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Level3 2014-03-24
Located in the second level of Fortune Centre is this mini cafe selling a variety of vegetarian dishes.The ambience of the cafe gives me the "at home" feeling. However, the place was quite cramped and uncomfortable to dine in.My friend and I ordered our food as the wait staff approached us. Immediately after that, we were served a complimentary bowl of soup. The soup is oil-less, with ingredients such as carrots, cabbage, red dates and bean sprouts. I like Chinese style soups, so I found the soup extremely comforting to drink, because it reminds me of the soups that my grandma would cook. The soup's natural sweetness comes from the ingredients, but it would taste even better with more seasoning.Presenting to you, the Wanton Ipoh Horfun! Portion is really huge (I went for lunch with a growling stomach  and was full by the time I completed 3/4 of the horfun). Before eating this, give it a good stir because the sauce is hidden in one of the corners so it will taste quite tasteless if you don't mix well. The whole time I was eating this, it reminds me of chee cheong fun. Not too sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I like the mushrooms, though. It was juicy. Not to mention, I like the spinach too. Tomatoes were fresh. The wanton wasn't particularly outstanding, and the filling was not exceptionally generous.The highlight of the lunch would be the Organic Vegetable Sushi Roll. This dish is very healthy and if you are sticking onto a "no carbs diet", this sushi is perfect for you because it does not contain any sushi rice but it tastes like the real thing! The fresh vegetables used were very crunchy to the point that I find it "over crunchy" and got tired of chewing it. Haha!  continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-23
Came here for lunch because I wanted to try their Vegetable Sushi.Looked at the menu and decided to order the today's special- Organic Angel Hair with Curry Pork Chops($7). It was quite tough for me to order as the person was speaking chinese. With my poor chinese I could not really read all the words. Luckily I had my friend ZQ who helped me order.The dish comes with free soup. The soup came quite fast. Less than 3 minutes after we ordered.The soup has a lot of ingredients inside-carrots, cabbage, sprouts etc.. You would expect a flavorful soup but to my disapointment it was not. It was kind of plain despite having a lot of ingredients boiled together. However my friend said it was comforting. My meal finally came. Quite fast as well. The pasta was overcooked. It was really soft like mee sua(chinese noodle). The curry tasted like those kind of curry you would dip with bread. The broccoli was cooked well. The pork chop was breaded and fried. It was the nicest thing in the dish, maybe because it's deep fried? I like that they included tomato in the dish because it helped give some acidity to the heavy sweet curry. So whenever I get overwhelmed by the curry I would eat the tomatoes to help refresh my palate.The highlight of the entire meal- Organic Vegetable Sushi Roll($4). A mixture of organic vegetables with some sweet sauce. It tasted like normal rice sushi. There was the vinegary taste(the nice kind) you would get when you eat normal sushi even though there was no sushi rice. Maybe it came from the sauce. The vegetable also provided the cold freshness just like a normal sushi. Also it was very crunchy. I love this a lot and would definitely come here just for this vegetable sushi.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-27
Today is vegeterian day. Was at middle road after praying decide to head to this place for some vegeterian lunch.Heard from my wife that this place serve organic food. Fresh vegetable. She ask me to try their sushi.At $4 you can get 8 rolls of sushi.The sushi is totally vegetable only. No rice inside.And their vegetable is organic.The place is alway pack on the 1st and 15th day of the month.As expected. So we decided to order take away.This is my first taste of vegeterian sushi.Nice taste. The vegetable is very fresh. continue reading
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