Great for me, coz I dun like to dirty my own hands =pDouble Boiled Whole Winter Melon SoupDie die must drink this!! It tasted heavenly, with ingredients like winter melon ( obviously), prawn, scallops, vege etc. The soup was superb sweet lor and the melon would just melted in your mouth! The melon was so big that we could each have 3-4 bowls. Yum Yum!! One thing to complement was their service => Thumbs up!! The staff would refill the soup for us almost immediately, and also helped us to scrap the melon. One of them was humorous too. He actually told us dun waste food, kept asking us to refill which was unlike other places, who tried to clear your plates even before you finished your food.Stewed Tian-Jing Cabbage with MushroomGuess what? The Chinese name of this vege is called 娃娃菜 ( Doll Doll Vegetable), cute rite? Tasted like white cabbage with golden mushroom and black mushroom. Kinda like 家常便饭, very home-cooked style.Prawn Coated with Salted EggWell, never eat anything like this before. Cant really say I love it or hate it. Rather it was a confused feeling, "excited" over the exotic way of cooking prawn yet I wanna rekindle the familiar taste of prawn. Keke... dun hit the wall lah.. I'm trying to describe, maybe slightly exaggerating only mah... =pThis was normal fish cooked in HK style. Nothing much to flaunt here.So let's move on..Sheng Noodles with Shredded DuckThis must be the "leftover" of our Peking Duck. I was still wondering whether they were trying to cheat us by giving us only the skin!! Hahaha. But I would prefer ee mian rather than the sheng noodles though. Still, they did a good job and we finished the noodles even though we were already 101% full..Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/ for more reviews! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-23
f you've followed my food adventures closely enough, you might have noticed that this is the second review on Asia Grand Restaurant (first review on their afternoon dim sum selections for lunch: http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/2013/07/food-feat-asia-grand-restaurant-odeon.html). Located at Odeon Towers, a stone's throw away from City Hall MRT, this Cantonese restaurant has a booming business everyday - so make your reservations early. This review will be on their dinner ala carte menu choices.I finally had the chance to try Asia Grand's Peking Duck, the specialty of this restaurant. Wrapped in seemingly popiah-taste-alike skin, the crispy duck skin and succulent duck meat soaked in sweet dark sauce makes for an excellent start for the meal. Every serving is also accompanied by garlic for flavor garnishing. The chips are also crispy and not soggy. The Peking Duck at Asia Grand is also easily the most value-for-money in Singapore.This simple vegetable appetizer is sweet and sour based, and performs well in what it is supposed to do - to whet your appetite. There are fishcake cubes and sour preserved cucumbers in there.I was truly surprised by the subtle difference in quality of this Sweet & Sour Chicken dish. The sweet and sour sauce was smooth and clings onto every inch of the meat evenly, and every piece is truly glorious. It would be perfect to complement with a bowl of rice.This dish of Golden Salted Egg Yolk Prawns is my favourite pick of the night. I can enjoy this again and again with a good dosage of rice. The salted egg yolk paste is smooth and savoury, and doesn't impose on the taste of the prawns. You can still taste the juiciness and fragrance of the prawns themselves. The presentation also looks really appealing. I can't wait to dig in already! The Yam Brisket and Stir-Fried Vegetables was visually appealing but was a little jelat for me. Generally it's good because it's flavourful, but I guess I'd prefer something lighter.I am biasedly interested in this because I saw my favourite egg tofus in this Claypot Egg Tofu dish, and it turns out to be deliciously rich and fragrant. The generosity of the ingredients also made it an enjoyable dish.As I was getting to be on the full side of the meal, the Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Mushrooms and Chives was subjected to a stricter level of surveillance when it comes to taste. I guess it is generally okay, but rather unmemorable. It's really just ee-fu noodles, but I must say it's well-flavoured, topped with lots of mushrooms.Once again, enjoyed myself at Asia Grand Restaurant though I think the service is still hurriedly functional rather than trying to achieve a holistic enjoyable experience for diners. For a quick recommendation, try the Peking Duck and Salted Egg Yolk Prawns. Note: No dim sum menu for dinner here.For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-04
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com/ i've been hearing raves about their dim sum for the longest time! it was pretty good but somehow, perhaps due to heightened expectations, i wasnt as impressed as i probably should have been. here are some of the dishes which i felt were pretty interesting the pan fried cheong fun with XO chili sauce ($7) had a hint of the XO flavour that wasnt too overwhelming, and when we piled on the hae bee condiments, it was c'est manifique!the char siew sous ($4.20 for three) were delicious! the pastry was flaky, slightly sweet, and the filling moist and delicious surprising tasty was the lean meat porridge with preserved egg ($8). it was the fried you tiao that came with it that completely stole the show. it was beautifully fried to a crisp, without the oily greasiness, and added a lovely crunch to the porridge.the fried spring roll with fish roe and wasabi ($4.80) is probably something you'll never find in other dim sum restaurants! quite an interesting dish, and of course i LOVED the sparkly flavour of the wasabi within it wasnt the overwhelming shoot-up-your-nose kind, but it added a different dimension to this dish.the baked custard bun ($4.20) totally looked like a bo lo bun!!! haha. so cute right! i always like the pastry-like crust on top. and the savoury-sweet filling was delicious! although i would have preferred it to be oozier and a bit more viscous and abundant. haha i felt it was a little lacking in terms of quantity and texture. but i loved the taste anyways! continue reading
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- Dim Sum Menu - This was pretty delicious - The shrimp were pretty fresh, except the skin which was slightly fragile. - Fresh shrimps were used as fillings - Slightly below expectations. Was plain and lack radish filling. - This was pretty Yummy, as it was fried to Golden Brown with Sesame Seeds coating.There were tiny bits of Mango cubes coupled with Shrimps. - I didn't quite like it while R❤ found it to be pretty okay.I hold high expectations on Glutinous Rice because my mom makes them so well - We were expecting some form of "Liu Sha Bao" but it turn out to be Custard wrapped in Bo Lo Bun. continue reading
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