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Chye Seng Huat Hardware is Singapore's very first coffee bar, where there is a standalone coffee island bar and patrons can sit around and watch the barristas brew coffee. Besides coffee, they also have a full breakfast and lunch menu. continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-15
Had my lunch this afternoon, love the place. It give me a comfortable and pleasant place to my meal here. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-01
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comDo not mislead by the run down appearance of this hardware shop if you happen to pass by in Tyrwhitt Road. In fact Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH) is one of the popular cafes right today, famous for their brewing Coffee.The place is owned by Papa Palheta, an independent coffee boutique, specializing in roasting coffee in Singapore and Malaysia.Initially I was mislead by its quiet surroundings from the facade and thought that it was closed on a Sunday but as I walked further into the side gate, I realised that its just another heaven.Dining place was divided into 2 portions, indoor and outdoor. Furniture are pretty interesting at the outdoor, with old school kind of coffee shop tables, welded strongly to durable metals, even its stools too.For the curious ones who pass by the outdoor sittings, there is a glass house in the middle featuring their roastery by Papa Palheta.I had a look into through the glass panels and saw big roasting machines. Too bad I wasn't in the luck to see its process. However if you are keen on their roastery tour, you can check up on the C-Platfrom via Papa Palheta Website.With such stuff around, it definitely feel more like a hardware place, matching its business name, CSHH.Just right beside, there is another room with machines exposing its wiring and electronics. Look's like someone was trying to fix and figuring something out or even to the extent of repairing their faulty machines. The interior was cosy showing a island bar situated in the centre of the cafe with interesting hardware items hanging around the walls. With limited seating, I would say one has to be careful while walking by the aisles as it was rather narrow.Just at the counter I was drawn away by the odd size and colorful Ang Gu kuay in the display cabinets. I had the thought "hey, what are these traditional queues doing here among the muffins / western pastries? ". A simple and straight forward menu was attached to the clip board are available near the cashier counters.Coffee lovers, perhaps will be taken away by the Hand-Brewed with Love portion on the menu. One can select the standard of brewing in terms of bright, balance and bold. However, some waiting time is required and you will be notified by the counter.Making up part of their hardware displays, they have some old school music player (turntables) with The Beatles disc by the side. Hot chocolate was foamy and came with good choco fragrance, perhaps the only letdown was its latte art which was some kind of out of shape.Impressive breakfast with a nice color presentation on a grey IKEA plate. The Huat breakfast consists of 2 pork sausages, ham steak, potato salad roasted tomato, croissant and egg of our choice (scrambled, sunny side up or over easy). Totally an energy booster. I love its flaking butter croissant and pillow soft texture with my air pockets internally. Well, if this style floats your boat!While I thought pancakes were uninteresting in all breakfast menu and boy I was wrong. The banana pancakes were out of my expectations. Fluffy and soft texture topped with roasted almonds flakes and refreshing strawberry. And where's the banana? Instead of having slices of banana topped the pancakes, they have them done together with the pancake mixture, thus with every bite lending its fragrant and satisfying bite! Ta-Da! Our semi complete breakfast meal while waiting for the brew beverage.Last but not least, the long awaited 20 minutes of balanced brew coffee. It comes in a tall glass and a scarf on its bottle neck. Coffee was smooth and taste was definitely as stated, striking a good balance between a not so sweet and not so bitter after taste.For those who decide to buy something off their retail shop can go further into the Annex.From coffee beans to sovenirs, do have a walk in there.The service in overall is polite and commendable. It's not easy to grab a seat during the weekends, so if you want to skip the crowd, visit them at other timings.Overall, food was tasty and with such rustic environment, its hard not to come back again. continue reading
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Another café that I found people talked about most for this trip is Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH). At first, I don't understand why the shop needs to keep the name of the hardware store it replaces. It was rather confusing to begin with but, like a lot of things in this world, finally people will get used to it that it is a hardware store which does not sell hardware any more but the cool coffee for hipsters. Make sense? Read the sentences more and more and you might get it… Initially I came on Friday night as I saw on the internet they open everyday till late. Turnout, it's only weekend. So I came here twice just for this shop, in a way. Even that, around 8pm Friday night, a wooden shop door with glass panes was opened so I took my chance walking inside, talked to staff who still hung out in there mostly talking among themselves and they didn’t mind that I walked around a bit and took some pictures. I was impressed with the hospitality already even off hours like that Friday night.My second visit was on Sunday evening. After entering the big steel door to the left of the wooden door, this is what I see in front of me. It's the office and roaster of Papa Palhetta, a roaster of Chye Seng Huat Hardware.  To me, Papa Palheta is the “grand daddy” of third wave coffee in Singapore and still remains in business. The shop has been in business for so long which is rather impressive considering this fast changing and competitive high end coffee business of sort.Lots of "alumni" of Papa Palhetta went to work elsewhere. One clear example is founders of Nylon Coffee Roasters who worked at Papa Palhetta and Loysel Toy, also a cafe under Papa Palhetta group, earlier. Papa Palhetta is also one of the major reasons why I want to visit CSHH.To the right, finally it's the real entrance to this CSHH.  After you enter the door, you see the cash register and this sign. Again, tongue in cheek is everywhere in Singapore. It's not really my thing but if you like it…All the signs are nice and cool on the design. Combinations of cake and coffee were rather tempting particularly on the pricing as just drinking coffee in Singapore by itself is quite pricey in my humber opinion. But I didn't have any of this offering as I just finished dinner. So I  went straight to the coffee as this is what I’m here for.To the right of my seating at the end of the counter, there are water, glass and condiment setting. Notice pieces of lemon slices in the water; I’ll come back to that later.In addition, there are a turntable and amplifier below. However, I don't think I see any LP played on that day and it sounds like the music, which is fun and mostly top 40, came from digital source, IIRC. Another hipster thing in showing vintage gears but using something help for the music.  I'm not sure... In front of me, there were two two group Synessos whcih were matched with Mazzer grinders. Another two goose neck Bonavita Kettle. Also, to my left, it's the "IT" grinder Mahlkoenig EK43, Uber boiler and a batch brew setup, the latter a nice touch for quality driven Indie cafe in this part of the world, IMHO.  Wow! CSHH is fully loaded/equipped with coffee gears that make things happen! The business must be really brisk one needs four group espresso to take care of customers!  I noticed during this trip that, in Singapore, they always use one barista for espresso and another for filter coffee which is unlike most in Hong Kong that one barista did both. Some said the Singapore one is a better practice but what’s matter most is the cup quality, isn’t it?Espresso of Nuts + Bolts espresso blend showed off a clear base coffee tasting note of either Brazil or Colombia clearly once you sip it. It’s a Brazil Cerrado which is quite common in espresso blends but the other component, Tanzania Karatu which is harder to guess, for me. The cup clearly boasted a sweet grapefruit with a nice chocolate back; it didn’t have much of the roasty tone at the back. The overall tone of the cup was soft and nice, yum in a way.  However, something in the cup felt strange I can't put my finger on where it comes from.I let the barista pick a hand drip coffee for me. She picked the 'bright' offering at CSHH which is Ethiopia Sidama Suke Quto. It showed off quite a few citrus peel but very clean finish even though the cup has a bit of an overextracted tone, still drinkable though.  I was impressed the barista offered me on the spot to brew a new cup for me learning that it tastes overextracted which means she trusted me even this is the first time we met.  I haven't had this kinda honor, courtesy and care from barista for a long time and this is very impressive indeed the barista does care about her customers and the coffee she made, closer to what I call a true good spirit of good cafe, winning one customer one cup at a time.  The place I came from some barista might not do it out of the doubt customers are abusing the barista, ego or something else.   Kudo to my barista that night and hope she keeps up her good work and hospitality.  Nevertheless, the cup is neither delicious nor undrinkable and again something is strange in the cup I can't quite tell.  The clean finish could be an influence/twist on my taste bud of a lemon spiked water served at CSHH and I had no choice but to rinse my mouth after espresso and before this pour over to try to get more of the taste of this coffee.At the top right in the picture below you see a cup almost full of coffee; it is a batch brew coffee which is the same type of brewed coffee that you can order as a regular coffee at Starbucks.I've never looked down on the batch brew and enjoy it immensely when I'm at any third wave cafe in North America, the birthplace of the third wave coffee. Yes, it carries a cachet of 'commercial grade' coffee unlike any other one cup preparation for filtered coffee these days that lots mistakenly called “specialty coffee”. However, this batch brew if one does the auto drip right with good bean/roast and skill, it's heavenly and a bargain to try a good coffee as the batch size is large enough, resulting in a lower margin of error is narrower than those of one cup brewings. Still it is not easy to find the person who knows and is willing to take advantage of this batch brew in this part of the world.The batch brew cup of Brazil Alta Mogiana has a big body as expected. The coffee was roasted darker so it might fit some better with a hint of acidity only in line with the tasting note that started with Nutty, Milk Chocolate, Slight Citrus with Floral Aromatics. The good thing is it is quite clean but again this could be the influence of lemon spiked water.The cappuccino on the bottom left get the temperature right without my prior request, a nice tough indeed. It has a good texture but still those starchy feel which seems to be a character of CP-Meiji milk from Thailand that I heard lots of complaints from Thai cafés but is now widely used in Hong Kong and Singapore.I initially want to get Nut & Bolt back home so that I can compare how the coffee was vs. what I had at the shop due to my suspicion on "lemon spiked" water on my taste bud but they only carry Terra Firma espresso blend.The same nice barista at CSHH told me the Terra Firma is better than Nuts & Bolts blend. What I had back in Hong Kong from various baristas and rather sure hands on this Terra Firma blend was just an OK cup on a brighter side.  But they feel that they can't dial in the grinder perfectly for the coffee.  Thus, the taste profile was just so so at best, citrusy and bitter grapefruit something like that. Too bored for me but could be flexible enough for milk and black but more of a jack of all trait for this blendEthiopia Koga has the following on its tasting note: balanced, berries and sweet floral.  However, I can hardly call this coffee balance. It has those a tad lighter than optimal taste with acidity like not properly ripened fruit in front and "nothing" at the back. I can accept berries and sweet floral of the tasting note but Aeropress further accentuates the acidity in the cup, typical tasting note of pressurized brew method like Aeropress, making the overall cup much less comfortable to drink vs other coffee I Aeropress before. Last night hand drip yield a much better experience so I guess this is purely for non/gentle pressure like drip and siphon.However, when cooler, the Aeropress of Ethiopia Konga's middle berry tasting note was pretty like last night but the front is lacking while the extension of the taste toward the back was better but one still feel it lacks sth vs coffee I normally had in Hong Kong. Some woody cardboard paper toward the back too. Not a clean finish and it left the dirty back in my mouth. Time for soda rinse? Another style?When the coffee was quite old, ie 3-4 weeks post roast date, the acidity becomes more mellow which is a good thing but the coffee a bit on a rancid side due to its age which is expected.  However, mixing rancidity due to its age with roasty tone at the back from the decision made by roaster to coax/force the profile into the coffee make the coffee quite unpalatable.  To me CSHH almost got it right on the front and middle of the taste spectrum why doesn't CSHH do away with those roasty back that keep drinkers' mouth discomfort/felt dirty for a long time.  I don't get it.Total bill of my coffee when I'm in Singapore almost always boiled down to about S$50 give or take. It's not cheap to drink coffee in Singapore, FYI.Despite a very small sample size but a much talked about/recommended cafes I visit, these places show a good trend.  Barista's enthusiasm and care for each cup to each customer are top notch and Singapore barista's forte, the thing I miss from places I visit these days, reminding me of the good old days.  With enthusiasm and willingness to learn shown to me by Singapore's barista during this short trip, I'm sure Singapore will move leap and bound in coffee scene, particularly with exposures to more coffee style which should help propel the level of coffee up notches sooner than later with personnel like this, I believe.If you want to try coffee in Singapore, Nylon is the place I can recommend, following by Chye Seng Huat Hardware if you can get pass this 'hipster' thing and decoration which was initially a no-go for me. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-10
Chye Seng Huat Hardware Cafe is a very interesting concept, for a hardware store to branch out into the cafe business, but hey, everyone's heading there so it was inevitable that I have to be there too. One could choose to sit outdoors (mind you, outdoor seating is full if one comes on a weekend!).Or one could head inside and sit amongst the cosy interior with its wooden bar counter, round wooden stools and surrounded by many hardware items on display (mounted on walls and decorating the countertops).*Edgar and I snagged a tiny table in the crowded cafe and took a "gold-plated" menu with us. Frankly, the table was too small and the chairs were not really comfortable. Plus the cafe was crowded so it was not really an ideal place for chilling out for long, long hours (*Edgar was nearly butt to butt with the person sitting behind him at the table next to us!).We both tried their famous Cold Brewed Coffee (SGD$7.00), served in bottles that resembled cough medicine bottles. Being adventurous, I tried to drink without the milk and sugar syrup at first, but the taste was kind of bitter, with a strong sour aftertaste. I guess this is what "pure-ness" is all about, but to me it was an acquired taste that needed getting used to. In the end we both emptied all the milk and sugar syrup into the coffee to make it sweeter and more likeable.I had the Ham & Cheese French Toast (SGD$15.00) which tasted good. The french toast slices were crispy around the edges, and the sweet flavor of butter with beaten egg was easily detected. Combined with melted cheese, tender ham, sweet tomato slices and sprigs of rocket salad, this made for a good and satisfying meal.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/brunch-at-chye-seng-huat-hardware-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-21
I never really had a liking for coffee, unless it is a chocolate based version like Mocha. However a trip down to Chye seng Huat pretty much change all that.As one of the most well known cafes in Jalan Besar, this coffe house took over the original "Chye Seng Huat Hardware Store" and turn it into a little coffee haven. With a centralized coffee counter that have baristas churning out cups and cups of beautiful aromatic coffee in the middle, you can sit right at the action and get lost in the hustle and bustle.You will be surprised to find that theyy have a steady stream of customers all day hankering for a cup of their coffee even on weekday afternoons. My first trip down there and I was hooked, so there is little wonder why.The coffee here was aromatic and slightly acidic(aka sour). I just found it amazing that coffee could taste this good. Thick and robust in flavour, it is the perfect cup of coffee on a rainy day. Even Mr. Heng my most anyhow tastebud food partner commented that this was good coffee.SGD 4 - 6I grabbed a peach turnover as well upon the recommendation of the staff and it turned out to be really good. Crumbly buttery soft, it was a perfect companion to the coffee.VERDICTTREID AND LOVE IT. I only can whine about the opening hours which only allows me to be there on the weekends. I cant wait to try their savoury menu next and get another cup of caffeine goodness.Read more reviews @ RoundTumTums.com continue reading
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