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Let us take you on a whirlwind gastronomic adventure around the world with up to 17 stations of culinary delights. Dive straight into the ocean’s fresh catches at our renowned seafood station – a crowd favourite for its impressive spread (up to 13 different varieties!). The latest addition includes the hearty Brazilian churrasco station. Hot off the grill, the flavourful smoky meats are drenched in a marinade for 24 hours to keep the meat tender and to lock in the juices. Other cuisines include Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian and more. At Carousel, there’s certainly something for everyone. Winner of the prestigious AsiaOne People’s Choice for the Best Buffet Restaurant for 7 consecutive years. Carousel’s delicious buffet spread is prepared in 100% halal-certified kitchens. continue reading
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Double Chocolate & Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream with Mango Yoghurt Sherbet & Raspberry Sorbet
Passion Raspberry Cake
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Vietnamese Shredded Chicken Salad Chinese Seafood Fish Maw Soup Signature Salted Yolk Fried Rice with Seafood and Crispy Silver Bait Malay Beef Rendang Rice Steamed Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts Homemade Marinated Chicken Satay
Review (52)
Level3 2015-12-21
Last visit was years back , yesterday celebration for section and make a reservation. Good is still very high standard, I love the fresh seafood section and one of the must try if you are there. Prawns and clams are so fresh and sashimi too. They are all cleaned well and high standard of cleanliness for plates and spoon.  As usual try to taste all small portion and they have all type of foods like Indian, Chinese and Japanese. Good places to visit for those who have a chance. I also like their service. I think it is best for buffet lover. Lastly deserts is very cute and sweet. A lot of variety for everyone to choose from. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-20
Seafood CounterIf you've read my blog before, you would know I always "attack" the seafood first!! Who will go to buffet and eat vegetable, of coz must eat the expensive stuff mah!!Close-up of the seafood courtesy of ME!Mud CrabsCrayfishScallopsSweet ClamsCarousel really has a wide variety of seafood to offer, probably even more than The Line. There were also appetizers like ham, smoked turkey etc. Cant remember eating them though.. Too many varieties lah, difficult to comb through everything..Another mystery items... Seriously, now I look at this picture, I have no idea what they are??? HahahahaSashimi & Sushi CounterPretty, pretty... A bed of roses??My favourite salmon!! I was quite selective in terms of eating sashimi, salmon is definitely my first choice. Another favourite is amaebi which they dun have it here. Still, I was pretty satisfied with the sashimi.. Freshness is the vital element!Now let's move on to the " ang-mo" counter. Again, I was overwhelmed by their varieties.Beef => This was kinda tough though... one serving was enuff for meRoasted ChickenRoasted lamb, potatosThere was also a chef who would help you to cook your pasta the way you like. Choose between penni, linguine, spaghetti and the sauce. There you have, your own pasta!!Chinese Roast StallIndian Food CounterFinally, the Dessert counter! Regardless of how much I eat, there will always be room for dessert. Tell me which ger can resist the temptation of dessert, she badly needs my counselling service!!Cakes, mousses, puddings... You name it, you got it! =pMore!!Bling Bling Pudding ~ Mango Pudding, Pandan Tiramisu, Chocolate Pudding(s)Bread PuddingUsually, I felt that bread pudding is just soggy bread so no special liking for it. But the one at Carousel was good, so must try!! Remember to put lotza of vanilla topping on it! Perfect match!! continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-28
Carousel has a huge selection of food. I like particularly the dessert range. The cakes are all very high quality and looks attractive. I particularly like the chocolate slice, the chocolate is very rich and creamy. Very solid chocolate and a bit moist, Heavenly. Can't stop at one piece even if you're calorie-conscious.This is one of the place I would go for the desserts. The ambience is cosy and good for gatherings. At $40+ per pax it is value-for money.Service by staff is excellent.Staff also give birthday surprises if you're celebrating a birthday there. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-12
Known as one of the top buffet restaurant in Singapore, Carousel is a place to try for foodies in Singapore. So when LD suggested this place, I agreed in a heartbeat.Carousel is only a handful of high end International Buffet Restaurant with Halal certification. They served food ranging from Mediterranean, Asian, Japanese fare, a lavish seafood spread, French Rotisserie, and three dazzling dessert stations.As it was a Friday night, the restaurant is basically pack full of people. If you are trying your luck to dine without reservation, well your chances are very low. We went through lots of 'channels' to get our reservations.We started our degustation buffet from the seafood selection; which offer lobsters, crayfishes, Alaskan crab legs, spanner crabs, mud crabs, oysters, mussels and prawns. All the seafood are chilled and fresh, especially the lobster and prawns. This is my second encounter with spanner crabs, and I can confirm my dislike for it as the meat is rougher compare to mud crabs or Sri Lakan Crabs. The oyster is good, but not fantastic.Sashimi and Sushi section. The variety of sushi and sushi roll is very extensive and creative with more 10 different types, while the sashimi selection is so limited with salmon, swordfish and yellow tail and the cuts for the sashimi is very small, which is abnormal for a 5-star international buffet restaurant.Moving to the rotisserie and cooked food selection, the roast beef is quite ordinary and the Yorkshire pudding is just flat. The beef ribs is chewy, while the rest of the international cooked food is so uninspiring. If I ever return, I will just skip the cooked food section and go for the Indian food. They are authentic and so much better compare to the rest. The Briyani rice is fluffy while the tandoori meat is tender and well seasoned.For the live station of Teppanyaki and Pasta, I only manage to try the Lobster Risotto from the pasta section. To save time, the risotto are pre-cooked to half done. Upon order, they will re-cook and add the lobster and the rest of the ingredients. Unfortunately, for my serving the risotto is under cook. Way below the al-dente level and lacks of punch.For desserts, they have three type of fondue to indulge you. Chocolate, Strawberry and Green Tea. Although it is nice to the eyes, stick with the chocolate. The taste of the strawberry and green tea are very artificial. While I tried other bite sized of the cakes, nothing really catch my eyes except for the bread & butter pudding and chocolate cake which are delicious with the custard sauce.I decided to skip the bread station, salad bar, HK roast station and dim sum station. When our friends told us the HK roast station and dim sum station is very ordinary, I decided not to waste my stomach space.Service on Friday night definitely need to improve. It is very difficult to get the attention of the service staff, either to top up our drinks or clear the dirty plates. The one that horrified me the most is when I ask one of the Chef, where does your roast beef come from, he replied “Fresh from the Market”. OMG, I'm just floored by the answer. I can confirm, guarantee and chop that no restaurant in Singapore will use beef fresh from the market for their roast.Atmosphere is very good. The decoration is very simple and modern. There are good spaces between tables for you to walk around without accidentally bumping to other diners. For those celebrating your birthday, you will get birthday cupcakes and entertained with the performance of the chefs and service staff.Overall, I cannot understand what the rave is all about for Carousel. For the price that I am paying, I have to say I expect more. Although the varieties are extensive, the quality and the overall standard of the food and services are really not worth paying for. Hopefully they can improve on their quality and consistency, and who knows, Chubby Botak Koala might drop by again. Cheers!!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala experiece, click / copy the link to your browser: http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/09/carousel.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-08
I had their buffet dinner at Carousel some years back, pre-renovation, and when the price was significantly lower. I don't understand why while other hotels' buffet prices remain close to, say, 8 years back, Carousel's leaped by a rather giant foot. Anyway, it did not stop me from wanting to have high tea there this afternoon.It has a rather spacious and brightly-lit interior, a contemporary and very modernistic design. There is a wide array and assortment of food from different cuisine.After walking a few rounds to check out what was available and taking some photos, I finally collected some delicacies and returned to the table. I started with desserts since sweets cravings kicked in - some chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, green tea cake, orange chocolate cake and chocolate pudding - all fine and soft and sweet. The sashimi were fresh, as were the shrimps and shelled items. It was a rather good start so far.I finally queued at the station serving Prawn Noodle soup (soup was tasty, but the noodles and vermicelli were rather tough) and Laksa (tasted quite nice but no cockles and not spicy enough). They were tiny bowls anyway, and I had asked the chef preparing them to make the portions even smaller for me.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/high-tea-at-carousel-royal-plaza-on.html continue reading
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