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Rotisserie Chicken
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Check out the piece of quarter chicken in my picture. It is very skinny and small. 2 sides with a quarter chicken cost $15.50. I think chicken was tasty, I did like the sauce - garlic and chilli. But really felt that it is too expensive.For the sides you can choose from 4 choices and I only took the sauteed veg. The vegetables were well cooked - broccoli, carrots, cauliflower sauteed in garlic. Healthy and not too oily. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-30
For some late night dinner, my friend and I went to Charly T's. I think it was about 10pm already so I didn't want a heavy meal. I just ordered the Slappy Joe with chips. The size of the burger was just small so I wont recommend it if you're starving. But for the night, the portion was just right for me. The burger was just so simple, there are bits of tomato-sauce drenched meat, cheese, and onions. Chips were unpleasantly chewy already, which meant that they've been exposed to air for too long. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-16
For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/08/charly-t.htmlLocated in NOMU, this is one place I would usually walked past, but never took a good glance at it.Not the usual cafes you have been to, they require you to walk up to the counter and place your order. Food will then be served to you, probably in exchange for your "self-service" earlier on Menu is basically up above the counter, and some cute drawings opposite the counter drew by cute kids pending for your honorable recognition!Recommended drink by Charly T's is the Cool Aid ($7.00), consisting of barley, pear, and lemonade. Also had the Green Flash ($7.00) having green apple, orange, and pineapple. And Red Tang ($7.00) with strawberry, cranberry, and lychee.Their signature Rotisserie Chicken! We had both the original ($24.00) and seasonal ($26.00) rotisserie, that comes with 2 additions each for half chicken. The 4 additions available are German Potato Salad, Fresh Vegetables, Butter Garlic Rice, and Macaroni & Cheese. I loved their butter garlic rice and macaroni cheese!Ordered their Jumbo Schnitzel Burger ($18.00). Crispy and tender chicken meat!Kaiserchmarrn ($16.00). Comes in a form of cut-pancakes with rum raisins and vanilla ice cream! I love this dessert as waffles are served hot, and combined together with the "freezing" ice-cream, it feels so... "exciting"? Tried another which is Bacon and Cheese-filled Waffle ($8.00). It taste kinda weird though, in contrast with other's opinion being unique and nice?For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/08/charly-t.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-08
Charly T is a most unique persona ‘as it could have been, should have been, and as such would be’. ‘Charly’ first started as a nickname, which stuck with him for it described him so well.‘Charly’ in Mandarin, '‘查理’, means to investigate, search,and research – or more simply, the ‘seeker of truth’. ‘Charly’ in the West comes from the base word ‘Charles’, which in German means a free-spirited man.Free-spirited, curious and adventurous, Charly T enjoys in equal parts food, music and the art of food journeying. Much of this could be seen from the decorations of the restaurant, with a sliding door (as the entrance to the toilet) and photographs on the wall featuring journey and travel.Kansas City Ribeye Steak - $24.00An overview of the KC Ribeye SteakI ordered medium, which proved too tough for my razor-sharp teeth. I guess only vampires have strong enough fangs to sink into such tough meat, or perhaps Wolverine from X-men would see fit. Anyway it was quite surprising because the innerparts showed bloody red but the meat was quite tough (yet chewy at the same time), my jaws were really having a great workout.I love the vegetables that came along with it! It was really fresh and juicy, perhaps slightly steamed because it wasn't too raw.The sauce that came along with it was really unique, it probably is the specialty of Kansas City sauces because I've never tasted such sour-sweet bitterness before. I wasn't too used to it though.Lamb Stew - $18.00The lamb stew is pure shiokness (singlish: delicious in the utmost perfection), it was warm and soft and juicy and not too fattening. I could feel my body sinking into the chair as it relaxes itself from such a little piece of heavenly meat. The rice that came along with it though, was very fragrant and tasted like Mediterranean cuisine. I would highly recommend the Lamb Stew if you don't want to waste your calories.Chicken Cordon Bleu - $18.50The chicken cordon Bleu is one of the popular favourites among the locals. It is actually chicken fried in bread crust that has ham and cheese stuffed in it. Total perfection, absolutely delicious!I love the melted cheese and the spices that they used to marinate the chicken. YUM YUM! This is my #1 favourite out of the three dishes ordered.ReceiptThe meal was quite costly though, perhaps we were paying for the rental rather than the food. I was blessed to have great customer service waiting on us, she gave me many good advices on what to order and the tea to go along with it as well. You can get free hot water refill for your tea!Total Cost - $70.05 continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-13
As an avid globetrotter and food enthusiast, the owner nicknamed none other than Charly, embarked on an adventurous journey across the continents while gathering innovative food ideas and concepts. Located at NOMU and the recent opening of PasarBella (Turf Club)'s and I12 Katong's outlets, Charly T's is yet, a medium to share his inspiration to the masses through food.It was a last minute decision to have our dinner at Charly T's, as the Groupon voucher that I bought ages ago expired on that day. I was quite reluctant as it was nowhere near my place, however the journey time from Dhoby Ghaut to Charly T's is no more than a 5-minute stroll. Thank God, I didn't really want to waste the $40 worth of vouchers anyway.Since Rotisserie Chicken was marked as their speciality, we decided to try out a quarter (S$14.50) which comes together with 2 side dishes. Having eaten the roasted chicken, I can't understand what's the hype about. There was no doubt that the marination was done pretty well and the faint charred taste was a plus, however considering that it was the breast area I had, it was still dry and ain't juicy at all. For the sides, our choices were steamed vegetables and mac-and-cheese, both which hardly passes the mark as well.Cordon Bleu Chicken (S$14) barely hit the spot too, but it's definitely better than the rotisserie chicken. The breast meat this time round was not oily, yet tender and fairly juicy with the usual ham and cheese, encased in a crispy crust of bread crumbs. Lovely, just that the cheese was too bland and runny for my liking. Thick cut potato chips was good, much better than the ones in MacDonalds or Kenny Rogers.I don't even know why Kaiserschmarrn (S$16) became our dessert, but I figured out its because of the unique name that we don't even understand. And so it came, light and fluffy pancake, and showered with icing sugar and raisins, accompanied by home-made vanilla ice cream. Although the menu itself describes this Austrian-German dessert as "****-ed up pancakes…good for 2!", portion-wise, yes it's good, but as a whole, I wouldn't say I was that accustomed to the particular moist, eggy-banana flavour. BUT! The homemade ice cream was awesome. It was one of the best I've ever had. It comes at S$4 per scoop if you want another serving of heaven.In a nutshell, Charly T serves decent Western affair (well, mostly), but it's not that worth it, if without vouchers. Oh well, at least I know what's Kaiserschmarrn now. Do you? continue reading
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