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ChickenUp is well known and best loved for serving authentic Korean Fried Chicken. By adapting the Korean methods of removing the fat from the skin and double-frying, Chicken Up created its own distinct variation of fried chicken, featuring juicy, sumptuous and tender chicken meat under its thin and crunchy skin without being too greasy. Best known for its signature SpicyUp and YangNyum style fried chicken. ChickenUp also serves several variations of the dish with the accompaniment of different sauces such as soya and curry sauces. continue reading
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Chicken Up has vastly improved since I last ate here 3 years ago. Ambience at Chicken Up is now much brighter and cleaner, with a distinctly open, countryside theme, evident from the rustic, sturdy wooden furniture. Restaurants are brightly lit by white light, and the atmosphere is more spacious.Service at Chicken Up is now more attentive, staff are quick to respond to guests, take orders, and clear away empty / dirty tables. Also, they now have more staff that can speak English! Food at Chicken Up has improved as well, they've expanded their regular menu, removed less popular items, and improved upon their Korean fried chicken recipes. Portions are still large and suitable for communal dining, but bulk purchasing has actually brought their down overall prices, so diners pay less for food now!The Bulgogi Fries (SGD $18) are a new item on the menu, and among the best things I've eaten here! Actual strips of tender soy sauce marinated beef bulgogi strips, are loaded generously along with red onions, spring onions, and mayonnaise on top of piping hot, straight cut, medium sized fries. The combination is incredibly tasty, savoury, salty, sweet, and sharp; with textures of chewy, crunchy, creamy, and fluffy. Highly recommended!The Gochujang Chicken Dup Bap Set (SGD $13) is good value for money. This set meal for dine in or takeaway includes 1 main (chicken, beef, or pork) rice bowl, 2 salads, 1 soup, 1 dessert or drink, and 1 fruit ball. The Seaweed Soup is nicely light and savoury, without that ugly salty flavour, so it's pretty good. The Fresh Salad features fresh and crunchy lettuce leaves, but is rather small. The Caramelised Kimchi Pickled Cabbage is sharp and sour in taste, but doesn't annoy the palate, with a nicely crunchy texture. The Gochujang Chicken Dup Bap features a basic white rice bowl, topped with cabbage, cellophane noodles, and strips of tender chicken stir-fried with onions in a savoury, sweet and spicy Korean gochujang / red pepper paste sauce. Very tasty, heart, and filling!The Mini Pat Bing Su (SGD $7) has a decent amount of red beans, condensed milk, shaved ice, and vanilla ice cream, garnished with a melon fruit ball and a stick of Glico Pocky Almond Crush Milk Chocolate biscuit. Refreshing with an earthy sweet taste, rather palate cleansing as well. Good!Full Chicken Up review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2012/08/chicken-up.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
As we were not full after dinner, we decided to head to Chicken Up to try their crispy fried chicken. 4 pieces were the minimum order (larger portion was 8) and it came with radish and naked salad. The chicken was crispy and tender, though inevitably oily because they were deep-fried. We also tried the korean rice drink which was pretty good and light-tasting. There's a discount for early bird diners. I'll be back to try their flavoured chicken continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-07
Tonight we decided to have fried chicken.... actually we wanted the fruit Soju more... hence The Four Friends met up at Chicken Up, a Korean fried chicken restaurant amongst a row of shophouses along Tanjong Pagar area.The interesting thing about Chicken Up is that they remove the layer of fats from the chicken skin and double fry the chicken so that it would still be tender and juicy but not greasy. Well, let's see about that. Anyway, they used to have Fried Chicken Buffet but have done away with that now.We ordered pretty shortly and began with the Ganjang Up Fried Chicken (SGD$20.00) - soya flavored fried chicken. Well, quite crispy on the outside, and as promised the meat was juicy and tender without the usual oiliness. The soy-marinated flavor was rather distinctive, giving the chicken a lovely taste.Next, we had the Spicy Up Fried Chicken (SGD$18.00) - well, I believe that the name itself needs no introduction. The skin was more crispy for this one, and I enjoyed the spicy flavor of the succulent chicken although *Katherine, *Zachery and *Edison all preferred the soy chicken more. Perhaps I enjoy heavier / spicier flavors more? Nonetheless, remember - crispy skin on the outside, succulent flesh within with very little hint of greasiness.Anyway, we also had the Pineapple Soju (SGD$30.00) served in a large pineapple shell, mixed with sweet pineapple juice and Korean alcohol SOJU. They were served in dainty little glasses and tasted very refreshing - hints of the bitter soju was minimal and lost within the cold sweetness of the pineapple drinks.Next, we had the Watermelon Soju (SGD$38.00) - a very huge watermelon shell containing watermelon juice and an entire bottle of SOJU. For this, we drank with small shell-shaped bowls. The watermelon juice was very cooling and parched our thirst, defending us against the heaty delicacy we'd just eaten. For this one, the taste of the soju became even lighter since the watermelon shell is larger than the pineapple husk. Nonetheless, I loved this saccharine drink.For full review and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/10/dinner-at-chicken-up-restaurant-tanjong.html continue reading
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Chicken Up is a place that I have been hearing about for the longest time. It probably has the best Korean fried chicken. Legend has it that it was picked by a Straits Times reporter in a blind test. I love the Korean style of double frying chickens which retains the chicken juices while keeping it crispy and crunchy. Thus, even though we found ourselves on a 1-hour waiting list, we didn't chicken out (pun intended). We were up for it and our hearts were unwavering, full of anticipation for our turn to devour this fried chicken.Chicken Up is housed among the shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road. On a good day with no crowds, you can choose to sit either indoors or outdoors. The patrons were mainly teenagers and youngsters. I thought it was quite noisy and rowdy. We felt like the oldest people there.We have heard a lot about the Chicken Up's cheap and good Korean fried chicken buffet at $25. We waited for damn long, like 15 mins before the first chicken arrived on our table. I found out from other reviews that each order is freshly fried so it takes longer time.Yangnyum (below) - I loved the crispy and crackly moist skin which was coated with a sweet and spicy sauce and also sesame for additional crunch. It was not as spicy as it looks. More towards tones of sweetness. However, I found the meat a little tough.Soya chicken (below) - Marinated and coated with Korean soya sauce, the soya chicken wings were more tender than the yangnyum. Maybe it was because chicken wing parts are usually more tender and moist than other parts. These lovely wings were as crispy and flavourful as they look. A pity that they were not served piping hot.Spicy Up (below) - Looks can be deceiving. This innocent-looking golden brown chicken was a bit too spicy for me but not for my friend who is a spice girl (not the girl group). Served piping hot, the chicken's juices were sealed beneath the crispy skins. So juicy that the juices squirted out when I bite into them.We also got the Andong Chicken Stew (below) which is a soya sauce-based soup that comes with a chicken drumstick that has meat so tender that it fell of the bone easily, and other goodies such as potatoes, carrots, korean rice cakes. My friend enjoyed it a lot but I found the broth too salty for my palate.The salt-sprinkled truffle fries (below) were surprisingly not overpowering with the typical strong pungent truffle aroma. Thus, both my friend and I who are not big fans of truffles liked this.Service was really slow and we had to wait for a long time for them to give us the bill.After which we waited a long time for them to collect the bill.We eventually paid in exact cash instead of credit card because they were really wasting our time.Personally we find this slightly overrated. I think the pieces were too big so we were really full after a few pieces. It would be perfect if they come in wings or drumlets. But still I think not bad lah. A change from usual KFC and better than KFC. continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-30
It was full house when we visited Chicken Up the other day. The staff was attentive and quickly told us to wait. After a while we got our table. We ordered Nyang Nyum Chicken (Sweet and Spicy Chicken), Pajeon (Vegetable Pancake), Jjangmyon (Black Bean Sauce Noodle), and not to forget their signature Watermelon Soju.The chicken was delicious. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The sweet and spicy glaze was pretty nice too. The spiciness was mild, just the way I like it. The pancake was nice, and wasn't oily at all. The one dish I didn't like was the noodles. I find it pretty bland with no seasoning at all. The watermelon soju was definitely the highlight of my dinner. It was cooling and refreshing without being too overpowering. They mixed the soju in a bowl of carved watermelon topped with some ice cubes. continue reading
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