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Established in 1994, Ho Kee Pau is a Chinese traditional bun manufacturer which has grown from a small food stall to a food and snacks chain. With 14 outlets islandwide, it sells traditional pau, dim sum, congee and other local fare. Ho Kee Pau aims to serve customers with the best quality at affordable prices. continue reading
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Bo Luo Pao Hokee Beancurd Chinese Roll
Review (4)
Level4 2013-04-22
I bought some big and small Baos in preparation of the next day's breakfast as my dad loves them alot.HoKee Pau stall also sells other traditional delights like Har Gao, siew mai, dumplings, egg tarts as shown in the price list. However, as their name suggests, their main focus will be on the paus.The lady had given me the choice of paper box or plastic box. I had chosen the paper box instead as the buns are very hot from the steamer.A total purchase of 8 little tasty char siew buns at $0.90 each, squeezed altogether in a box and 4 others big buns in another. A total damage of $17.40. 2 buns are with yellow dots on top are fillings of chicken meat while the rest are pork.What I like about HoKee Paus is that their fillings are of the right amount and doesnt shortchange customer. Fillings are of a quality standard and Baos are not as oily as those we bought from coffeeshop. Highly acceptable. Although the char siew buns are of smaller sizes and looks delicate. The condiments are fresh, comes with great fragrance and red minced char siew meat with mild sweetness. It makes me pop them into our mouths one after another.Not forgetting about the "Da Bao" (big bun) with chicken meat. Meat are less oily and of great fragrance too. A quarter of hard boil egg comes along in the bun's filling too. I like the lady's service. She is quite particular about the presentation and way of packing of buns into the box. Why I say so, she will ask if we want to pack like the display set 2 big buns and 4 small in a box rather than 1 box of small and 1 box of big. she gave me the kind of "Customer always first" attitude. Cheers to that lady!Although price may be steeper than what we found in normal kopitam, I believe quality over pricing for this instance, I dont mind paying more for quality fillings and moreover they are less oily. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-28
one of the snack store found at clementi mall basement. at first I did not take note of this store till my boyfriend bought the fried tofu dumpling to eat which caught my attention. putting the unhealthy oil aside, their fried stuff are actually not bad, the seasoning is quite good, not too salty. they do not have a large variety of snacks compared to old chang kee but at least their stuff do not just taste of flour continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2011-03-08
I’ve bad experience with Ho Kee Pau in other outlet so I felt reluctant to buy anything from Ho Kee Pau anymore. But my fiend bought me the Siew Mai and Beancurb Skin Roll from the Ho Kee Pau from the Clementi Mall. Taste delicious! The Siew Mai is big and stuffed with prawn, minced meat and a bit of vegetables. And the Beancurb Skin Roll smells good and it’s made of minced pork and veggie. You can dip it with the chili sauce or mayonnaise that provided. My favorite is the fried Prawn Dumpling that cost $1 each. It’s too big for your mouth! I love the prawn mixed with minced meat inside. So juicy and yummy. They are selling pao, Chai Fan, Mai Kai and others. I will definitely go back and try other stuffs too. continue reading
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