At Gaia Ristorante & Bar, nature is infused in every aspect of the restaurant, be it the design of the place or the creation of the food. Diners can savour a culinary experience at Gaia's classic meets contemporary Italian dining or the bright inner courtyard inspired by Italian gardens. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-25
My boss was really generous after he was promoted.  He brought us to this posh restaurant at Goodwood Park hotel to enjoy their 'must-try' main course: Roasted Lamb Rach Medium Eggplate Puree and Black Berries. When we see the menu stated $42 per serving, me and my colleagues were really shock of its rocket high pricing.  Portion served to our table was quite little, which is as usual for a posh restaurant's standard.  The lamb meat was really tender and very juicy, with no stingy lamb smell in it.  Black berries sauce certainly has done its part for this dish,which has enhance the taste to more sweet and flavourful.  Service was excellent and very smily, and restaurant was really comfortable and cooling. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-17
It's the Restaurant Week and time to go trying out the lovely menus being offered. This time i opt for a weekend lunch at Gaia Ristorante. Been wanting to come here and Restaurant Week is a great chance for me to try out the food. This restaurant is awarded with a DiningCity Star so there will be an additional charge of S$15++ for lunch which i find it's very worth it for the quality of food and service that i am getting.I actually reached earlier but they were having a staff briefing and i couldn't go to my table yet so they kindly let me rest at the outdoor lounge area and very promptly on the fan plus offered me a glass of iced water. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice environment when i was being shown to my table. Aircon was just nice, tables are spaced out nicely and good attentive service by the restaurant staff. While waiting for the yummy food to be served, i ordered a glass of red wine and enjoy the complimentary crackers and bread. Grilled Hokkaido scallops, saffron cream and coffee powder was the first item on the menu. This was such a great start to the meal! Very fresh scallops which was grilled to perfection and i love the saffron cream. I didn't want to waste it so i used the bread to soak up every single bit of it. Next was Button-shaped ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, tomato puree and basil. Another delightful dish! I enjoyed the ravioli both on it's own or with the tomato puree and basil. Simply love the cheese in the ravioli. For the main, both my friend and i chose the same thing - New Zealand spring lamb : Slow cooked lamb rack, celeriac puree and sautéed bok-choy. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this when you dine here. So tender and it has the right ratio of fats and lean meat. Every bite was super shiok to the max and how i wish they can include another piece! Haha! Dessert was poached pear in red wine, yoghurt and star anise sauce, ginger bread chocolate ice cream & tiramisu cloud. This segment didn't impress me too much though but no complaints. So if you haven't plan where to go for Restaurant Week, come to Gaia at Goodwood Park! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-17
'Gaia', a derivation from 'Gaea' in Ancient Greek, in itself refers to a primal Greek goddess known as Mother of Nature. Executive Chef Emanuele Faggi makes of the word 'Gaia' his own culinary philosophy. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine and has received great reviews from last restaurant week.We have a rather hard timing of finding the restaurant especially it happens to be raining when we reach the hotel. The entrance of the door is by the right side of the hotel and outside. We are showed to a table in the main dining area. There is plush leather booth seats for 3 to 5 people. A small metal handle is hanged on the shoulder of the elegant and comfortable armchair for me to hang my bag. Simple and useful.Today we are having the Restaurant Week Lunch Menu which costs $40++ per person. We start the meal with some crackers and bread, with a brief introduction of the crackers. Olive oil is given upon request. The one of the crackers which is black in color is made with squid ink. The crackers are colourful with its white, yellow, pink, brown and black colors. Taste a bit "lau hong" (stale) in texture. But great that it is not as salty as the usual prawn crackers. The sliced bread has a rather dense texture, although it is soft.StarterCappesante All ZafferanoGrilled Hokkaido scallops, saffron cream and coffee powderThe scallops tastes overcooked, and look rather shrink in size. I could barely taste the coffee powder. It is simply a disappointing starter.Bottoni Di RicottaButton-shaped ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, tomato puree and basilNice, but feel the skin of ravioli a bit thick.MainMerluzzo ($70/ A La Crate)Roasted Black Cod with Sundried Tomatoes, Basil, Sicilian Capers and “Taggiasche” Olive Sauce and PotatoThe fish tastes not bad but is letdown by its presentation.AgnelloSlow cooked New Zealand spring lamb rack, celeriac puree and sauteed bok-choyThe lamb is quite tender, and huge in serving.DessertNuvola Al TiramisuTiramisu cloudThe dessert is rather disappointing as it simply whipping cream topped with cocoa powder.Pera Cotta Al Vino RossoPoached pear in red wine, yoghurt and star anise sauce, ginger bread chocolate ice creamThe star anise sauce is rather out of place in this dish,as it tastes way too strong. Would prefer the pear to have cooked longer as it has not soaked the red wine fully. Half of it looks rather pale.Overall it is quite a filling 4-course meal in a quite cozy place, served by friendly staffs such as Paolo Colzani the restaurant manager. But the food may need some tuning. continue reading
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Let's start with the good things. Service at Gaia is amazing. We were asked a number of times how the food was, and they were responsive to our every desire.A pity the food let the service staff down so badly. The dinner started with Tuna carpaccio. The tuna had been so marinated in watermelon juice, anyone with their eyes closed would not be able to tell the difference between the tuna and the watermelon. And no, the texture would not have helped any.The second course of cream soup was a bit.... blah. I would have liked a fresh breadstick but it was alright.The third course of pasta in a meat sauce is more american than Sicilian. Interestingly, the sauce was watery but the pork was dry. Not sure how they did that.The fourth course of cod fish was a mistake on my part. I could smell the fish before the waiter even came near our table. Creamed potatoes in a very rich lobster bisque-like sauce didn't help. It was cream on cream with dry overcooked and frankly, not so fresh fish.The dessert course proved the best part of the meal. Well, the ice cream did. The strudel was soggy and stodgy instead of being light and flaky.Quite a disappointment all around. How bad was it? Let's just say, I returned their discount card. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-24
Absolutely zero complains here! Brought my girlfriend here during Christmas! It's basically Tiramisu cake with the festive season decorations. Wordings were made by my gf with a fork.. Anyway, this cake is really delicious! I can finish the entire piece and order for another one all by myself. It is soft and tasty with a mixture of alcohol and coffee with cocoa. Yummy! Service was awesome too! continue reading
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