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Ching Teng
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Level4 2015-08-05
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/four-seasons-ching-teng.htmlMy memories was like stuck at the time where the corner shop was occupied some lady workers who rendered the typical Nasi Lemak Food to patrons but there again when I stepped into the Hawker Centre, I realized that I'm way back behind reality as Four Seasons Ching Teng has already taken over them a few years back. Ching Teng is top of my list whenever it comes to Chinese desserts and just right we were craving for some desserts. Having tried the traditional dessert from the dessert stall, I guess we will not give Four Seasons a miss now. Hot or cold, a bowl of Ching Teng from Four Seasons will cost you $2 even if you are taking away. The market price of an ordinary hawker's bowl of Ching Teng would be around $1.50, definitely not hitting the 2 digit.I thought that it was a little bit pricey till I had my first mouthful from the disposable bowl. Boy! It was refreshingly awesome, arguably the best in Jurong-Clementi area. You wont regret paying the amount once you really look into their ingredients. It consists of dry sweet longan, gingko nuts, white fungus, barley, candied winter melon, dry persimmon strips, candied lotus roots etc. If you notice, the style of the Ching Teng is similar to Ye Lai Xiang whereby ingredients were almost the same and instead of having shaved ice, little ice cubes were placed in to maintain a cooling temperature on the bowl of Ching Teng. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-18
My friend in Ang Mo Kio had been mentioning that Four Seasons Ching Teng there sells very nice traditional Ching Teng. But Ang Mo Kio was too far from my house. Today, I was having lunch in Clementi and I realised that Four Seasons Ching Teng had opened a branch in Clementi Haker Centre. Hence, I went to order a cold Ching Teng. The price was $2.The Ching Teng had many ingredients inside, dry sweet longan, gingko nuts, white fungus and even dry persimmon, very rare in nowadays Ching Teng.The Ching Teng soup was very delicious and flavourful. The sweetness was just right. The ingredients such as dry longan and dry persimmon still have their fruit flavour and sweetness. Overall, this stall sells very good Ching Teng as compared to other dessert stalls in that area, though the price of $2 maybe a little pricey. continue reading
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