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Hatched is a restaurant that serves all day breakfast. Hatched has all kinds of eggs on the menu – baked, boiled, fried, scrambled & poached, they have them all and more. continue reading
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Croque Madame Papilotte
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Level2 2014-09-16
Was craving for brunch one evening and hence went to the nearest place that serves whole day brunch. More photos here: http://oyhz.blogspot.sg/2013/07/hatched-holland-village.htmlAnd that's Hatched at Holland Village Had did a review of the Evans Lodge outlet previouslyhttp://oyhz.blogspot.sg/2012/03/hatched-evans-lodge.htmlSame ol' menu The new branch at Holland V serves non-eggs dinner too!Kept ourselves entertained while waiting for our food.An entire booklet of egg recipes!This is no normal figurines..It's a tic-tac-toe game set!!So cute and apt for the cafe.Sir egg benedict for me as usual~Beef portobello with chips.There's a choice of veggie portobello if you wanna be healthier What a huge yolk! continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-11
It is located in the middle of a row of shophouses. It looks quite unique fronted with rows of potted plants. Inside the cafe, it is filled with simple wooden chairs and tables, with light bulbs brightening the place. The wall is filled colourful hand drawn pictures. The menu is colourful and characterised by cute pictures. With a focus on eggs, most dishes has egg in them, except for dishes such as pasta. The salt and pepper holders are quite cute looking.Pasta Aglio Olio ($14++)Pasta lightly tossed with Olive Oil & Chilli, topped with MushroomsIt looks a bit too oily, but still alright.Papillote ($16++)Smoked salmon folded over scrambled eggs on toast, topped with sour cream, served with sauteed potatoes.It is a way too salty dish, especially for the smoked salmon.Breakfast Burrito ($16++)Scrambled eggs and fried chicken stuffed in a Burrito, for a great breakfast you can wrap your hands aroundThis one takest the longest to be served. I wish it is more hot.Beef Pot Pie ($18++)Indulge in a tantalizing beef stew ladled into a bread pot, topped with scrambled eggs.The dish is served with a bit of greens by the side. The scrambled egg is not creamy and I feel it is a bit overcooked. It is not the usual braised until tender beef stew. Instead it is beef steak strips in brown sauce. The meat is a bit tough. The worst is the oversalty sauce which I have to drink lots of water in order to make myself finish the meal.Cheese Fries ($12++)Chunky steak fries smothered with cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos and bacon bits. Good for sharing.The fries is not crispy and tastes a bit hard. It looks drown in oil with its dull colour.Overall it quite a cozy place to be in and we stay quite awhile in there. Iced water is served free and the staff refilled them regularly. Plates are cleared quite swiftly. The place is quite quiet at night. Through out the whole meal, there is only 4 tables filled with about 11 customers around. Hi guys, if you have dogs, you will be able to dine in here. There is a customer who dines in the outdoor with his big sized dog by him. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-27
It has been quite sometime since I last post about breakfast brunch. It’s my second visit to Hatched but to their outlet at Holland Village. The café is conveniently accessible via walking distance from Holland Village MRT station. Hatched is an egg-inspired, all day breakfast place to chill out. The eggs here are served in many different forms such as boiled, poached, baked, scrambled and more.My sisters and I decided to have our brunch here on of the weekend. The exterior of the restaurant with its floor to the ceiling length glass window and yellow criss-cross bars snaking across the surface gives a creative feeling of the place set up. It has different exterior and interior designs from the one at Evans Lodge.Sir Benedict S$13.00 (1 egg) or S$19.00 (2eggs) served classic with ham, poached egg and the hollandaise sauce on top of a breakfast muffin. Poached egg was well done as the yolk was done just right as it just flow out smoothly right upon cutting it.The combination of sour and slightly creamy sauce was perfect to enhance the taste of the egg and ham. It comes with 1 or 2 option so sister ordered 1 only and it is quite filling.Salted Egg Ranch on Potato Spuds S$12.00 beautifully served in a plate.Potato spuds dressed with an Asian twist of salted egg dressing..Croque Madame S$16.00 served in grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top served with steak fries. Fried egg was nicely done with the yellowish yolk lying on top the sandwich makes the whole dish looks appetizing. Not to mentioned that the steak fries was thick and filling too.Serving time was within 20 minutes and service staffs are quite attentive to customers. We do get their attention when we need to place order and also refill water. Overall dinning experience is pleasant with the food quality, service and of course companion.Total Bill was S$63.60 which inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST. We didn’t order any drinks as it comes with free flow of plain water. If you are craving for breakfast dinner, you might want to drop by for a filling craving. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-24
I have been a fan of Egg Benedicts ever since I had my first one over at Privé Cafe so one day I headed down to Hatched at Holland Village (since many have been raving about its egg ben and homemade mash) to try!Sir Benedict (Just One: SGD13; Do Two: SGD19)Eggs were perfectly poached but the sauce was too light. Pretty average tasting and the homemade mash was so-so only! It was a little cold too. There were chunks of potatoes inside so I guess it's not entirely mash? :/Smoked Royale (Just One: SGD13; Do Two: SGD19)Friend said this was decent!Papillote (SGD16)This share is quite large, I took it from one side thus it looks very little.I love the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs! The eggs were so fluffy and buttery! And I polished off the whole pesto sauce. But the sauteed potatoes were such a disappointment. Really hard and tasted burnt. We didn't finish it at all.Maybe I had too much expectations of Hatched, I don't think it's really worth the price at all and the food's standard was rather disappointing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
I was with a friend looking for lunch venue at Holland V, chanced upon this outlet that serves all day breakfast. My friend is very keen to try so we went in and got seated immediately. This place is rather small with few tables indoors and another fewer tables outdoor.After checking out what's on offer on the menu, I decided to have the Usual Suspects $16.00++ and a Cup of hot chocolate.Usual SuspectsConsists of two eggs cooked in preferred style, choice of bacon/ham/sausage, baked beans, sauteed potatoes, toast and choice of coffee/tea. I chose to top up $2 for hot chocolate instead.My sunny side up were done just right with runny yolk. The sausages, baked beans and sauteed potatoes were quite tasty, toast was crispy...overall, a satisfying 'Big' breakfast.The hot chocolate drink on the other hand just tasted ordinary.The service here was decent, no complains. However, I find the menu items here pretty limited and prices were a tad high for just breakfast. I will only recommend this place for fans of ang moh breakfast.. continue reading
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