Originating from Macau, Fu Lin Men are bringing to Singapore F&B scene fresh and live seafood, served in individual pot so that each of the patron can customize the soup base and ingredients to their own liking. Also the word "Dou Lao (豆捞) " is actually a play sound of the word and actually means "都捞". Signifying each individual scooping Wealth, Fortune and Treasure, into one's own plate and consume in. continue reading
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Fu Lin Men Dao Lao Restaurant is just opposite Chulia Street and along North Canal Road.  It is advisable to park your car across at OCBC building as there is limitation for parking along the road.We are being greeted when we went into the restaurant.  Level 1 was quite cramped especially the centre of the restaurant, quite inaccessible.  There are various theme for Level 2 & 3 with open area as well as rooms to suit for various occasions to get together.Fu Li Men serves fresh seafood & ingredients.  Each guest will be served in individual pot and select 1 out of 4 different soup bases.  There are also instructions to customise their recommend sauces which was displayed on the wall or counter.  Maggi noodle and desserts can be found at the counter too.Dishes that have served and I likes are as follows:1) Beef marinated in BeerThis was put into the steamboat and when i took this out from the pot, surprisingly the beef do taste beer even though it was cooked in the steamboat.  Something new that has yet to taste this elsewhere.2) Fresh Prawns with beefThis was displayed together with dry ice and very tasty as prawn & beef are fresh and juicy.  3) Dou Lao MeatballsThis comes in a plate of 6 different variety of meatballs.  Very unusual to find elsewhere.  All are freshly handmade meatballs.I am more towards with the ingredients complment with steamboat rather than cooked food.  continue reading
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This review is based on an invited food tasting, I will provide my earnest feedback regarding the food. Services wise, of course I am given special treatment but I would prefer to provide my feedback as a neutral customer. So, I am a bit reserved to comment on the services.The design and decoration of the restaurants looks ordinary to me and the spaces is tight and uncomfortable. Personally, I don't recommend for official dining event but good for family and friends gathering.The foods are very different from other ordinary steamboat restaurants, all dishes are specially designed and freshly hand made. An ordinary diner like me can tell the differences of the fresh food. However, I am disappointed with the sauces as compared to another famous steamboat restaurant.There are only 2 dishes which attracted my attentions from the positive mind:1) Freshly Cultured Sea Prawns with Marbled Beef - the fresh prawn attracted my attention, a bite gives me the feeling of swimming in the sea;2) Family Bliss Freshly Handcrafted Dou Lao Meat Balls - 6 types of meat balls which you cannot find it elsewhere, very special taste and each is unique.Extremely fresh ingredients particularly the seafood. continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-15
Fu Lin Men Dou Lao Restaurant is a 3 storey shophouse located along North Canal Road, away from busy CBD. It is a unique Macau Style Hotpot and Steamboat restaurant in Singapore, originating from MacauOther than the spacious and comfortable dining area, they also offer private and VIP suites to suit and cater for different occasions, meetings and gathering fuctions.Fu Lin Men Dou Lao Restaurant serves really Fresh and Live Seafood, Individual pot serve for each and every single individual to cater to each of us and there are 4 different soup base to choose from and quality ingredients to customize own preferences.Upon entering, I was greeted by the friendly staff with a smile, always ready to assist on the food and its selection. I have to say the service is really fantastic and I give 2 thumbs up!I like the idea of the big wine chiller where they display different variety of wines and it is good for many of us who prefers to start with a glass of wine and chit chat and chill before the food is serve.Overlooking at the sauces counter, neatly arranged and labelled, I was very tempted to try every sauces. Instructions were clearly labelled so we can customise the type of sauce to our preference for spicy and non spicy taste.Freshly Cultured Sea Prawns with Marbled Beef... The sea prawn is so fresh and the beef soaked in the beer has a lingering taste of the beer after cooked taste so nice and tender. Highly recommended. House of Gold Pineapple Glutinous Rice... Very well presented with glutinous rice and the level of sweetness is just nice and chewy.Grand Imperial Premium Bird’s Nest... Has a rich texture different from the usual bird nest, the overall taste is the silky and premium bird nest, is a must have for all dessert lovers. continue reading
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Red my detailed review on: http://hungrybird.sg/2016/01/07/fu-lin-men-dou-lao-invited-tasting/ The "Dou Lao" steamboat concept comes from Macau and is different from the usual Sichuan steamboat we know of due to1. Emphasis on fresh seafood, and soup base being light, so as not to steal flavours from the seafood2. Individual potsThis has much to do with the fact that Macau is near the coastal areas and seafood is abudant there (whereas for Sichuan it is landlocked, hence spicy soups are used to complement meat).This is good news for seafood steamboat lovers.The restaurant interior is designed to look like what you'll get in Macau/ China.They have 4 different soup bases to choose from. I selected the tofu soup which was very light.Premium ingredients such as these mushrooms amongst others was available should you want better ingredients.They also have some cooked dishes. The head chef was brought over from China and he created this dish with abalone. It was very flavourful.Beef marinated in beer. The beef itself was of very good quality but I prefer it without the beer.As the soup I chose was very light, I had heavy sauces to flavour my meat. Unlimited sauces and condiments comes at $2/pax.The prawns were really fresh.My favourite item was the assorted balls for sure. It's better than most other restaurant's. However, the squid with chocolate filling didn't quite work for me. The chocolate could have been of better quality. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-13
Thanks Openrice and Andrea for the invitation to Fu Lin Men Dou Lao. Great hospitality from the restaurant's staffs.Fu Lin Men Dou Lao Restaurant is located away from the hustle and bustle from the central CBD. There were seven private rooms of different sizes where diners can have corporate events, business meetings, or even family gatherings without any additonal charges. What's made Fu Lin Men Dou Lao different from the rest of the steamboat joints was their four speciality soup base. Each is created and named after feng shui elements. The Signature Golden Imperial Soup represents gold, wood is represented by Vitality Wild & Cultured Mushroom Soup, water by Longevity Tofu Soup and fire by Sizzlingly Chili Soup.The Signature Golden Imperial Soup Base ($10) tasted rich and thick, was so good that I could just drink it on its own.The Beer Marinated Marbled Beef ($28) has thin slices of marbled beef are soaked in Tiger beer for at least five minutes before being "brushed" a few times in the soup base. The taste of the beer in the meat was strong giving it a unique flavour. The Family bliss freshly handcrafted Dou Lao Meat balls ($7) surprised me. The beef ball was stuffed with melted cheese and the squid ball stuffed with bitter chocolate. Not only the meat balls were bouncy, the unique combination tasted really good. Other dishes for the soup not only looked good but also tasted good, includes Freshly cultured sea prawns with marbled beef ($18), Bountiful blessings of three teasures ($28), Wild bamboo pith with fresh prawn paste $18, Premier oxtail ($10) and Fresh beancurd pockets with fresh seafood paste ($10).The Fortune Chalice ($38) has shredded sea cucumber, abalone, mushroom and rice. This dish reminded me of shark fins soup. The broth was thick and tasted full of goodness. The rice ball in the broth was mushy. My perference would be deep fried rice patties in the broth.The House of Gold Pineapple Glutinous Rice ($9) was more like a dessert than a side dish. The fresh pineapple bits in soft glutinous rice was sweet and sour which opened up my palate. The Grand Imperial Premium Bird's Nest ($28) has over-powering coconut milk and over starchiness texture. This dessert tasted more like a coconut paste. Overall, the food at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao was good, though the prices were higher than other steamboat joints. The freshness and the uniqueness of the dishes would made me return to try more dishes. continue reading
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