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CasaTartufo’s cuisine reflects simplicity, tradition, quality and freshness of the Italian produce, 80% of which are specifically imported from Italy for the restaurant. Truffle is the king ingredient in the restaurant's menu, which is the reason why the menu changes 3 times a year following the Italian truffle seasons. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Fusilli Pasta With Rucola Pesto Seafood Soup With Garlic Crouton
Review (6)
Level4 2013-11-26
Consomme Foie Gras - $18A unique presentation in a clear stock instead of the usual pan-seared treatment. But I think I preferred the usual pan-seared foie gras, coz the foie gras here tasted like well cooked minced pork here. *Shrugged*Pappardelle - $28This was essentially very large and very broad fettuccine. Not a pasta lover myself, so I guess they were just okay, never really impress much. Codfish - $32Codfish can never fail. I mean the ingredient is so good on its own that even just plain steaming is good enuff. If I have the chance to eat a sucky codfish, I will sure black list that restaurant! HahaAnyway, the codfish here was very soft, you just need to use the fork to break it apart, no knives required! To read more and view photos, visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2011/11/tartufuo-ristorante.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-01
When I saw Casa Tartufo is known for their truffles on their menu, I was dying to try the food there. I love truffle oil on my fries, soup, pasta etc that the thought of having a truffle-infused 3 course meal was very appealing. Hence, this is one of the place I booked for lunch during Restaurant Week. The entire 3 course lunch was about $50 per pax after tax. When you first step in, the warm woodsy yellow design of the restaurant is very welcoming. With the old fashion white table cloth, red velvet wooden chairs and furnishing, you feel like you're stepping into a lovely Italian cafe. There wasn't much of a crowd so it's a very relaxing place to have a nice peaceful meal. Our first course is the Porcini Mushroom Creamy Soup with Black Truffles. You can smell the truffle oil once they placed this in front of you. The soup is very creamy and delicious and great for dipping the complimentary bread in. Hard to go wrong with creamy mushroom soup For my main, I chose the Char-grilled Striploin with Truffle Butter and Fries. This dish is the disappointing item in the whole meal. I got a pretty tough part of the meat (whereas my lunch companions who ordered the same thing got more decent sized and better cuts of the meat) and it was small! It was not very tender and I couldn't really taste the truffle in the butter. Plus the beef was kind of dry which is not something I will overlook especially at the price of the meal. Now dessert is where this place shines. First up we had the Truffle Ice-cream with Crumble Shortbread and Volcanic Salt. This is really GOOD! The hint of truffle in the cool ice cream and that slightly savory crumble just hits all the right notes. It was light, pack full of flavour and a must order!We had the Tiramisu which wasn't on the menu and I didn't really tasted any truffle in it so I'm not sure if there is any in this dessert. It was quite average, good mascapone cheese flavour and a slight hint of rum. I'm not sure about the actual name of this dessert but it was like an ice cream cake sprinkled with pistachio and the waiter drizzled the hot chocolate sauce in front of us! This is my favourite dessert of the 3. It was rich and cold and the hot chocolate sauce compliments the creaminess of the cake and the pistachio added that needed crunchy texture to balance out the dish. Super delicious and definitely must order this (not to share as I'm sure you can finish this all by yourself ) Thumbs up!Overall, for the price I'm paying, I'm not impressed with the main. The desserts are definitely worth coming back for as they are divine. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-10
Casa Tarfuto actually means House of truffles in Italian as the dishes there are cooked with truffles. Being a Truffle lover myself, I was all excited when the day arrived to dine there during the restaurant week. Upon arriving, the owner actually stood outside to greet us and when entering the restaurant you will feel that the restaurant’s setting and ambience is very elegant, classic Italian, homely with a warmth feel. Near the kitchen was decorated with many wine bottles like a typical Italian restaurant and there were some shelves with books placed on top of it that makes it feel like a little home. The restaurant has imported its truffles from Toscana, Marche and Umbria, all of which were freshly flown from Italy. I tapped on the restaurant week to visit there and the set lunch menu actually comprises of Tartufuta (Porcini Mushroom Soup), Manzo (Char-grilled Striploin that came with Truffle butter & Fries or Fettuccine with truffle cream) and lastly the Gelato (Truffle Ice Cream) for desserts. Since, I went with two other friends; I had the opportunity to share the dessert of the day. The 3-course truffle lunch set cost about $47 during the restaurant week. So what’s my verdict for the dishes that I have tried?Tartufuta (Porcini Mushroom Soup) I could taste the strong taste of the Porcini mushroom, the soup was rich, smooth, and velvety with strong fragrance of truffle from the truffle oil sprinkled over the soup. There are also bits of black truffle shavings in the mushroom soup itself that makes it so alluring. I couldn’t have enough of the Tartufuta. Manzo (Char-grilled Striploin that came with Truffle butter & Fries)The Manzo came in medium rare. It was tender but a tad bit burnt at on the sides and it came with truffle butter at the top which gave it a buttery flavour. It came with fresh green salad by the side and truffle fries which I thought was only average. I did enjoy the beef but thought it can be better if it was not burnt. The truffle fries was not the best that I had. I thought it was a little bit overcooked otherwise it will be perfect.Gelato - Truffle Ice CreamTiramisuPistachio dessertIt was my first time trying Truffle Gelato. I don’t recall it selling in anywhere else that I have know off. The truffle taste was strong and the gelato tasted salty with right amount of creaminess. This was a really nice dessert to end the meal with. The pistachio dessert was topped with bits of pistachio nuts; it seems to me as a gelato ice cream cake. The taste was so heavenly. The nuts just went well with the ice cream cake which wasn't overpowering. This is a recommended dessert.I thought the Tiramisu was alright, it wasn’t too sweet and the texture was light and powdery with the coffee powder sprinkled over it. I had a wonderful dessert there all in all. Actually, I love the desserts there.Music played at the background were Italian songs and you will feel you have been transported to some Italian home for a nice meal. Service was not too bad, waiters were very attentive and they topped up the ice water quite quickly even before we ran out of it.This place is definitely worth a try, great and good for long conversations, especially dates ;) and one can sit and casually chat over a truffle meal, especially if you are a fan of truffle. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-06
I went to casa tartufo sometime in march with my girlfriend, it is yet another anniversary. We went there for dinner and had the cena dinner set meal. We started the meal with the burrata al tartufo, it was actually burrata cheese and a truffle bean. It was one of the nicest appetizer I ever had. The combination was simply flawless. The cheese tasted so good. For my main, we had two choice to choose from, the tajarin and ossobuco. I opted for the tajarin which was the egg noodles with fresh black truffles cooked in piedmont style. They were really generous with the truffles. The egg noodles were really good very springy and does not stick to your teeth. The sauce was so rich in flavours, very unforgettable. For dessert we had truffle ice cream, you can say this is the one of the best ice cream I have very eaten. The ice cream is so creamy and rich in the truffle flavour. I really enjoyed my truffle dinner and so did my girlfriend. guess we will be back to try more of the food. continue reading
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We visited Casa Tartufo during the Singapore Restaurant Week. With $55++ per pax, we had a wonderful 3-courses dinner. A great deal I would say. When we stepped in the restaurant that evening, we were greeted by the very friendly owner, with big warmed smile on her face. The ambiance of the restaurant is great, classy yet cozy. The waiters are professional and the service is very satisfying. Appetizer: Home-made gnocchi potato dumplings, gorgonzola sauceThe chewy gnocchi was served in a rich cheesy sauce, and tastes sinfully yummy. It was a very comforting dish. Beef carpaccio, parmesan, rucola, truffle dressingBeef slices were very thin and well-seasoned. When you put the beef slice in mouth, it feels like it just melted straight away, and left a great truffle aroma after taste. We had Roasted sea bream "isolana" and Breaded and fried chicken breast milanese for mains. Perhaps the appetizers were too good that we think the mains would be as good, if not better. Oh well, the mains did taste descent, but with no surprise. The fish was fresh, and the chicken was very moist despite being deep-fried. Dessert: Truffle profiteroleThe dessert was so tiny portion that I felt a bit cheated when it was served. However, after the first bite, I was like "Oh my god.. this is soOooo good!!" I love the crunchy bits, and the truffle-flavored ice-cream of course! Having the smooth ice-cream melted in mouth with a burst of truffle aroma, is definitely a perfect ending of a good meal. continue reading
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