Dragon Bowl Restaurant serves a wide range ofcontemporary Cantonese food ranging from their specialty Roast Peking Duck, Pan Fried “Kurobuta” Pork Chop with Honey Sauce, Braised Homemade Bean curd with Bamboo Charcoal Powder, Braised Pork belly in Special Sauce, Deep Fried Prawn with Pumpkin creamy Sauce, Double Boiled Fish Maw in Superior Shark’s bone soup and many more. There are also wide range of Liquor, Wine, Beer and Sho Chu specially selected to pair with the dishes. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Roast Peking Duck Braised Pork Belly In Special Sauce Stir Fried Tenderloin Beef Cube With Black Pepper and Red Wine Deep Fried Prawns With Pumpkin Creamy Sauce Pan Fried “Kurobuta” Pork Chop with Honey Sauce Double Boiled Fish Maw in Superior Shark’s bone soup
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Level4 2017-05-17
Dragon Bowl has a lovely oriental interior design when my girlfriend, her family members and me entered into this restaurant. Since it opened its door in February 2015, the restaurant is celebrating 2nd anniversary with lucky draw for 3 winners being announced last evening. All of us loved its quality service and cuisine. It is around 5 minute-walk from Lavender MRT station, where we can take good chinese foods at reasonable expenses for celebrating mother's day.We noticed that this restaurant was full of people who appeared to be locals. Luckily we reserved our table by using Quandoo.Food at Dragon Bowl is distinctly Cantonese cuisine, so we ordered the set menu for 6 pax. We cannot comment much on tea as the pot of tea had been refilled throughout the whole meal. The braised peanuts and chilli are served after we had been seated. The Dragon Bowl Three Combination Appertiser has Barbecued Pork With Honey and Marinated Jellyfish. Barbecued Pork With Honey was delicious because of the fat in the middle!A bit disappointing on their Deluxe Fried Rice With Seafood because it is Singapore Style Fried Rice.The mango sago were chilled and refreshing upon serving by the waiter. They would be better if they were colder but still very good.The rest of food are very nice tasting food and extremely value for money!!! I'd recommend their food to anyone who hasn't been there yet. continue reading
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For more information, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/11/dragon-bowl-cantonese-restaurant.htmlAperia Mall was never in my own map of Singapore, till I chanced upon a Chinese restaurant that is situated right here.I often passed by the area and seeing Tim Ho Wan, a Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant, but neither have pay a visit to this branch nor have I checked out what is the exact location called. In my mind, it’s just the dim sum restaurant at Kallang.Anyway I was there to try out the Chinese Restaurant, known as Dragon Bowl (龍碗). It doesn't seem like a typical Chinese restaurant, as it infuses a bit of modern interior designs and furnishings.Total of 13 types of food selections, excluding recommendations, beverages and set menus, it has basically what you see in most Chinese restaurants. Waiting time is not too long, roughly 10-15 minutes and the food will gradually line up on your table.Trio Combination ($18.00). Under the Roast Meat Delight section, this combination consists of char siew, roast chicken, and jellyfish. Both meat is tender and aren’t any complains to pinpoint, although I would prefer the jellyfish to be replaced with roast duck or other roast meat.Stewed Spinach with Trio Egg Soup ($10.80), under Vegetable Delight. Trio eggs consist of chicken egg, salted egg, and century egg. The mixture of all 3 eggs and with spinach, poured with flavourful stock is a perfect combination to go with the rice.Stir-Fried Spare Rib with Sichuan Spicy Sauce & Minced Garlic ($14.80), under the Pork section. Each pieces are meaty and meat aren’t too dry. I would expect this dish to be spicy, but it turned out to be ok only. The generosity of the minced garlic sprinkled on the spare ribs and fried with the dried chilli leaves a significant taste of chilli oil with each bite of the rib.Braised Beancurd ($10.80), under Beancurd Delight. A simple combo of flat beans, squarish beancurd, and pork belly soaked in thick braised gravy. This is always my another perfect dish to go with a bowl of plain rice. But the version of Dragon Bowl comes a little inferior in comparison of my expectation. What comes disappointing to me is the exceptionally poor in flavourful gravy.Fried Rice with Shrimp & Diced Vegetable ($10.80), under Staple Food. While Dragon Bowl supply big fatty shrimps for their fried rice, the rice is too dry and bland to be even considered an average pass.Sea Bass steamed in HK style ($33.00), under the Live Seafood. Fish came as a humble whole, and crew will assist to slice it apart for ease of consuming. Fish meat is firm yet soft, and is not an undernutrition fish either.Mango Sago with Pomelo ($5.00).Mango Pudding ($5.00).Herbal Jelly ($5.00).For more information, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/11/dragon-bowl-cantonese-restaurant.html continue reading
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Full Dragon Bowl review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/09/zi-char-dragon-bowl.htmlOpening its doors in February 2015, Dragon Bowl is more than an up-market Chinese Zi Char restaurant, offering contemporary Cantonese cuisine in a comfortable, modern setting. With a wide variety of options on the menu, at various price points, Dragon Bowl restaurant attempts to differentiate itself via its quality service and cuisine.Ambience at Dragon Bowl restaurant is modern and elegant, with clean lines, white walls, contemporary furnishings, and touches of crystal. The open interior lends a feeling of sophistication and space, but can also get rather noisy if the place is packed. The refrigerated display case and large banners out front draw the eyes.Service at Dragon Bowl is professional, efficient, and courteous. I understand the staff are mostly former hospitality / hotel service personnel, which accounts for the pretty good service. They'll do their best to accomodate requests, are rather observant, attend to diners quickly, and are knowledgable enough to make astute recommendations.Food at Dragon Bowl is distinctly Chinese Cantonese, with a selection of other Chinese Zi Char style dishes, only modernised. Plating is modern contemporary and rather pretty, but Head Chef Leong ensures that traditional, comfort flavours are still present in each dish. Portions are designed for sharing, and prices reflect the mid range market Dragon Bowl is going for, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here.The Cantonese are known for their excellent soups, so this double boiled Pork Rib And Lotus Root Soup (SGD $49.80 Set Meal) didn't disappoint! The pork ribs and lotus roots within are soft and tender, but the star is the fragrant soup / broth, tasty with savoury sweet flavour from the pork meat and herbs. Very drinkable, pure comfort starter to whet the appetite.The Barbecued Pork With Honey (SGD $12) was very good, nice char on the outside, tender and moist pork meat with silvers of fat, savoury and sweet but not overly so. Definitely worth ordering more than once!The Steamed Sea Bass Fish In Hong Kong Style (SGD $35.75) features a large, fresh, seabass fish, steamed with aromatics in a dark, savoury salty, soy broth. The white meat of the fish flakes off easily, coming clean off the bone. Very good for the price! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)