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Singapore's 1st bakery specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) breads opens its doors at Tiong Bahru. continue reading
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Black Pearl Wolfberry chrysanthemum
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Level4 2014-06-24
Was at Tiong Bahru for lunch and my brother pointed out this bakery shop to me. Saw pictures of their bread on instagram but always didn't have a chance to go to either one of the outlets. Went to take a look and decided to just try out one first and i picked the Black Pearl since it was one of the popular one. Priced at $1.90, it has shou wu + bamboo charcoal + walnut in it. The concept they have here is to infuse health benefit ingredients for their bread. This taste quite ok and i don't mind having it once in a while but overall i may still prefer to buy from Barcook as i have something i really like there and location is more convenient for me. continue reading
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Bakery filled with blissful sweet scent, Dough & Grains brought up a different opinion towards bread. Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine concept, all the products were innovative and unique.I admitted when I first heard of it, I thought breads must be awful tasting. Yet, it was totally the reverse scenario. Heavenly taste at reasonable pricing, environment was brightly cozy and cooling with air-conditioner equipped. Display of pretty-looking cakes, breads and tarts in glass cabinet, it was too hard to resist.Looking for sweet bites, I ordered this in tiny cup. Exactly a Mango fan, it was so delicious for me. Made up by layers of Sponge cake with Mango mousse, pieces of fresh Mango slices were surprisingly at the bottom. Refreshing chilling dessert, texture was complex yet decently filling. Without overpowering, light tanginess was just nice aftertaste. Price was at $6.00, it was worth to have such succulent treat. No harm trying their delectable dessert with numerous heath benefits for our body, and they were delicious and comparable to most of the famous high-end bakery indeed. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-18
This seems to be quite a famous bakery as I recalled seeing it featured in one of the radio shows before. Its bread are all touted to have some medicinal properties as it is a tcm bakery where its bread had incoporated tcm into it. There are many different varieties of bread and I am frankly quite spolit for choices. The young cashier was very friendly and she recommended me to try the White Pearl bread after understanding from me which type of bread I prefer. She recommended me the White Pearl as I mentioned I wanted something that is low fat yet tasty. The White Pearl is made using raw sugar and it is less sweet than its other breads. In addition, there are also raisins and walnut chunks in the bread and also the black sesame seeds. I would say I really enjoyed this a lot. The bread is not the pillow soft type but it is still soft enough and it is not too sweet. The sweetness from the raisins and the delightful crunch from the walnuts are more than enough to add dimension and flavour to the bread. At $1.90, it is a little expensive, but for the health benefits, it is worth the few cents more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-26
The previous time I went to this bakery, I didn't manage to get the buns that I wanted. This time, I made a reservation for my chosen buns and went down to collect them! ;) I got 3 buns for myself and 2 for my mom. As I'm a fan of matcha, I had to try the Jade Lychee bun, which consist of green tea, lychee and apricot. Being a TCM bakery, all of their buns have certain health benefits and the Jade Lychee bun is said to help in the lowering of cholesterol. The White Pearl bun consist of raisins and walnut while the Black Pearl bunconsist of Shou Wu and walnuts. I guess that the blackness of the bun comes from bamboo charcoal! It's benefits include longevity, youth looks, prevention of hair loss and greying of hair. The Wolfberry Chrysanthemum is good for replenishing the blood and it improves the eyesight too! The Eight Treasures bun is my favourite and the most tasty out of all! It consist of black and white sesame, pine nut, walnut, macadamia, sunflower seed, almond and cranberry! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
During my Tiong Bahru estate roaming tour, I came across this lovely bakery just opposite the Tiong Bahru Market after whiffing a slight aroma of chinese herbs as I was walking past it. I then realised that this must be the (first) bakery in Singapore that specialises in various healthy breads that are made of different traditional chinese herbs for overall wellness.Though the variety is not huge, there is a good assortment of interesting new flavours that you probably won’t see in other established bakeries.Shaped just like a roasted sweet potato. I love the combination of the purple sweet potato and Japanese potato that is naturally flavoursome and sweet. And the pumpkin seeds on top just lends an extra crunch to the texture. The best part is that the bread is very fluffy and airy inside. This is definitely one of the best breads I’ve had in a long while. I don’t know if sweet potato really helps to lower cholesterol and the risk of colorectal cancer but I do know it is great in easing constipation and help improve bowel movement. So no harm in eating more of this!For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/11/08/traditional-chinese-medicine-tcm-breads-dough-grains-bakery-tiong-bahru/ continue reading
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