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Since 1989, Gim Tim is the place to go to enjoy the finest of Hokkien and Cantonese cuisines in cosy ambience. continue reading
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Buddha Jump Over the Wall Deep Fried Scallops with Yam Red Garoupa Prepared in Two Ways Sauteed Fried Fresh Scallops and Deep Fried Scallops with Yam
Review (11)
Level4 2016-05-10
See my full review & photos at = https://chefquak.com/2016/05/10/good-s13-80nett-teochew-muay-buffet-gimtim-on-9ay2016/friend bought 3pax lunch at gimtim at amk ave 4 on 9.5.2016. ^^this was a follow-up of our last makan at toa payoh lor 8 food centre on 30.4.2016.i have been to 2 other gimtim group restaurants & they were pretty good-imperial court @ grassroots club suckling pig settim palace @ SAFRA toa payoh ala carte semi-buffet lunchthey have a S$13.80 nett teochew muay weekdays buffet lunch.buffet turned out better than i expected.:-)setting & dishes were humble, but the taste was quite good.chicken was good, tender & sauce tasty.duck wings so so, can skip.mui choy 梅菜 was good, not salty, nice flavour.kiam chai咸菜 also good, not salty, & sweet.egg plant boleh da…chicken feet was good. friend went to get a second helping.ter kar (pig trotters) nice gummy tecture & tasty. people took most of it i managed to get some odds & ends.tau kee average competent.pork & cauliflower simple, ok.egg tofu quite well done. with wood fungus & chinese cabbage, sweet.strange they did not have kong bak. friend only picked up pig head meat, tofu & egg. they were good.:-)there was a refill, but only pig ears. good too.:the i think ikan selar? was good. people took the tails so only eft heads.i will try to cook this dish myself.i enjoyed all these little sides – fermented beancurd, peanut ikan bilis, olive vegetable, haebeehiam & radish pickles.all memory foods from childhood la….had some fruit (papaya) + pulut hitam.i don’t mind this place. can come back some time again with my sis. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-09
Gim Tim is a reputable name and has always been flocked by families who want to enjoy a decent and authentic cuisine in the heartland of Ang Mo Kio. Opening its door since 1975 and serving quality food to her customer, Gim Tim has been seen popular with many. Gim Tim is located in rather humble air-conditioned restaurant below the HDB Blocks, for those who is not very familar with Ang Mo Kio area, the landmark to spot may be the Market & Food Centre in Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. Growing from this into establishing a group of resaturants with 3 outlets serving finest Hokkien, Sze Chuan and Cantonese cuisine.For weekends, its hardly that you will get a table without a reservation as it is usually fully booked with tables of happy family. Fortunately, we walked in early and got ourselves a table and was served by friendly staff. One good point to note was that you can see that Gim Tim employs senior citizens around as servers I felt very comfortable with.I must say that I was not very hungry but I had an impressive start with their deeply fried golden brown Xia Zao (Prawn Dumplings). Dipping into its sweet and savoury sauce was truly heavenly. The taste of it was indescribable and definitely unique on its own. I haven't tasted such different Xia Zao anywhere else! Vegetables were not stated on their menu somehow and we had ordered the stirred fried Kai Lan with garlic. Nothing extra special about the dish, its quite standard.Replacing the bowls of rice, we had the fried traditional tapioca roll. If you enjoy the Hakka Abacus Beads / Seeds, I bet you would pretty much enjoy this dish! Ingredients were almost or identical to the Hakka dish with dried shrimp, spring onions, bean sprouts and tapioca. The catch in the dish is none other than the thin and springy slices of Tapioca Roll complemented by the sweet tasty sauce as well as the fragrant of fried dried shrimp. Yummy!The true blue classic Hokkien dish that I'm waiting for! Since everywhere is emphasizing on healthier food, I guess this is why Kong Bah has become lean nowadays! Slices of "Bui Bui" (Fatty translated from dialect) meat has gone lean!You can still see the distinctive layers on each and every piece of the Kong Bah though it was deeply coated in its toothsome braised sauce. Sandwich this good stuff in the fluffy smooth pau with a portion of lettuce and enjoy the absolute juicy-ness that comes to your mind as you sink your teeth into the meat! It was ever-so-satisfying!Here comes the Teochew's Favourite, Or Nee aka Yam Paste! Marvelous, suiting the taste buds! With mashed Taro mixed with Gingko nuts and corn kernels, its naturally sweet with minimal use of sugar and coconut milk. I thought it was good as they had given good consideration to older folks who enjoy the desserts!Nothing fanciful spotted from the Mango Puree with Pamelo, perhaps the way they served in a cup got our eyes wider? It was something running of the mill and not much comments about it.Gim Tim, I have always wanted to visit them many years back after hearing pleasant things about them via words of mouth and I was very pleased to visit them! The spirit of their stuff and atmosphere of dining is something I'm looking forward to and you can see happy faces enjoying meals with their families of generations. It's a good place for family gathering and also if you enjoy such cuisine. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-29
I would like to recommend the yam ring from Gim Tim. It is huge, only about $15.There are a lot of ingredients within – cashews, chicken, corns, capsicum, carrots, mushroom etc. All are in very generous servings. I like it a lot because the yam is soft and tasty, while crispy on the outside. The yam ring doesn't have an oily after taste or those bad oil taste. The chickens are fresh and juicy. The cashew nuts and greens added texture and taste to the overall dish so that it's not so boring just eating the yam.Staff service is fast and friendly. Prefer to go on weekdays when there’s not so much crowd. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-20
We are frequent diners of Gim Tim. Love the food there, not too salty or oily. And the price is quite reasonable - they don't charge service charge. Only GST. Like the sweet sour fish with pine nuts the best. very yummy. We always order this dish when we dine in Gim Tim. Other dishes to recommend include yam paste, the yam ring. continue reading
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Tonight the family is attending a Dumpling Festival and Parents' Day Dinner event at Sembawang Community Centre. The dinner is a 7 course Chinese style sit down dinner which is catered from Gim Tim. We start the meal with pipping hot rice dumplings. The rice dumplings are not well wrapped as some have the rice popping out. The rice tastes too mushy and soft, too difficult too scrap off the leaves. Next we have the 5 combination platter - jellyfish, deep fried spring rolls, smoked duck, spicy chicken and deep fried fish skin. I like the fish skin which is very thin and crispy.This is follows by the shark's fin soup. It looks like a thicken soup with mushroom, and carrot strips.Next is the roasted chicken. It is quite unique having crispy dried chilli pieces on top of the chicken, which gives the dish a spicy taste.Next is the steamed fish in teochew style with pickled vegetables and beancurd.This is follows by the braised spinach, beancurd skin and abalone. The beancurd skin has a too sweet taste and abalone seems to be the mock meat type.Next we have the drunken herbal prawns, which I could barely taste any hint of herb in the juicy prawns.It is followd by the well braised fried Ee Fu Mee with yellow chives. Simple and tasty.The meal is ended with yam paste with sweet corn and ginkgo nuts. I am surprised to see a bowl of white when served. It seems that the sauce that served on top of the yam paste is too watery and tastes gluey to me. Best get rid of the white sauce.Overall the meal is still alright. Drink is refilled regularly. continue reading
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