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In Dolce Tokyo, you can enjoy the best of Japanese-Italian influenced cuisine and coffee in a hip and trendy setting. A variety of Japanese desserts of Mitsu Mame, Kakigori, homemade Green Tea-Sesame/Yuzu/Carrot Cakes, Italian influenced Panacotta, Gelato and many more, will surely satisfy any die-hard dessert enthusiasts. Their Japanese & Italian chefs have also created a simple yet exquisite menu of mains and sides to complete the dining experience. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-05
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/06/dolce-tokyo-313-somerset.htmlFirst birthday gathering on my birthday month! I chose this place for two reasons, one is I haven't try this restaurant before, the other is that we, MOF Citizens, get to enjoy free birthday dessert during our birthday month.We arrived early, the restaurant was practically empty before 7pm, on a weekday.After checking out the menu, we realized that this place is more a coffee and dessert eatery instead of a dinner venue. Main courses selection is rather limited. We ordered one mains and one dessert each and an appetizers platter for sharing.Mixed Crostini $18++, consists of 6 toasted bread with tomato concasse and 6 types of toppings (mushroom, unagi, tamagoyaki, shrimp, kani mayo & smoked salmon). This platter turns out to be the best dish of the day. The combination of the crispy toast, diced tomato and the variety of toppings were nicely done and really tasty.My Unagi Bento $19++, was pretty good albeit simple looking. The grilled eel was soft and flavorful, the tamagoyaki and pickled seaweed was palatable too.My friend's orders, Unagi Omu Curry Rice $18++ and Mushroom Egg Ben $15++. Both dishes were well received in terms of taste, however my friend complained that her unagi portion was too little for her liking.The desserts were perhaps the most disappointing items we had to pay for this meal. Despite having an extensive selection, we somehow managed to picked out 3 that were all not nice! We should have gone somewhere else for dessert, sigh.Please don't be fooled by their appearances, these desserts were either overly sweet, or hard and chewy, or not very fresh. Plus they are pricey too. And, my member birthday dessert cannot be redeemed here, felt cheated Well, that sums up our dining experience at Dolce Tokyo. I have mixed feelings with this place and properly wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is looking for good food. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-24
Dolce Tokyo is located near Uniqlo.. Find Uniqlo, and you will find Dolce Tokyo.. It is run by the more familiar, MOF, Ministry of Food, as an upmarket Japanese-Italian hipster cafe.When you first walk in you, you will notice the bird cages with pictures of sliced cakes, and as you walk up to the cake display, you will see the huge slices of cakes!! It's so hard to resist the cakes, especially with them glowing in the display. I tried the Green tea cake with goma sesame. for $11.50++ a slice, it's definitely not wallet friendly, but I enjoyed it sooo much!!! The sponge is soft, and the black sesame gives it a slight sweetness and the green tea crumbs on the top, adds a crunchy aspect to the cake. I love it soooo much!.. but to fork out $11.50++ for another slice..... I couldn't do it again. So I went on to try a main..I had the japanese curry with smoked salmon on a hotplate.. it was $14++.. It was sizzling hot.. the curry itself tasted like the normal instant curry cubes that you can buy from NTUC Finest.. Not that fantastic.. I actually felt quite thirsty after that.. MSG..??? Nonetheless, I felt that they were quite generous with the smoked salmon!! YAY!! 5 stars! and there were potatoes, carrots, veggies and baby tomatoes in there. A decent dish to finish the meal.. OOOps. i started with the dessert and ended with a main dish lol.One more thing.. so we are paying 10% service charge, but when we asked for water to be served. The waitress told us that we had to walk up to the cake display and get the water ourselves.. there were 4 jugs filled with water there.. the water wasn't even cold.. just room temperature...  continue reading
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Situated at a very central area of town, this rather newly opened cafe in a japan theme indeed has attracted me to head down for a try.What I love is that, they serve all day breakfast in a wide variety of choices! I had quite a hard time deciding what to have and ended up with the usual, eggs benedict ($18) which definitely won't go wrong. Well, nothing too special about it but I specially like this because of the cheese which they added to it.I will probably head back there soon for their desserts! :> continue reading
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This place is quite a new establishment in 313 replacing the old restaurant (it was Blue Mountain Cafe I think). There is a separate menu catered especially for desserts. Being a Matcha fan, I went in with full eagerness to try the desserts out.Ordered a Macha Kakigori ($8) and Abekawa with Gelato ($8). The former was actually Macha-flavoured ice with Vanilla soft serve plus some side toppings. It was nothing extraordinary except for the fact the toppings included awkwardly a few wolfberry and the Chinese snow fungus. On the other hand the latter was quite a let down. The oven-baked Mochi was too hard to be chewy. Based on this first dining experience, I think I would not come back to this place again. I might as well go St Marc since it is more reasonably-priced with good standards. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-06
Chosen the Essential British @ $18 as it's Dolce Tokyo signature breakfast dish. It's a combination of baked beans, Chorizo Sausages,    Scrambled eggs on mash potatoes drizzled with brown sauce and cheese on toast. Don't be deceived by its small portion, it's actually very filling. It's quite unique and different from the normal breakfast set. It's served on chopping board and it's good and worth the price. Situated silently at level 3 of 313, it's right beside lowrys farm. It's a nice place to chill around or discuss stuffs. Playing light music with elegant decorations, it's a cozy area to enjoy Japanese desserts along your meals. Unlike the traditional Jap dining place we are more custom to, Dolce Tokyo belongs to the modern type of restaurant. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)