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Swensen's came to Singapore in 1979, and won the hearts of many with delicious ice cream sundaes in a warm, unpretentious ambience and a casual atmosphere. Friends and family meet in the cozy and comfortable booth seats with trademark tiffany lamps for relaxing meals or to celebrate special occasions. continue reading
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Where was tea first invented? I never knew the answer till I attended a Tea Appreciation workshop hosted by Dilmah Tea! Did you know that tea is an accidental discovery made by Emperor Shen Nong in 2373BC? It was more than two thousand years later that tea was brought into Japan.Aside from wine pairing and coffee pairing, there is tea pairing as well. Light tea goes with light food, and heavy tea goes with heavy food!Chip & Slaw SandwichThe Chip and Slaw Sandwich goes well with Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast and Pure Peppermint!Here's a summary of the recommended tea pairing with food:White Tea with delicate food Green Tea with seafood, fried food and saladsBlack Tea with sweet, rich and savoury foodOolong tea with sweet snacks and cakesTo brew the perfect cup of tea, you need to consider the temperature, amount of water and steeping time. Never use reboiled water and add honey instead of sugar as a natural sweetener!There are quite a few places serving the Exceptional Range, such as Carpenter & Cook, The Bake House by Carpenter & Cook, Two Tall Trees, Cornerstone @ Bishan Park, Ms Molly’s, Coffee Daily, 63 Celcius and Thai in Town!Layered Ice-cream cakeThe layered ice-cream cake pairs perfectly well with Dilmah Exceptional Elegant Earl Grey & Ceylon Green Tea!Don't forget to store your tea bags in an airtight container! Only open the tea packets when you need it, because tea leaves actually absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. If you don't believe it, try putting a tea bag near some durians and your next brew would taste like durian tea!Earle Swensen'sAddress: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-117 VivoCity, (S)098585Phone:6272 3306 continue reading
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 Being a tea junkie and a Dilmah fan, I was looking forwardto finally attend the ‎Dilmah x Earle Swensen's tea appreciation workshop at Vivocity last week.The event did not disappoint, with the sessionwell planned and an experience that was fun as well as informative‎.The area set aside for our function was a tasteful, riot of colours. Various flavours of Dilmah's 'Exceptional' line of teas served as both decoration as well as set the mood with its presentation. The far table hosted a pressurised hot water dispenser which we would later learn, maintained its contents at the perfect temperature that tea was to be best savoured.The appreciation itself was conducted by a Dilmah representative who took the audience through the history and origin of the Dilmah brand - named after the founders two sons Dilham and Mahlik. We were, as well, instructed in the process of the production of tea - from plucking to withering, to rolling, fermentation and firing. It was interesting to learn that combinations of these processes resulted in what is commonly thought to be the different kinds of teas: Black, White and Oolong.The taste pairings of food and tea that punctuated the occasion were most definitely the highlight of the afternoon. Participants in the event were served a couplet of courses: Dilmah's Peppermint and English Breakfast teas with Earle Swensen's Chips and Slaw sandwich; and later, ‎Elegant Earl Grey and Ceylon Green teas with a slice of Neapolitan ice cream cake. These pairings were an introduction to Earle Swensen's Teatime Happiness promotion.Many thanks to Dilmah, Earle Swensens and Openrice for the organisation of such an exquisite event. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and heartily encourage this menu for a delicious tea break! continue reading
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Earle Swensen is actually the founder of Swensen's chain of restaurants. Unlike typical Swensen's outlets, Earle Swensen's focuses more on quality grilled entrees and all-you-can-eat buffet salad bar that offers a seasonal change of ingredients. Be spoilt for choice with an impressive mix of fresh compound salads, mixed greens, fruits, garnishings and homemade dressings.Walking into the main dining hall is a corridor filled with sofa booth seats. As this was an OpenRice event for Earle Swensen's collaborating with Dilmah to help participants get a better understanding of tea and it's benefits. The staff from Dilmah were very friendly and helpful, they shared their different selections of tea that you can get from different regions. For example :1. Black Tea is from India, Sri Lanka and China2. Oolong Tea is from Taiwan3. Green Teas are from China and Japan4. White Teas are from China and Sri LankaAt the begining of the workshop, we were explained the differences between Dilmah and other tea competitors. The key difference is that ALL their teas are handpicked from their own plantation and sorted/cleaned/fermented in their own plants.  Hence, their level of quality control is standardized and are able to deliver high appreciation for their teas.1. Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast and Pure PeppermintFirst up was the pure peppermint tea, which had quite a pleasant aroma. This really hit the spot for me.  The english breakfast was strong and I think it went very well with the sandwich. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to tea pairing. But when it comes to savoury items like the chip & slaw sandwich, we were recommended to take a bite of the sandwich and sip abit of either of these two teas to emphasize the taste of the food and the tea.2. Chip & Slaw SandwichI really appreciate the fact that they pan fried this sandwich. Alot of sinful, buttery goodness went into the exterior of the bread. It was crispy throughout the entire sandwich.What made the sandwich even crispier, was the potato chips embedded in the coleslaw in the sandwich.The presentation of the sandwich was also very nicely done and for $6.90++ on a weekday tea break, it's easy on the wallet with maximum satisfaction!Here are the range of Dilmah Exception teas that you can pick at Earle Swensen's. I'm definitely eying to try a few more!Did you know that tea was accidentally invented in China? Why Tea? Tea can protect your bones, lungs and has the ability to increase metabolism rate and promote weight loss! Time to drink up more tea!One key thing to note about Dilmah Exceptional is that they their tea bags aren't flat. They're pyramid shaped, this allows the tea leaves to unfurl for a more aromatic and fragrant cup of tea. Hence you get a stronger aroma and taste in teh teas.3. Dilmah Exceptional Elegant Earl Grey & Ceylon Green TeaNext up was the my favourite earl grey. This is definitely one of the strongest earl grey tea I've had in a while and it complimented the ice cream cake perfectly. I didn't feel the same way about the green tea. Maybe because I'm more inclined to a stronger tasting tea, which the green tea wasn't.The earl grey tea had such a strong aroma, and without adding any sugar, I felt like it had a subtle sweetness to it.4. Layered Ice Cream CakeThe ice cream cake wasn't too sweet, which made it a great pairing with the earl grey tea. There was a frozen slice of peach on the top of the cake that remained frozen the entire time I was working on the cake. There were also white chocolate bits on the ends of the cake. All in all, not a bad tea-time option.I would like to thank OpenRice, Earle Swensen's and Dilmah for this educational opportunity to learn more about teas. continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-15
Full review: http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2015/10/dilmah-tea-workshop-earle-swensens-vivo.htmlIntroducing a new range, Dilmah Exceptional, where it embodies freshness and authenticity of flavour, reflecting exquisiteness in its absolute vibrancy. Categorised in Black tea, Green tea, Infusions, Black tea with herbs and fruits, and Flavoured black tea.Hands on in experiencing the tea pairing with Earle Swensen's Chips ‘n’ Slaw Sandwich - love the cheese toasted bread. We were given two small cups of tea to pair it with, Peppermint and English Breakfast tea. I prefer the latter as I find the peppermint over power the savoury food.Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Cake paired with Dilmah Expectional teas:Ceylon Green Tea - a pale yellow infusion tinged with olive highlights. A pleasantly gentle tea with a lightly sweet finish.Elegant Earl Grey - a bold and bright single region Ceylon tea, balanced by the floral and fruity flavour of bergamot creating a refreshing and delightful medium strength Earl Grey.  continue reading
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This is my first visit to Earle Swensen's, situated at Vivocity, unit #02-117. The name Earle Swensen's was actually the name of the founder and was also the same giant behind F & B group, Swensen's. The whole restaurant here at VivoCity was very spacious and also halal certified.Meats, Pastas, Burgers and desserts are the main focus here but they do have a huge salad bar too, with quite a number of greens varieties to choose from.My main purpose today (7th Oct) was to attend the tea appreciation workshop organized by Openrice Singapore & Dilmah Tea Singapore. There are around 20 of us attending. We were first greeted by Dilmah representative, Ms Patricia. Thereafter followed by Ms Patricia telling us the history of tea way back from 2737 B.C and understanding the progress of tea leaves making till the finished products we had today, through PowerPoint slides shown on projector.First 02 types of Dilmah tea served to us after the presentation was the Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast and Pure Peppermint tea. We are told to pair them with the chips & slaw sandwiches provided for us. My personal preference is to pair the sandwiches with Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast tea rather than Peppermint. The latter choice was way to strong to go with the sandwiches as the minty taste totally overtakes the taste of the sandwiches.As for the Chips & Slaw Sandwiches, they was made up of toast, chilled coleslaw and potato chips. The buttery toasts' texture was crispy and toasted to a beautiful golden brown. I'm rather new to this combination of chips and coleslaw as fillings in my sandwiches but I'm quite surprised it did work well together even though it's meatless.After the wiches, we were each served with a slice of Classic ice cream cake by Earle Swensen's. It was the 3 layers' strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake which i had it umpteen times when I was younger so it wasn't new to me. It still tastes as good as before, only the serving size was smaller now.For this round of dessert, we are pairing it with Dilmah Exceptional Elegant Earle Grey and Ceylon Green Tea. We were taught the right way of brewing our tea bags in our glass for a duration of only 3-5mins and not exceeding 5mins, to get the perfect taste. Ms Patricia also explained why the purpose of triangular cone shaped tea bags rather than the common flat ones is to allow the tea leaves in the bag to have the space to open up fully.Ceylon Green tea tasted very light and refreshing but when you taste it together with the ice cream cake, it was too light to distinct. But ironically, while the Earle Grey tea tastes too spiced for my liking, it pairs better with the ice cream cake. Ice cream seems to neutralize the spice level of the Earle Grey tea and made it taste more enjoyable down my throat.Other than these 4 types of Dilmah tea we tried, there were also other different varieties of Dilmah tea on display for us to see. There are much more infusions now.Pictures taken at this event were already posted on my Opensnap "jellylovesfood" page. The overall experience at this tea appreciation workshop was pleasant, short and simple, although I expected more. I initially thought we will have hands-on activities like seeing, touching, smelling of real raw tea leaves or different varieties of ready processed tea leaves, rather than only taste them from tea bags only.As for Earle Swensen's, I have to return again to try the mains before I could make more precise comments about this restaurant.The last but not the least, thank you Openrice Singapore & Dilmah tea for having us continue reading
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