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Established in 1994, Ho Kee Pau is a Chinese traditional bun manufacturer which has grown from a small food stall to a food and snacks chain. With 14 outlets islandwide, it sells traditional pau, dim sum, congee and other local fare. Ho Kee Pau aims to serve customers with the best quality at affordable prices. continue reading
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Bo Luo Pao Hokee Beancurd Chinese Roll
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I actually spent some time stalking their online website for a list of items I'd love to try at the branch at Causeway Point. To my disappointment, the stall at Causeway Point did not have many of the items I wanted, like Fried Wanton and Dou Sha Bing. The lotus rice was also kind of expensive for such a small packet, so I ended up skipping it too. In the end, I got just the Char Siew Pau and Siew Mai to try. Siew Mai ($0.80)The siew mai was thick and meaty but a tad bland in taste. I found the price to be slightly pricey for one piece. Char Siew Pau ($0.90)This threw me off at first glance because of the size, which was noticeably way smaller than their other pau. But I thought the price was fair enough for the pau, at least compared to the Siew Mai. Although the pau was very soft, the pastry skin was kind of "sticky" and started falling apart when it came into contact with surfaces (plastic bag/plate/etc). The filling inside had a slight aroma upon opening and it looked good too. The sauce was not too sweet and the meat was tender but I didn't find it particularly flavourful. Given several positive reviews I have read online about Ho Kee Pau, I must say that I was initially looking forward to try the food. However, it turned out to be contrary to expectations. I supposed one tends to feel the disappointment more acutely when expectations are higher, which was the case for me here. I would have given Ho Kee Pau another chance by going back to try the other food, but as it was, the service was off-putting enough for me to not want to go back any time soon. Although there was two staff on hand to tend to customers, one was brusque and short with me when I asked about the fried wantons and dou sha bing while the other mixed up my order and payment with another customer's. If you wish to patronize the stall though, you might probably want to go earlier in the morning when there are probably more choices, the food are probably "fresher" and the staff are not as grumpy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-17
Saw online that the char siew pau from ho kee pau is a must buy for quite a lot customers when patronizing the store, thus I decided to buy one to taste it out and to satisfy my craving. When I was paying money for the paus I bought, a man asked for four char siew paus, I then think to myself that their char siew pau must be really tasty.After trying it out myself, I should say that it is indeed quite tasty, not like very extraordinary or what, but it does taste quite different from those I have tasted so far.Although the pau is small, the char siew fillings inside were quite generous with, and has a tinge alcoholic and coffee taste to it, and the proportion of meat to fat is quite equal.The bun is soft and moist, which matched very well with its cute size.As a store specializing in paus (according to its store name), I was quite disappointed with their big pau, the bun is quite rough and thick, and the meat filling is quite tough and dry.I do not know is it due to me placing the big pau in an air con room for a few hours before eating them, But, if that’s the case, why the char siew pau, which also sat in the air con room for a few hours, still can maintain its taste and texture? continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-14
This big pau from Ho Kee is definitely one of my favourite snacks and breakfast items. The pau skin is really soft, compact and really moist. Love those juicy pork meat in it which has been well marinated with dark soy sauce and various types of spices which make it really fragrant and tasty. There is also a quarter whole egg in it which make the ingredients more fillings and interesting. At less than two dollars per piece, this is sure a good bargain for everyone. continue reading
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