Hatter Street is a Alice in Wonderland theme cafe nestled in the Hougang neighbourhood. They aim to let customers experience a myriad of tastes from their fusion desserts, which is a result of Asian culinary traditions merged with modern techniques. continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-19
The cafe was located under the HDB located within walking distance from Kovan MRT station. It was opened by Yvette Chua in 2013. The place was decorated with a Alice in wonderland theme. Remember to help yourself to the water next to the counter.Pandan Ice Cream with Gula Melaka Classic Whoa'ffle ($9.50)The homemade ice cream was creamy and smooth. The combination reminded me of kaya toast surprisingly. The waffle was light and crisp.Sundae Hatter ($6)$2.50 for marshmallow rainbow ring waffle cone.$3.50 for a single scoop of cookie and cream ice creamSounded quite expansive for a single scoop of ice cream but it was quite a big serving. The waffle cone was lined with a ring of marshmallow coated rainbow colored cereal rings. The cereal was easy to remove from the cone. The waffle cone was light and crisp. continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-19
Hatter Street Bakehouse and Cafe is a new café having the Alice in the wonderland theme opened in the heartland of Kovan/Hougang. It serves coffee, ice cream and waffles anda small selection of cakes. They are known for their Pandan Gula Melaka waffle. Hatter Street Bakehouse and Cafe is highly accessible as there are many HDB parking lots around the area and a bus stop right in front of the cafe. As the café do not have much seating space, it is usually packed with people. We have waited for about 30 minutes before securing our seats. Since it has gotten its name after alice in the wonderland, the café was also decorated with scene of the fairytale. Some of the cakes like brownies are placed in the cake display on the right to catch your attention. After looking, you will be tempted to order more than you need. “It’s So Kumquet” is basically a lemon tart with sweet cream. It has a buttery, crunchy crust filled with delicious sweet-sour lemon custard surrounded by sweet cream. For sour lover (like me), you will find yourself enjoy this tart greatly. It’s so Kumquet (SGD$6.00)YOLO was the new addition to the café cake selection. It consists of cream cheese, chocolate fudge, chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting, chocolate cake and vanilla cake. You will be overdosed with chocolate. The cake was slightly hard, but it was surprising not overly sweet. YOLO Cake ($7.50, i think)Whoaffles ($8.90) were their best seller. It was meant to “wow” you with their waffles. Since it’s their best selling items, we have order the waffles with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce and the Pandan ice-cream with Gula Melaka. We have to wait for about 30 minutes before it was served. After a long wait, we can’t resist eating after smelling how fragrant the waffles were. Thus we started eating the chocolate waffles without waiting forthe Pandan version.The waffles were crispy with a strong “egg” flavor. The chocolate ice cream was rich in chocolate but tends to be too much after eating for long. For the pandan ice cream, it was aromatic and rich in flavor while the gula Melaka drizzled on top of it was really sweet. WHOaffles ($8.90)- Chocolate ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce WHOaffles ($8.90)- Pandan ice-cream with Gula Melaka Sauce Follow me at instagram/Facebook: @jacefootprints continue reading
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I've heard alot about Hatter Street for years and I've always wanted to go visit Hatter Street, but it was only because of my recent trips to the area that I decided to give it a shot. There's lots of HDB parking in and around the area of Hatter Street. There's even a bus stop right in front of the cafe. i've visited Hatter street twice on a weekday night and at around 8pm or so, it was packed, with people waiting for seats.Hatter street serves coffee, ice cream and waffles and a small selection of cakes. Some of the cakes like brownies are placed in the cake display on the right. But fancier cakes like rainbow cake is placed right at the cashier, to catch your attention. They're around $7.50 per slice of cake.While making payment for my whoaffles, I decided to go for the vibrantly coloured rainbow cake. It wasn't part of the plan but, it was too pretty to say no to! 1. Rainbow CakeThe top of the rainbow cake looked like it was painted with ink splattered all over the top covered with a glossy almost gelatin light layer. It was truly pretty. The top was mainly cream cheese. But since the cake didn't sit in the cake display which was a fridge, it may have affected the taste of the cake. My fellow gilr friends and I felt that it was abit dry and we didn't finish the cake at all. The cream cheese was dense and too sweet for my liking. The cream cheese did carry a strong sweet fragrance with it.2. Whoaffles with Pandan ice cream and Butterscotch Espresso Sauce $9.50Upon the first bite into the whoaffles, I knew I was sold! The waffles were so crispy on the edges and yet light and airy on the inside. The waffle itself has a slight sweetness to every bite and had a buttermilk aroma. The pandan ice cream tasted literally like kaya and it was smooth, creamy with a dose of coconut sweetness. The waffles are served with some fruits on the side for decoration and the selection of fruits paired well with the waffle. I choose to go with butterscotch espresso so I had never tried such a sauce before. It was thick, sticky and definitely well-named. The name itself describes exactly how it tasted. The espresso aftertaste was very fitting for the pandan ice cream. Overall, this is my favourite combination!3. Whoaffles with Blue Peppermint and Caramel sauce $9.50The blue peppermint ice cream caught me eye at the ice cream counter right at the cashier. They are very generous with their scoops of ice cream and do not be afraid to ask for a taster before settling down on your choice of flavours. The staff are very friendly indeed! The smooth texture of the  peppermint ice cream had tons of little minty chocolate embedded all over. The ice cream was drizzled with caramel sauce that brought the ice cream to a whole new level. The caramel sauce compensated the ice cream with its fragrance and aroma of caramel sweetness.Overall :  A great place for really really really good crispy waffles and ice cream. Friendly staff to help you along the way of choosing an ice cream flavour or sauce topping. Not too ulu a location to get to continue reading
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Have I gone mad? Quirky, funky, happy and sweet times at Hatter Street.I fell right through the rabbit hole and straight into dessert world, a-k-a Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe. This cute cafe is right at the foot of a housing block in Kovan, curiously sparkling and pink amidst the humdrum of a regular neighbourhood. It was bustling with an enthusiastic post-lunch crowd, all gathering around for ice-cream, cakes, and waffles. Opening everyday at 1pm, Hatter Street's main draw is their sweet offerings on the menu, scratched on chalkboard features on the wall. If you're spoilt for choice - you will - here's a handy quick list of their signatures: Smoked sawdust pudding (SGD5), Whoaffles (Pandan/ Vanilla/ Chocolate - SGD8.90), and Choco-tella (SGD6.80). You are forewarned, everything here is made to give you a no holds barred sugar rush and whirls of happiness.Their whoaffles were surprisingly good... heh, I know, I have very low expectations when they are priced as such, which makes it doubly worth it. They were really crispy on the outside and eggy buttery soft goodness on the inside! I have a soft spot for pandan ice-cream, and it matches the waffles nicely.Read more: www.amiehu.com continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-18
We often drove/walked past Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe and the place used to be rather quiet until it got featured in a few publications as well as The Straits Times. Intrigued by the hype, we popped by one weekend afternoon for a dessert fix. And even at about 3pm, the place was still pretty full (it's actually pretty small and cramp) but we were lucky to snag two counter seats facing the pedestrian walkway.Chocolate Hazelnut Tart ($6) - I love a good chocolate hazelnut tart and this was actually pretty good; Chilled, smooth richly yet not too sweet chocolate encased within a crumbly tart shell and topped with a hazelnut. Only gripe I had was that the shell was a tad too moist and could do with a little more stiffness.Waffle With Pandan Ice Cream & Gula Melaka Sauce ($9.80) - This was a rather unique combination and it piqued our interest quite a fair bit. Crisp waffle (I found it a tad too hard for my liking though) coupled with a scoop of smooth, mildly flavoured pandan ice cream and drizzled over with a distinctive yet not cloyingly sweet gula melaka (palm sugar) sauce. Pleasantly nice local twist to a western dessert I must say.Will I be back? Most probably, since I don't stay too far off. However Ciel Patisserie might still be my top choice for desserts in the same area as it's cheaper, has less crowds (although seating is even more limited) and quality as a whole is rather similar. Only downside is that they don't do waffles.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/05/hatter-street-bakehouse-cafe-desserts.html continue reading
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