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Review (4)
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/08/23/goldleaf-restaurant/Goldleaf Restaurant, one of Singapore’s pioneer restaurants serving Taiwanese Porridge, has been around since 1971. Its ambiance is clean, comfortable and suitably decorated with Chinese paintings.The menu features an array of heart-warming and comforting dishes that goes well a bowl of a humble porridge. Porridge comes piping hot and has a smooth consistency. It’s refillable and you can choose from plain or sweet potato.The tender and superbly marinated Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables ($16) tantalized our taste buds with nuances of herbs and spices. Another must-order is the Steamed Pork Patty ($16) -juicy and soft,with a hunk of dried salted fish to enhance flavors. Another classic porridge accompaniment that should not be missed is the Chye Poh Omelette ($10). I always find fluffy fried eggs with bursts of salted radish irresistible.The Salted Egg Yolk Prawns ($16) had chilli padi and curry leaves that pierces through the creamy sauce, adding dept to the dish. The shells were conveniently removed, so you can dive straight into it, without getting your fingers dirty.The spiciness of the Sambal Potato Leaves ($10) gives a nice burn and jolts you up instantly. I find this dish a tad too salty though. We also had French Beans ($10) with mince meat and shrimps, as well as Salted Egg ($1.50 each). Both items were simple, yet so satisfying.On the whole, dishes were well executed, however we felt that portions quite small for the price point. A gratifying food experience, nonetheless! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-24
My mum used to come to this Taiwan Porridge restaurant quite often when I was younger. I'm not really a fan of porridge, but the food here is quite good. We ordered quite a lot that day including 三杯鸡, mincemeat and salted egg yolk, Moroccan prawns and fuyong egg. The 三杯鸡, one of their signature dishes, is quite good.The mincemeat with salted egg yolk is something that you must always eat with porridge. It just seems to go well with it. or if you want to eat it with rice, then you should have lots of gravy on your rice. =DTheir Moroccan Prawns has a rather interesting sweet, sour and peppery sauce. Overall, it was a good lunch but was a little bit on the expensive side for porridge. continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-28
Although I am not a huge fan of porridge since young, but I felt the dishes that accompanied today's lunch goes well with the porridge that's available free-flow for any diners as most of the dishes were tasty and delicious, albeit the serving portion were slightly little. We ordered 3 Cup Chicken that cost $16, which is rather tasty and the chicken serving was average. The sauce that accompanied this dish is a little salty.Sambal cockles tasted very fresh and it only cost $8. I felt it wasn't that spicy to me and the spiciness was just nice. I like their sambal cockles.We also ordered Mongolian Sauce Prawns that cost $16. We initially thought it would taste special as the lady boss told us that this was one of their specialty dish. But when I tried it, I felt it tasted like prawns cooked in black pepper style.We also ordered steamed pork with salted egg yolk that cost $6 and I felt this dish goes very well with porridge as the tasty sauce and the minced meat certainly add flavors to the porridge.Chye Poh Omelette tasted nice although the shape looks 'unconventional' and the size portion was not that huge. It cost us $6 for the Chye Poh Omelette.The Taiwan Lettuce (Er Cai) was one of their restaurant specialty, according to the lady boss. When I tried it, I felt it tasted like the average Taiwan Lettuce that I ate before but the sauce was nice. At a cost of $8 for such a small portion, I felt it's not valued for money.Overall, I felt it's worthwhile to eat at this restaurant for your lunch. Even though I don't really like to eat porridge, but for this exceptional case, I won't mind having porridge for lunch, given that most of their dishes are tasty. One drawback about dining at this restaurant is that all of their dishes size portion is small. Hence if you are going in a big group, you may have to order a slightly bigger portion or to order more different dishes. continue reading
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We had drunken chicken in a claypot and crabmeat tofu. As a tofu lover, i love this dish to bits. The sauce is very fragrant and smooth. A little sweetness and saltiness. The tofu is real soft and delicious accompanied with generous amount of crab. Real crab meat! Yummy! Drunken chicken, a famous chinese dish. The chicken is marinated in alcohol. It is tender and succulent, very aromatic! continue reading
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