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Cafe Iguana was founded in 2000 by American Devin Otto Kimble & Chilean Daniel Flores who felt that Singapore needed a place for good Mexican food and great margaritas. They ensure that quality is not compromised in their kitchen - with their tortillas, salsa & guacamole made from the best possible traditional ingredients in their kitchen. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-19
The Red Snapper Burritos ($25) made a stunning entrance like a curvy oblong-shaped parcel, only to reveal a luscious interior of fish, borraco beans, Mexican rice and strands of Mozzarella-cheddar melting mid-way. This could be a potentially great dish if the snapper was not too dry. The standout dish was the Shredded Steak Chimchangas ($25), a golden crispy flour tortilla that is deep-fried to perfection such that it kept the juicy strands of beef warm and comfortable while displaying resilience any sogginess. Drenched in generous amount of sour cream and guacamole, this giant plate of meaty "Popiah" roll is messy but speaks right to your soul.I don't fancy banana desserts but I may have to take back my statement on the Banana Chimichangas ($14) here. Just like the earlier savoury chimichanga, the filling is substituted with bananas, deep fried till the shell turned into a crunchy fritter. Wallop a huge scoop of fragrant and buttery avocado ice cream and you'll get something that is ten times better than any chocolate lava cake or any hot-cold dessert. With a good selection of Mexican special cocktails and Margaritas, it is not surprising to see that business is booming even on a Tuesday night. continue reading
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Been passing by Cafe Iguana and wondering about its food, since I do enjoy having Mexican food.  Finally decided to give it a try last week.Appetisers graced the table one by one - beginning with this Puerco En Chile Verde - simply spicy pork stew served over rice, with flour tortillas and dollop of sour cream. Deliciously spicy, with a distinctively-familar flavour (akin to that of the Chinese braised red braised pork ribs, IMO) and utterly succulent, this pork stew vertebrates in the mouth, leaving it tingly till one tucks in with the tasty rice or flour tortillas for balance. For that, it became my favorite dish of the night.Camarones al Diablo (SGD$23.00) - prawns sauteed with fiery habanero chile, capsicum, ginger, cumin and lime, served with mushrooms, cheese and poblano quesadillas. This dish was a combination of two of my favorite items, juicy prawns bursting with tangy flavour upon contact with teeth. Pairing this with soft, chewy quesadilla sheets filled with cheesy mushrooms and poblano pepper, was unspeakably blissful as the textures and flavours frolicked in the mouth, becoming a tasteful sensation.Then the mains came onboard, first in the form of Tequila Grilled Half-chicken (SGD$38.00) - lime marinated and finished with a smoky and spicy tequila glaze, served with grilled vegetables and poblano-scalloped potatoes. The well-slicked outer appearance of this chicken belied the surprisingly tender flesh within, revelling in its tasty lime-marinated state fluttering gently amidst the spicier overtures.Dessert was the Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake (SGD$14.00), also known as the flourless cake, made completely of cocoa powder and served with margarita sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Not hard to see why this was my favorite dessert of the night - the chocolate cake held a firm, solid texture in lieu of the fluffiness of flour-baked cakes. It was resplendent of a beautiful chocolatey flavour, not too sweet, and melting easily in the mouths like a dream.What's a Mexican meal without Churros? Well, here we have it - Churros (SGD$12.00), served with sweet cinnamon powder, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream. The golden crisps of the churros break apart beautifully with each bite, dissolving slowly in the mouth in a saccharine flow of flavours; heightened further when eaten with the vanilla-bean ice-cream.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/media-invite-dinner-at-cafe-iguane.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-26
A few weeks back, we discovered Cafe Iguana, a Mexican pub restaurant at Clarke Quay. The food at Cafe Iguana are pretty expensive, mains range from about $20-30, so we usually just have drinks & sometimes, desserts. They have both indoor & outdoor seats, but they only open majority of the outdoor tables at night, because it can get really hot in the day. The indoor seats are not air-conditioned as well, but there are a few fans to keep it cool.Churros ($12)Served with chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar, with a scoop of avocado ice-cream (you can request to change as it's vanilla bean ice-cream by default). The serving was rather small since 3 of us were sharing, but it was really good. Freshly fried churros, and thick, creamy avocado ice-cream. Definitely worth a try.The price they charge for their house margaritas changes with the time of the day. And in my opinion, they've one of the best margaritas around, and the price is definitely great for a jug, which serves about 2.5 cups per person, for 3 pax. And the best thing about their margaritas is the 9 different flavours that they have, hope to try them all one day. Banana, Blueberry, Kiwi, Lime, Mango, Peach, Pink Guava, Soursop, StrawberryPrices for House Margaritas at Cafe Iguana:1200 - 1500: $221500 - 1800: $301800 - 2000: $392000 - 2300: $552300 - 0100: $39They provide free flow of tortilla chips & salsa dips as well, and we got them straight from the fryer, so it tasted really good. We asked for a total of 3 top ups in total. Up at http://flightplayback.blogspot.com continue reading
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Read more food reviews at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comI really dislike the restaurant's open-air concept. Seriously, when will restaurateurs learn that going completely alfresco is just not suitable for Singapore's hot, humid and muggy weather? Even if the fans were twirling at full speed, all I felt was warm, muggy air. In the end, we were all perspiring throughout dinner! Service was great though - smiley, cheerful and extremely prompt with the replenishing of our iced waters. Food-wise, they were pretty alright - grilled meats were moist and tender, and packed with just enough flavour. As and when it was applicable, we requested that the kitchen held off the cilantro. We had:1) Smoked Duck Platter ($28): pretty enjoyable. Tender, well-flavoured meat lined with fatty flavoursome skin, was paired with spiced rice, mushy black beans and grilled mild jalepeno peppers and onions2) Grilled Chicken Fajitas ($27): served on a sizzling platter with sauteed onions and peppers, and accompanied by flour tortillas for wrapping, and classic Mexican dips such as sour cream and guacamole. The chicken was well-done, tender and moist breast meat that was well-marinated3) Red Snapper Enchiladas ($25): house-made tortillas surrounding ancho chilli coated fish, topped with tomatillo sauce and melted cheese was served with Mexican rice. With the exception of the spiced rice, everything else was laced with cilantro. That said, the fish could have been fresher. The robust cilantro couldn't quite mask its slight fishy scent and taste continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-20
Was walking around looking for a decent place to have dinner at with my cousins when we chanced upon this. I have heard so much about this place but never had much of a chance to visit. The place was presentable with both indoor and outdoor seating. It was not too crowded and for what it's worth we could see, more drinks then food were ordered probably because of their generous money saving tips on alcohol (alcohol got cheaper by the jug after each jug).Dessert seemed to be like a safe choice since the main courses looked huge. Though, there was a veggie friendly version of a couple of things on the menu which made me pleased. May try them out the next time! Bad call though, I ordered a crepe like dessert which came with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Was shocked to find it so huge and could not really stomach the entire thing! It was probably fit for sharing between 4-5 people. It really did taste like crepe with its crispy exterior and flaky interior. The dessert was not too sweet and tasted quite good. The vanilla ice cream was also of good quality We also ordered a jug of beer. Staff at the outlet were very approachable unlike most places. Waiting time was not too long. Staff even came back to update us about the last call for food as the kitchen was closing.I also really did like the view, being there around 11pm, did show a whole new side to clark quay with its vibrant lights.Price was, was pretty steep; may not be back because of that but I guess you pay to have a good time with company and soak in the ambiance.xx continue reading
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