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For the complete review, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2017/07/cafe-de-hong-kong-singapore.htmlCafe De Hong Kong ('CDHK') is a hidden restaurant along Balestier Road in Singapore that served Hong Kong style Ci Zhar. The cuisine here represent the items that you can find in any typical restaurants in Hong Kong. In case you are thinking of Xin Wang or other HongKong cafe, they served different types of food. LD and I have patronised CDHK regularly and it has become our must go-to restaurant if we are looking for comfort food. It is those dishes that we had in Melbourne during our uni days. Soup is basically a must have for Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine. In CDHK you should not miss out on their double-boiled soup of the day. Our last visit here, we had their Winter Melon Soup ($35). A good portion good for 6 to 8 pax. The soup is double boiled inside the winter melon. The broth is sweet and robust, good to warm up your stomach. They also have a smaller portion, just check with the service staff. Roasted Chicken ($34) is one of the signature dishes here. It is tender, succulent and the best part is the skin. It is paper thin and crisp. Absolutely delicious. To save on cooking time, you might want to order this during reservation. If you prefer something more traditional, order the Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish and Tofu ($18 for Large). This dish is not on the menu however you can place the order with the boss, Francis. The combination of salted fish and au jus of the chicken will whet your appetite, while the tofu just absorbs the flavour nicely. A good dish to go with rice. Lamb Brisket in Claypot ($26) is a dish that Hongkongers normally consume during winter time. We were surprised when we saw it on the menu here. We have been coming back for this ever since.   The lamb briskets are stewed over long period with ginger, star anise, cinnamons stick, fermented beancurd and beancurd stick. The seasoning not only infused flavour to the lamb brisket, it also helps to neutralise any gamy flavour. After a few hours of stewing, the meat just falls off the bone. The beancurd stick absorbs the robust gravy, while the water chestnuts will add a crunchy texture to the dish. Yum Yum. Their shells dishes such as clams and lala can be found on their black board menu. We had La La Beehoon ($10.50) this time around. The bee hoon did well to absorb the sweetness and freshness from the La La. More of a subtle dish. For something spicier, try their Stir Fried La La ($12 for small). This version packs more punch as it is cooked with chilli. Not only the flesh is fresh, the gravy will make you suck the shell clean. Recently we tried their Typhoon Shelter Crab ($130, $65 per kg). For crab dishes, you will need to book in advanced. It is a dish that you will normally find in most of the restaurants in Hong Kong. This dish is very aromatic as the crabs are deep fried with garlic, scallion, red chilli and black bean. Showcasing the skill of the chef, the deep fried crab has a crisp exterior while the flesh retains their juiciness. As they use female crabs for this dish, the crab roe absorbs the aromatic flavour more than the meat of the crab. It was an appetising dish and a must try. Please note you must order this dish during reservation, as CDHK must order the crab in advanced. Not to be missed here is CDHK Fish Roe Fried Rice ($20 for Large). It has a nice wok hei, topped with evenly mixed fish roe that gives this fried rice the umami flavours and the crunchy texture in each bite. Our friend's kids love it so much we ever order 2 large portions to go with their Deep Fried Luncheon Meat Chip ($8) and Seasoned Porkchop ($16.50).For dessert, save some space for their French Toast ($6.30). A deep fried thick toast with peanut butter spread. Finished off with maple syrup and a slab of butter. The combination of crisp exterior and soft pillowy interior made it a perfect dessert after a heavy meal. Or you can have it for high tea as well. Each order of the French Toast comes with a drink, we recommend their HK Milk tea which tasted like the one you find in HK. I have to admit, it is one of the best Hong Kong French Toast you can find in Singapore. The décor of the CDHK is simple and no fuss. It is an air conditioned restaurant. Although there are seats outside, I hardly see people seating outdoor for their meal. Service efficient like a family restaurant. Overall, Cafe De Hong Kong is here to bring your traditional Hong Kong cuisine. The food is delicious and comforting, but don't expect five-star restaurant standard. Definitely, a must try place if you are looking for Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine. Cheers!! continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-27
Located opp the famous Tau Sa Par at Balestier Road, this cafe is not really difficult to find.As they open up till midnight, it offers many people another makan hunt for supper or late dinner! This cafe as its name is, offers homestyle cantonese style zi char. with a wide variety of dishes in the menu, it is not hard to find something you like. The price is also pretty reasonable too!Food : ***Price : ***Customer service : ***Will i come again? YesBtw, they do provide free corkage so you can also bring your own wine too!This is a must order soup! The soup is very clear and boiled for a very long time to give the milk feel!This dish is really good. the egg is very soft, fully covered with mushroom,minced pork, fish roe, crab meat! Definitely must try!This dish is my favourite! Usually restaurants will use Chinese spinach but they use the normal type of spinach.This dish is also da boom! A very well done dish... recommended! This dish is the star of the night! I love the beef that is so tender and the glass noodles... one word ~ superb!For full review and more photos, please visit http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/09/of-dinner-cafe-de-hong-kong.html continue reading
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With so many newspaper articles and recommendations from famous blog pasted outside of the restaurant, I thought it would be great to give this restaurant a try since I happen to pass by. What stands out from a usual Chinese resturant menu is the Stew Crocodile Palm which got everyone hungry for this. The aroma of the stew in the claypot fills the air as it was served onto our table. The whole crocodile palm was being stewed together with lots of leafy greens, mushrooms roasted pork and pork ribs giving it a wholesome savoury goodness. It was my first time trying this and it actually tastes like herbal chicken. I feel that the texture of the skin is somewhat similar to the texture of sea cucumber. It contains very high collagen which is good for beauty purposes. It is recommended that you pre-order this dish before your arrive as to avoid disappointment. It’s really that popular over here!There are many varieties of ways prawns are prepared at the restaurants. Right here at Hong Kong de Cafe, we had the Salted Egg Pumpkin Paste Golden Prawn which is a very unique way of doing it. Initially, I thought that the salted eggs coated on the prawns are way too salty as I’m not a big fan of it. However to my pleasant surprise, it blended very well with the pumpkin paste by adding a little sweetness to it. The lemon grass used was a smart choice to give it a hint of herbal fragrance so that diners won’t have an overload of salted egg in the mouth.We had the Stir Fried Red Groupa Slice with Roasted Sauce too. It emits an enthralling fragrance hitting my soft spot as I can smell garlic, ginger, scallions, sliced chilli and leek in this dish. With all these spices combined together with some “wok hei”, it will never fail to add a kick to your palate. The red groupa slice is lightly coated so that it won’t overwhelm the sweetness of the fresh groupa slices.I enjoyed my lunch there and felt it is a place worth coming back again for great food and fantastic service by Francis, the boss himself. It is best to dine in a group as many of the dishes are more economic for sharing! continue reading
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Dinner was at Cafe De Hong Kong (CDHK for short), a small restaurant selling HK style cze char dishes that have garnered rave reviews from many sources, both mainstream media and blogs alike.Inconveniently located at the beginning of Balestier Road, just off the junction of Thomson Road and Balestier Road, CDHK looks like just any eatery that dots the entire stretch of Balestier Road. Step in however and a HK cafe style decor greets you with its quirky design and white washed walls. Parking in the area can pose a problem so cabs or public transport might be a better alternative.Pork Ribs - Looking beautifully charred around the edges, the ribs were fall of the bone tender but came across as bland even with the sauce. Could have done with a little more marination. Mildly disappointing to say the least.Salad Dressing Prawn Ball - I couldn't see the reason why this dish came highly recommended by our waitress. The prawn balls didn't exactly wow any of us at the table though I must admit that it was still quite decent nonetheless - crunchy with a dollop of mayonnaise. Then again, how bad can anything with mayonnaise be I did like the broccoli though, which was cooked just right.Roasted Chicken - Apparently this dish is so popular that you have to make a booking for it when you make your table reservation and that's exactly what we did. The half chicken (for the 5 of us) was more then adequate, which is rather surprisingly considering that in some places, a whole chicken might not even be sufficient. Consistency is suspect here as some parts of the chicken were juicy and tender while other parts tiptoed into the dry region. There was a higher salt content in certain areas as well.Supreme Tofu - The tofu came with a thin slice of scallop on top and was silky smooth but lacked savouriness. Decent but nothing fantastic. Makes me wonder about the supreme in the name.Stir Fried You Mak Cai with Dace Fish - Personally I thought that the vegetables were a little limp - the result of overcooking. The slight saltiness from the dace fish was apparent and I appreciated it. Overall nothing too fancy or outstanding, but definitely palatable.The bill for the 5 of us was just shy of $100, which isn't too expensive by any standards. However, I can't quite attest to the rave reviews that have been popping up ever so often. Still, food and service is decent so probably still worth a try. continue reading
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Level1 2010-08-04
Had four dishes for dinner. I must say that they are of pretty good standard.... Vegetables with egg and century egg in soup (can be seen as shown below)- the taste was just right, not too salty and the 'soup' in it was just the right taste.... Mini deep fried salt and pepper lobster (cant remember the exact name, pic below)- only word to describe it wonderful! haha... my fav dish from the meal Deep fried pomfret (forgotten pics haha) deep fried to golden brown yet not much oil rentention therefore doesnt give me the 'sick' feeling after eating it, unlike those we do at home, something would go wrong somewhere haha. Pan fried Kurobuta pork slice (again no photo was too busy eating)- the ingredent (pork) itself is different from what one would eat outside..... the juiciness of the pork would bust out when you chew on it. Like the boss son drawing in particular which was a cosy sight to me.... On by the way, 3 pax eating on this meal..... continue reading
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