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Bangkok Jam is a Thai restaurant where diners will fall in love with the restaurant’s refreshing take on Thai dining—from its modern bistro-styled interior to its cosmopolitan treatment of Thai fare. By weaving Western spices and cooking styles with classically Thai spices, herbs and cooking methods, Bangkok Jam dishes out contemporary Thai and pan-Asian cuisine that is unique yet familiar. continue reading
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Duck Breast in Red Curry Egg Noodles with Crabmeat & Bacon Grilled Australian Beef Ribeye Grilled Pork Spare Ribs Mix Grill Platter Tom Yum Fried Rice with Seafood
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Was there last week with my little girl, and ordered these for sharing as we were not very hungry :Stir fried minced chicken with basil ($1190)This is listed as 'Yummy' in the menu. It comes with rice & a fried egg. Portion of rice is small. Fried egg is very oily. The minced chicken, while tasty, is too salty (with sweetish tinge) due in part to the heavily sauced gravy.Lemon Grass Prawn Cake ($9.90)Deep fried item, average taste. Prawn not very discernable, probably because it was minced up as paste form.Overall, food is average & over-priced. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-18
Went with a couple of friends for a gathering over at JEMs outlet. I ordered a pineapple fried rice while my friends ordered some other main course like pad thai, green curry etc.The pineapple fried rice is different from the ones in the usual thai restaurant, it does not come in a pineapple outer skin as a container but uses a stonepot. Other than a unique twist to the look of the disk, there is also a slight twist to the flavour. The pineapple fried rice doesn't come with pork floss but instead is accompanied by char siew nuts. The char siew nuts' aroma and taste complement very well with the fried rice. Generally I really like the dish except that the portion is slightly small and not filling.Generally the food at the restaurant taste good/alright but portion is really far too small especially so for curry dishes like green curry with rice. The small portion makes the dishes really far too overpriced. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-07
Bangkok Jam has always been my favourite restaurant to go for simple lunch. The casual modern bistro-styled restaurant incorporates Western spices with traditional Thai spices, herbs and cooking methods. The contemporary Thai-cuisine served are unique yet comforting to our hearts. The Yellow Curry Chicken ($12.90) is something that I will always order whenever I'm here! If I want to try other dishes, I would recommended my partner to get this so that I can have a few mouthful of joy at least! Served with steamed Jasmine rice, the yellow curry contains some good blend of spices that are not spicy and the sweetness is not overpowering either. The chicken, carrots and potatoes are also cooked through with nice absorption of the curry and you may crave for more even after finishing one portion! It's really good. My buddy ordered their Massaman Curry Chicken ($11.90) which is served the same concept as the yellow curry chicken. This Muslim origin Thai curry contains chicken, potatoes and nuts. It's non-spicy and taste more savoury than the sweet yellow curry. Not a bad try! Although there were only two of us, we pretty much have big appetite to order another main dish. Decided to go with something lighter, the Papaya Phad Thai ($12.90) has brought freshness to the classic dish by replacing the rice noodle. A beautiful dish that is healthy as it's carb-free. The Red Ruby with Coconut Icecream ($7.50) is a sin that my buddy would always order regardless of mood, weather, price or anything other factors! The refreshing coconut icecream along with the crunchy red ruby have the distinctive taste that makes him return again and again. So if you're a fan of asian desserts like him, this is it! Overall, this will always be a place that I'll return. Service is not exceptional and can be improved but food wise, it offers some of the most comforting asian food I can find easily at affordable prices. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-16
This is the Yang Ruam (Bangkok Mixed Grill) for $23. It is a combination of grilled squid, prawns, chicken and beef. This dish was too charred for my liking. The prawn shells were so blackened and the beef was rather hard. Chicken and squid were ok but for $23, I'd expect better quality food. We also had the Phad Thai Talay (Seafood Phad Thai) for $11.90. Compared to Siam Kitchen/ ThaiExpress, this was a little pricier. This dish came with extra sugar, chili flakes and peanuts for you to mix in with the noodles. I found the noodles too sticky for my liking. Seafood were ok. Lastly, we had the Pak Bung Fai Daeng (Kang Kong with Sambal), $9. The portion of this dish is huge! There were also a lot of chopped garlic which gave the kang kong an extra kick. Service at this place was not bad but I don't think the food was great. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-12
OMG! I'm finally seated after a long wait in the jam - the long queues. While queuing, we get a full sight of the interior and happenings in Bangkok Jam. Its interior was modern with black as its major theme color in the restaurant. The bistro looking style place was packed with Thai Cuisine lovers whose tables was placed with those appetite whetting dishes that I cant bear to look at them any longer as my stomach was already calling for food.Tables was rather fanciful and comes with cute coasters for customers to stack their drinks on them. Lemongrass Tea is my all time favourite in Thai Cuisine, it comes with a thin stalk of lemongrass and tea comes with a light scent of its fragrance. While green mango shake tasted a little raw and closer to green apple juice.Cost: S$4.80 , S$7.00 (Left to Right)Thai Fish Cakes comes in a plate of 5 decorated with shredded vegetables by its side. Moderate spices of thai fish cakes were in place and tasted, doused them into the given sweet sour chilli with chopped lemongrass bits and enjoy the savoury bites. Cost: S$9.50 Instead of having whole Deep Fry Garoupa with Sweet and Sour sauce fish with meat intact, this dish was served differently. The fish was processed, de-boned, having done that it was turned into quite a number of battered fish nuggets and was placed on the body of the fish. Its skeleton was deep fried into golden brown perfection, coated by the sweet sour sauce with capsicums, pineapples cubes and onions.Cost: S$23.00 Seafood Phad Thai comes with small pools of peanuts, sugar crystals and chilli flakes by the side of the noodles. I had the sugar and chilli flakes skipped, the amount of seafood was rather miserable with mushy fried fish included. . Noodles tasted sweet however abit too dry for my liking, Bangkok Jam could have done better for this common Thai dish.It was rather shocking to have a look at our bill. I must admit my hearsays were well justified after having tried Bangkok Jam. Nobody will like to get caught in a jam, therefore it would be quite difficult for me to make a return trip there. In terms of food standards and pricing, we can find better standards for more value for money food elsewhere. continue reading
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