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Char Siew Pau Chilli Crab
Review (11)
Level4 2014-03-31
Came to this well known chinese restaurant to attend my colleague's wedding dinner.  This restaurant has very traditional chinese decoration around it and is spacious and comfortable. Service here is fast and most of the staffs here are friendly as well.  Enjoyed the 8 course wedding dinner which i had, and particular enjoyed these 3 dishes.Cold dish which has really nice and generous serving, looks colourful and appetizing.  Like the fried spring rolls which are crispy and the mixed vegetables inside are fresh and crunchy. The cold jelly fish is also very chewy and cooling, with the added little spicyness to it.THe fish maw soup, is flavourful and thick in texture.  Can really taste there are generous portion of fish maw and thinnly sliced mushroom in it which is nutritional.  Crispy roasted chicken has very tender and juicy meat, with super fragrant roasted chicken skin on it, super delicious!  continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-04
As there was a 1 for 1 promotion for the dim sum, my friend and I decided to try out the dim sum at Novotel Clarke Quay, Dragon Phoenix restaurant. The Chinese name is like those 60s Kong Fu movie name which I find quite funny. The restaurant is big but the customer are little, we took up the 2nd table, the rest were empty through out our lunch The custard bun is average, it is not sweet enough for me, as i love sweet stuff. The skin is not crispy either. Very ordinary, not worth trying. Steam pork ribs is average too, the portion is very small and the the entire dish is fat meant only. Siew Mai is good, it is made with real pork and flavourful, however, it would be better if it is serve in 4 pcs instead of 3, easier to share with a friend The century egg porridge is so far better than the rest of the dim sum ordered, it is not too watery and not too blend and the portion is good to share with a friend. I like the spring onion and crispy thing on top of the porridge and it is serve hot This is not too bad prawn is chewy and fresh, the skin is not too thick. Value for money since it is 1 for 1, however, if paying full price i will not consider coming back. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-16
It was my pal's big day and we were all issued a big red bomb (a red auspicious wedding invitation card) to attend his wedding banquet at Novotel Clarke Quay by Dragon Phoenix. The Phonenix Grand Ballroom was big and could cater up to a maximum of 50 tables. Each of the table was indicated with a metal numbering stand for invitees to locate their seating. Bowls, plates and napkin were already prepared on the tables.Each table comes with 10 seating with each of us given a slip of the wedding's night menu printed on a cardboard. Beverages like soft drinks and tea were free flow throughout the night.There are the 8 courses Meal: (1) Phoenix Roast Platter consists of Sukling Pig, Beancurd Roll, Marinated Sea Snails, Drunken Chicken, Prawn Salad. As a start, the platter was make memorable with specially choreographed dance quite different from the rest of the banquet I had ever attended. This Chinese way of "Cold Dish" was a kick start to the dinner after a long wait at the recept.(2) Braised Premier Moon-Cut Shark's Fin Soup with fresh crab meat and bamboo pith comes in a pot and can filled about 10 full small bowls. Light and refreshing taste, they were best served with vinegar and pepper which were self help from the table. (3) Phoenix Spring Chicken was roasted to dry blistered looking brown color but its meat were still fork tender. The best part of it was the chicken rice chilli that that comes along, it was sweet more than spicy and went well with the chicken. (4) Steamed Garoupa in "Hong Kong Style" with light soya sauce was one of my favourite dishes throughout the night, they were fresh garnished with handfuls of Chinese parsley and shredded gingers which reduced the fishy smell if any. However the service was abit of lacking as the server did not proportion the serving well.(5) Wok-fried Prawns had caught me by surprised. The plate was filled with reddish dried chilli and seems so spicy to everyone of the table. Fried with onions, prawns and cashews nuts. (6) Original Deep-fried Yam Ring with vegetables stuffing had a thin crispy exterior and a soft mushy interior ( the yam), even after eating the large piece of it, it made me feel that I just cant stop at one. When it was served, the ring was already proportionally cut, this method of serving was preferred as it reduced waiting time and the insufficiency of man power for the night. (7) steamed Fragrant Rice in Lotus Leaf was wrapped securely in the leaves. I find it disappointing when the pack was filled with alot of rice with miserable ingredients. Though it smells good, we would prefer more ingredients to be seen in every spoonful of rice.(8) Cream of Mango with pamelo was another mediocre item on the menu. It tasted more diluted and did not match our impression of a bowl of "Cream of Mango". Sago and Pomelo can hardly be found in the meal.Overall, I find that manpower was lacking, thus the disorganized service. Condiments like pepper was placed in a container which was indicated as "salt" on the bottle was seen and service received was beyond our expectations. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-21
Yusheng (lo hei) is a kind of raw fish salad that most Chinese will have it during Chinese New Year. Different condiments, ingredients and fish strips are added into the Yusheng as each of them represent different meaning and auspicious meaning.Our favourite Yusheng is from Dragon Phoenix in Novotel. Each year, I will order online in advance and will self collect from Novotel. Their Yusheng has never fail me, the salmon slices they provide is fresh and the sauce is not too sweet and is nice. Their Yusheng is refreshing and fresh. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-25
This is one of the best place to have dim sum, in my opinion so far. It is located at Novetel Clarke Quay. I will recommend the egg tarts, the chee cheong fan, the pork ribs, char siew bun, prawn dumpling and siew mai. Their dim sum are really fresh and good quality. It is really worth going. I really like the nice typical Chinese restaurant setting of this restaurant and it’s really a nice place for Yum Char. Service was really good as well. I remembered one of the servers who will always checked on if there is still tea on our teacups and refill it pretty frequently. continue reading
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