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Coriander Leaf features an exciting authentic Asian menu which features both traditional and interpreted dishes, reflecting modern and traditional cooking techniques. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-28
The restaurant was started in 2001 in Gallery Hotel, before relocating to its current location. It offered Pan Asian cuisine with dishes from South Asia, China and Perisa. The restaurant was located at the second level, which both of us took quite sometimes to find the lift to bring us to the floor. The entrance was plain black looking.Although it was noon time, the restaurant was quite dark as it was painted black all over. The brightest areas were the open concept kitchen and the tables by the wall.For restaurant week, the restaurant offered a 4 course lunch set at $28++ per person. There was also a vegetarian lunch set too.The staff could not find the reservation under my name and insisted there was no reservation even although I had showed him my booking conformation email from restaurantweek.sg. Although one could easily spot the customers in the restaurant were mostly under restaurantweek's reservations, he insisted that I had booked under a different website that was not by the restaurant. This made one felt so unwelcome, especially when the restaurant was less than a quarter full. After much exchange, we were showed to a poorly lighted table by the busy kitchen and walkway. I had asked to change to the one of the much well lighted tables by the wall, but was rejected with reason being I did not have a reservation. There was quite a number of unoccupied tables at the time.For the first course, we were servedMarinated prawn salad, grated coconutIt reminded one of the thai style green papaya salad but with a coconut taste.Watermelon, mint, pomegranate, Turkish white cheeseThe sweet juicy watermelon was paired quite well with the strong tasted cheese.For the second course, we were servedSteamed Venus clams, coconut water, tamarindThe clams was small but juicy. The soup tasted quite unusual sweet and lacking of the savoury taste that one was expecting.Spinach parcel, toasted pine nuts, yoghurt, browned butterIt looked like mini sized boiled chinese style dumplings. The skin was not too thick and filling was quite juicy. It was quite unique with the yoghurt.For the main course, we were servedSamia's signature frontier chicken, coriander seeds, chilli, yoghurt cream, arugula and butter naanThe naan was soft and buttery. The chicken was juicy and tasted quite spicy. I wish that there was more yoghurt cream to combat the spicy taste.Charcoal grilled vegetable kebab, butter rice, surmac, mint saladInteresting basmati rice was used for the butter rice. The rice was well cooked although I would prefer a stronger taste of butter in it. The vegetables was juicy with spicy curry powder taste.Lastly for dessert, we were servedCoconut sorbet, roasted pineapple salsa, Don Papa rumThe sorbet did not taste like the usual sorbet. In fact it was more like a rich creamy coconut cream ice cream. The rum did wonders for the simple rich ice cream.Overall the food seem to have more indian influence in it, based on the usage of ingredients and taste. Service was disappointing. There was no refill of plain water. As we were sharing, the staffs failed to take note to serve us serving plates. By the way we were sitting right in front of the open concept kitchen with a row of staffs staring at us. continue reading
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Coriander Leaf features an exciting Pan-Asian menu and is quite popular among the Clarke Quay district for its well-established fine dining scene. It is one of the popular dining stylish and relaxing bistro that is highly recommended by TripAdvisor as well as my visitor's tourist guidebook. Upon hearing my visitor's request to have a dinner in Coriander Leaf, I immediately took the number from her Guidebook and punched onto my handphone, thus our reservation was made day before. Strict dinner timing was seen and practiced as their Business Hours starts officially at 6.30pm on the day of visit. We were led into Coriander Leaf at 6.30pm sharp and was greeted by a long flight of stairs with a well crafted wooden coriander leaf on its glass door handle.The ending point of the stairs leads us to their bar. The coriander theme did fit well into the ambiance as the bar counters were even highlighted with coriander leafs patterns. We were then handed over to another friendly staff and he guided the way to our reserved seatings. The dining room granted a mixture of rich cultures of Greater Asia in a modern settings. The style of having ceiling plastered with assorted red wallpapers in kinds of patterns had boast an elegant interior. Doors and glass frames were well set with walnut color that blends in perfectly to the entire ambiance with its cement screed flooring.Enjoy a picturesque view through the building's glass windows with a perfect skyline where glimpse of sun rays could be seen. How beautiful! The moments of good feelings were further elaborated with a fresh red rose floating on a glass of water. How romantic!Our unique culinary journey was well begin with the Mezze (platter for 2) as the appetizers. The server had did his professional service by introducing each item on the platter and the way of consumption with his broad accent. The way how he presented had stirred up our interests in every aspect of food on that platter.From the top of the platter in clockwise, Coriander Leaf had presented Harira (a mixture of chickpea & lentil soup), a popular traditional soup originated from Morocco. To its right, the Tabouleh Salad, a traditional Arab Salad that made up of bulgar, tomatoes, parsley, mint and lemon juice. Tomatoes cubes were served chilled and the salad mixture tastes appetizing! Next we have another Middle East bite size Falafel on the platter. In layman terms, it looks like cookies topped off with some cream cheese to be but the fact is that Falafel is actually made up of chickpea and fava bean rissoles. Simply loves it unique taste! Ever wonder what are those 4 different balls on the platter? They are no quail eggs! In fact these are rich cheese balls that comes in Herbs - Za'artar (dried herbs with sesame seeds & others), sumac (some purple spice that add a tangy flavour), fresh mint and fresh coriander. Interesting right?Next we have 2 big bowls of dips, the Muhammara (roasted red pepper & walnut dip) &tahini (yoghurt dip) that goes well with a plate of plain Naan.What an adventuours platter we had! Our dirty plates were cleared up promptly with an exchange of new plates and we were ready for our main dishes.Oven Baked Coriander-Miso Gratinated Cod was indeed fresh with additional crisp on its skin. Matched with sesame-togarashi onigiri and sugar snap peas lined up nicely on the plate and summed up by line decorations drawn with miso emulsion.Cost: S$36.00During ordering, the professional server had actually checked with us the level of spiciness that we can handle and this dish was specially prepared based on the level. The Frontier Chicken was stirred fried with coriander seeds & minimal amount of chili flakes that sat in well in the middle of the plate in a pool of yoghurt cream topped with mizuna(a kind of japanese mastard). The dish was also accompanied by a plate of crispy plain Naan.Cost: S$30.00Lamb Kerbab comes with barbecued cubes of lamb with onion relish and fresh herbs accompanied by butter naan. The cubes are fork tender with not much of lamb's smell. One can dipped the button naan or cubes into the special cooling mint sauce.Cost: S$35.00Although the causal fine dining portions may seems small, it was actually stomach filling and we had no room for any desserts. Let's visit Coriander's Toilet! The toilet was shared by both genders and as we swing opened the door, we were greeted by two brightly lited fish tanks by the side of the washing basins. In conclusion, this will be one of the perfect choices with excellent service if you want to enjoy a unique mixtures of Cuisine with good scenery. Total worth what we are paying for! I bet that the entire experience will be many gastronomic thumbs up.Total Cost: S$157.72 continue reading
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Level4 2011-08-13
The prawn is fresh, vegetables are fresh. Interesting restaurant!! I can't commend on the quality of this item because........you have to prepare this dish yourself. This was taken during a corporate bonding event where teams were splitted into groups to compete with each other. Each team would be allocated with 3 recipes and kitchen assistants were available to help clean up our mess. The chef was also there to guide us as we cook. Nice place to corporate events. Best of all, the recipe is yours to keep. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)