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Canton Paradise serves Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisines. It has chirpy interiors, which reflects the activity commonly seen in Cantonese eateries. Diners can see the chefs preparing roasted meats and other dim sum. Canton Paradise also offers traditional favourites such as wanton noodles, congee and rice dishes. continue reading
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Review (7)
Level3 2016-01-03
Reached AMK hub late afternoon and take out early dinner. We ordered Hor Fun and Yang Fried rice with sweet and sour pork. We will served 10mins with fried rice with small prawn and some cha Siew meat. It is well done as not so dry. The fried rice taste fragrance and with some red chilli will be best. Hor fun look yellowish with egg topping. The first look was 2 big prawns on top of this disk look attractive. The taste is normal for us and not as good we expected. However taste was fantastic if you like without fried noodles. The side dish of sweet and sour look nice with some beers. Ha. It is small and can poke inside your mouth and taste was just right. You can taste the sweet and sour difference in your mouth. Overall is good and will come back for other foods. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-22
As today is the 7th day of the Chinese new year, it is considered 人日 (Ren Le). It is the common man’s birthday, the day when everyone grows one year older. In Singapore, this festive is celebrated through tossing of yu sheng. Our family also want to celebrate through tossing of yu sheng so we decide to have yu sheng and dinner at this restaurant.The restaurant is quite crowded with most people having yu sheng as part of their meal.Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng Platter ($39.80++/ small).The yu sheng is served in a rather huge red plate. We are also served longer than usual wooden chopsticks to be used for tossing the raw fish salad. The staff also properly recite the sayings that accompany the adding of each ingredient.The family has great fun tossing the dish. The dish tastes quite tangy with hint of thai chilli sauce.This is followed with the Canton BBQ Trio Combination ($26.00++) which is quite delicious and served with mustard sauce and plum sauce. The meat is well cooked, especially for the roasted duck which has crispy thin skin.While enjoying the food, we also have Watercress Honey Drink ($2.60) and Fresh Honey Lemon ($3.20) which both taste quite light and refreshing.Wok-fried Vermicelli with Assorted Seafood ($16.80++)The noodles is well cooked with the wok feel. Simple and delicious.Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Wild Mushrooms ($15.80++)As one of us is a vegetarian, we have requested to remove the shrimp roe from the dish. The noodles is well braised and flavourful. Stir-fried Bean Curd with with Mushroom ($16.80++)The bean curd has a crispy texture despite been soaked in the sauce. Interesting.Stir-fried Black Fungus, Celery and Lotus Root ($15.80++)The simple stir fried vegetables tastes crispy and light.Overall the food is delicious, but we waited quite long for the food to be served. I could see a number of people complaining about the long waiting time. I think I have waited at least 30 minutes for the next dish after finishing the raw fish salad. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-23
Family day today was at Canton Paradise and we went to celebrate my dad's birthday. The ambience was alright but the table was kinda crowded with all the cutlery and the super big and long menu. The waitress took our drinks order before we decide on the food and the drinks were served quite fast. I ordered the iced milk tea but i don't like the taste at all. I was hoping that the milk tea will have the nice tea smell but i taste like the kind of taste that you get when u leave the tea for too long and you get the 很涩 kind of taste. Finally we order a total of 4 dishes : Spinach with 三色蛋 , Stew Duck , Fish in plum sauce, Tofu with minced meat and salted fish. Overall all the dishes are quite nice and my family enjoyed the dinner very much and we finished up everything. Spinach with 三色蛋 is one of the dish that i enjoyed eating and i like to eat my rice with the gravy from this dish. I would definitely order this again next time. Stew Duck is served with yam and it really complements well with the duck. The taste is good but it would be better if it is not so oily. Fish with Plum sauce is really a surprised to me as it is actually quite tasty. Judging from the name i was thinking that this might just be a normal dish that you can do without but it actually turns out to be quite nice. Tofu with minced meat and salted egg is nice too and the tofu is really silky and smooth. However i did not taste any salted fish in the dish. But it's alright as this dish is tasty enough and it doesn't taste bland although the salted fish is not really detectable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-13
This Chinese restaurant offers Cantonese cuisine, which is popular as a food choice for gatherings with friends or families. Hence, we were here as a group to celebrate my friend's birthday. The food was already ordered by the time I arrived, so I might not be totally accurate as to what the dish's actual name is, but the pictures should more or less give an indication The roasted duck is one of the best out of all we have tried today. It's well-marinated and the skin roasted well to a crisp.- Roasted duckThe fried salted egg prawn balls were good too. The salted egg was delicious and the prawns inside succulent. Just a tad oily though, which is probably hard to avoid since it's fried.- Prawn balls- Pork floss with something - I forgot what. Since I can't for my life remember what this dish is, it's probably nothing worth to mention as well.This dish of spinach with three different types of eggs (chicken egg, salted egg and century egg) is a classic dish that's hard to go wrong. A recommended dish as well.- Three-egg spinachThis dish is only mediocre and doesn't leave much of an impression.- Tofu with minced meatThe braised pork ribs we had were tough and the sauce was also not very nice. Not recommended at all.- Braised pork ribsThe fish was steamed well, with the flesh not over-cooked. I like to eat lots of chopped garlic, so the generous amount provided in this dish suits me. It definitely made sure the fish did not taste "fishy". Quite nice.- Steamed fish with garlicOverall, the dishes were all pretty ok except for a few misses. So I will give a 3.5/5 for the taste. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-09
Canton paradise is relatively expensive as compared to other dim sum places, but the dim sum here is really top notch. I like the classic har gao and siu mai which use fresh prawns that are big and crunchy. The skin is also not too thick and the meat fillings are plentiful. I also like the baked char siew paus which is like a bun with a sweet crunchy topping filled with char siew. Each basket about $5+. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)