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Bentendo is a new creation in our local scene, with a delightful tone of "Dining at the Shrine of Happiness". The synthesis of Japanese ingredients and Italian pasta brings out the essence of both cultural cuisines and ultimately, creates a new era of contemporary dishes. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Katsu Don
Review (37)
Being the only cafe restaurant in Jurong Point with no crowd during dinnertime, *Priscillia and I decided to have our annual Christmas meet-up here, since she recommeded that the food here was pretty good. Service was quick and efficient, no fuss, no muss, and the tiny restaurant cafe was well-maintained and clean.*Priscillia had the Salmon and Mushroom Pasta in Cream Soup (SGD$12.80), a large bowl of cream soup with lots of salmon and shitake mushrooms with spaghetti. This deceptively simple name and appearance concealed a rich taste that was addictive, especially whilst the noodle was still piping hot. The soup was sweet with flavours of its robust ingredients, and the noodles were springy.I was in a seafood mood that night, so I settled for the Seafood Soup Spaghetti (SGD$14.80) which was a huge bowl of clear broth filled with spaghetti, clams, squids, shrimps and seaweed. The soup was delicious as well, with the sweet infusion of seafood and miso; the noodles were springy and seafood was rather fresh. It made for a simple but satisfying meal.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/01/dinner-at-benten-cafe-jurong-point.html continue reading
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Went to Benten Cafe when it was almost closing, there were only two service staff and we felt really pressured to finish as quickly as we can. For example, they asked us to pay for our meal even though we were only halfway eating it. Reason is because they have to close the cashier (typical norm).Avocado salmon salad was shockingly ugly... didn't taste fresh, no sauce as well. felt like they just rinsed the veggies with water and threw some processed 'grilled salmon' and thin slices of avocado on top. will never order this again!the cheese baked rice fared better, though the portion is really flat and small.croquette looks weirdly angled, taste like out of freezeradded cheese and was greatly disappointed. this just look like kraft cheese was placed on top of it.. really salty, plain and dry.the beef was so much better, it was tender and slighty juicy.. would prefer that it had much more gravy though.i didn't like the chicken cutlet at all, tasted too dry for my liking.the egg pasta wasn't as satisfying as it looked in the picture of the menu, but it was so much better than the cheese pasta. i didn't like that the restaurant is open-concept and i felt like there was no privacy... also the food was bad, service wasn't too good, don't know what we are actually paying for. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
Nothing to do with familiar cartoon character, Benten Café was actually a mix of Japanese and Western fusion restaurant. Refreshing bright colour-themed generally, the dining environment was cozy. Menu was simple to understand, staffs were efficient in service and ready to help. In order to attract children, adorable Kid’s meal was available.Back to my order, creamy soup of the day was included in my lunch set. Smooth to drink, it was good to start up my meal with such warm hearty soup.The dish was generously topped with melted cheese, hidden Salmon was flavourful. Fluffy rice at the bottom, the bowl was starchy delicious. Strong buttery aromatic, the surface was slightly burnt. The more sinful mixture the better taste, it was fattening actually but who cares. Price at $11.80, the portion was satisfying without greasy feeling. I felt comfortable to dine here, probably will revisit it again next round. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-18
Benten Cafe is a fusion casual dining place that combines western-Japanese style food in an open dining concept at Jurong Point. Its creative creations goes from baked rice, hamburger steak, Japanese rice don, omu curry rice, teppan set to its lovely parfait and dessert selections. Have ordered their Hamburger Steak with Cheese as well as Teriyaki Chicken Combo. The dishes came promptly soon after ordering yet they were also served hot, says a lot about their efficiency in whipping up these dishes. The presentation were also very true to the plastic displays they have and that's probably one of the few reasons why I love Japanese food, they always take presentation very seriously. The food tasted great and the portion were generous enough to fill us up. Overall, I enjoyed my time here having quality fusion food at affordable prices. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-04
I have always been wanting to come to this place for their dessert as they have nice display of their dessert at the side of their display windows. And since it is open concept, we are allow to sit at this place for quite a while even after they close (But they need to clear our tables first)They have quite a few selection of dessert and main course on their menu but since we already eaten our full, we just order the dessert which seems very appealing to us.Green tea ice-cream are being used for this dessert. Not eaten by me but they sure good in designing the looks of these desserts.The Challenger that we had eaten is of a smaller version as compare with the menu photos.The ice-cream being used here is not of a good quality ones and there are a lot of cerals at the bottom of the glass with quite a lot of cream being used here. I guess, the only good points about the dessert is that the design is very nice and there are nice fruits being places on top of the ice-cream.This is one big big dessert (To be eaten by one person) though it is about the same as the challenger with lots of cereal at the bottom and some fruits on top (Additional pudding on this dessert). Other than that, the ice-cream is not of a good quality type and nothing special about the dessert. We took quite a while to finished our ice-cream and had a great chat together.Great for cheese lovers as french fries size potato are being covered with nice mentai sauce and cheese on a hot plate which can keep the dish hot and nice. Very sinful but superb nice. continue reading
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