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Dome is on a quest for the finest Arabica coffee beans and roasting them to perfection. Dôme cafés are also equally famous for its superb, fresh and innovative food, magnificent cakes, pastries baked fresh on the premises, gourmet sandwiches and delicious full meal served throughout the day. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
Nothing beats a nice quite lunch at Shaw Centre - there's usually not that many people in this area unless there is an Isetan members sale going on. It's been a decade since I last ate at Dome, and I recalled how I used to love their pastry and coffees. I was seated by the window and ordered myself a Beef Lasagne ($15.90). The lasagne was not too heavy and had just the right amount of cheese. Although it get a little too salty, the salad on the side was a lifesaver and balanced out the saltiness nicely.I also ordered myself a Long Macchiato - this is probably one of the few coffee places that still serves long/short coffees. You hardly get that any more these days. The coffee here is just as good as it was 10 years ago, with a deep chocolatey flavour that warms you up. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-30
I ordered the Hawaiian chicken chunk and spicy tomato baked rice. It was really yummy and served warm. I liked the chicken chunks, there were not too big and was bite size. The chicken was seasoned well and went well with the tomato sauce. It was not overly cheesy, and just right. The baked rice still had the nice springy cheese texture. The overall setting was good with helpful waiters. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-26
Confit is a generic term for various kinds of food that have been immersed in oil (never to exceed 185°F or 85 deg cel). Sealed and stored in a cool, dark place, confit can last for several months. Confit is one of the oldest ways to preserve food and is a specialty of southwestern France. Yes i had the chicken confit here but on the menu its described more as slowly cooked chicken thigh then baked until crispy, served with creamy red skin mashed potato, garden greens and chicken gravy. I like the crispiness of this dish, even tasting better than duck confit version which I've tried at other restaurant before. the mash is also softer than usual and goes well with the well cooked but not too dry chicken. Also like the fact that the accompanying greens are decently sized and not pathetically small ones. Costing $15.90 before taxes, this lunch choice of mine concluded my 1st visit to Dome in years. This Shaw outlet should be quite old judging from the condition of the couch seats but it does look cosy, the dining area is not too big and is a nice getaway from the busy lunch crowd but of course prices are a little higher than the usual lunch. My colleague also ordered a seafood platter to share. The seafood platter comprises of typical chix wing, calamari, potato wedges etc, nothing much to shout about though. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-13
This was my 2nd visit to dome. FoodOnion Rings - S$5.90. Uniquely Dome's. Comes in special sizes and non-breaded outlook. Onion rings are thinly cut and found within the golden crisp batter. However I find that the saucer was too small for us to dip the entire ring into it. Soup of the day - Cheesy pumpkin! S$6.50. Hits me right on the spot! Comes with a small piece of garlic toast to pair with. Sprinkling of green parsley has lited up the bright orange yellow soup. Slurps!Black Pepper Chicken, S$15.90. Succulent flesh coated with abundance of black pepper sauce with crispy skin paired with cauliflower and crunchy peas.Lobster Thermido S$26.90. Lovely lobster gratin with cheese, garlic cream and mushroom. Served with caesar salad and spaghetti in tomato sauce.The side views of the halved lobster, looks thorny. ServiceService was better than average. They "catches" the timing well. Food comes in order, with sides and drinks as first and the main as last. Plates were cleared up promptly before any new serving.AmbienceA "peaceful" environment for a Thursday night. Environment makes customer feels relax and away from the bustling town life.PricePrice is within the "ok" range considering I was dining in the orchard areas. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-14
After catching a late evening movie at Lido, we decided to drop by Dome Café for a quick dinner as we were lazy to travel far.It was considerably crowded on a Tuesday night around 9pm and service was slow. We had to signal a couple of times before the waitress took notice and came to take our orders. As usual, the husband ordered his staple ribeye steak while I ordered a mushroom soup. Ribeye Steak ($19.50++)Although the presentation was kind of a turn-off (with really minute portions of carrots and fries), the steak was surprisingly good. The beef was juicy, chewy and retained every single bit of its natural flavours. And did I mention the portion was pretty decent for the price as well Mushroom Soup ($6.50++)The mushroom soup was thick, creamy, and definitely not canned. It was sheer delight to enjoy a bowl of hot piping mushroom soup especially on a cold evening. Nothing extraordinary about the soup; just pure rich mushroom soup worth every cent paid for. In all, it was a back to basics dining experience. No bells and whistles attached, just authentic natural flavours abound! continue reading
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