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Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd, is a name familiar in relation to traditional, Kampung-styled cuisine. Established in the 90s, Hjh Maimunah Restaurant has since catered to customers from all walks of life in meeting their daily meals, functions and events. continue reading
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Sundanese Grilled Chicken Lemak Siput Sambal Goreng Beef Rendang
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Level2 2014-09-14
If you love Siput sedut (chut chut) in spicy lemak gravy then this is the place for it! I love the dish especially served with fresh greens (a simple salad of kacang botol- winged beans, long beans and sometimes baby brinjals) embedded or aside the refreshing but killer sambal belacan! Wow just writing this review make me salivate haha. Also I love the paru belado (fried beef lungs in cili), the grilled fish and urap (mix of bean sprout, sometimes kangkong, long beans in spicy coconut dressing). Their beef bakso is nice- I like it without noodles with only the need balls and mustard green (Sawi). And I'll usually order my favourite honeydew cordial to cool me down as I eat the above scrumptious spread. And the meal usually last me till supper. Coz it's way filling 😆 continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-28
Been having too much western & chinese food lately and I need a good hearty malay food.And the best place to have a satisfying malay breakfast/lunch is here @ Hajjah Maimunah.This restaurant is always pack! Especially on weekends. Takes a while to hunt for seats! And i will never give up!The food is too good here for me to easily give up. This family restaurants serves about more than 30 different dishes each day.. and that doesn't count the desserts.Others maybe spoilt for choices.. but i always know what i want! My ultimate favs are the Ayam Lemak Cili Padi & Tahu Telor Goreng. Unfortunately for me, the ayam lemak cili padi was all gone! So i substitue it with the Fish version. The gravy is just as awesome as the ayam's. Its rich in satan and cili padi! I love how my tongue get all fired with the tingling sensation from the chili padi. The Tahu goreng was served hot and the peanut gravy was not very thick and very sweet. Just the way i liked it. The best part is the cripsy outer layer of the tahu. Other favs dishes from this restaurant for their customers are their Siput Sedu. 'Siput' is a sea snail.. a cousin to the escargot.. but then.. its not my favorite but my parents and others.So if you're ever here.. dont forget to try their "Siput Sedut" & "Tahu Telur Goreng"!! A must to try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-15
We had our colleague farewell lunch at Hjh Maimunah. It is well-known of nasi padang and signature dishes. The restaurant also provides catering services as you can see from their official website. It was recommended by our Malay colleagues. So we headed over for lunch. It was quite pack with people during lunch hour around 1plus. The parking space was limited as well. We are lucky enough to get a parking space just right in front of the restaurant.Since there are 10 of us, we decided to order dishes to share among each others. Everyone will get the chance to try the dishes. We will need to queue to place our order, collect the order and make payment on the spot. It is a self-service restaurant. Photos of the dishes that we ordered that day:-Cempedak lemak which is also known as young jackfruit that taste not too sweet. It taste like light curry sauce for me. Something new for me as it is mixed with the vegetables and goes well with plain white rice.We also had grilled seabass with the chili padi black thick sauce. The outer layer was crispy and a bit hard to chew for me. The fish texture was fine for my malay colleagues as they prefer it such way. As for me, i still think the fish meat is hard for me. Rojak is also one of our dish. It was highly recommended by my colleague. It is a combination of crusted peanuts with the rojak sauce, fruits and crunchy cucumbers.Grilled chicken with chilli padi sweet black thick sauce is totally awesome. I loved the grilled taste of the chicken and the meat texture was perfectly well done.Tauhu Telur (malay words) which is also known as fried beancurd coated with egg, served drizzled with kecap manis, Indonesian/Malay sweet black thick sauce, and crusted peanuts. It was sweet, spicy and nutty combination. The beancurd is smooth in the inside which blends into the black thick sauce gives a sweet taste of it.Crispy tempe with honey & long bean as vegetables are in the list as well.Tempe was very cripsy and crunchy to munch. We also ordered Bandung drink. It consists of milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup and gives a pink colour finishes.Our total bill was around S$88.00 inclusive of the drinks that we ordered. We totally enjoyed the lunch and the price was quite reasonable though. Food quality truly does not disappointed as well. We would love to go there again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)