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Curry Fish Head Salted Egg Chicken
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Yipee! Time for foodies to unite. this time, i went together with OpenRice for a food tasting session at Clementi Hong Kong Street Bai Jia Seafood Restaurant. Im a extremely seafood lover and Im really happy to join OpenRice in this food tasting! 4 of us settled down in the coffee shop and await for the delicious food to reach us. Hong Kong Street Bai Jia Seafood Restaurant is actually under the same boss with bai jia cafe which i had reviewed earlier. Their seafood are the freshest i got to say as the boss is a supplier of seafood. So, dont be afraid of having not fresh dishes here! ^^We are served 9 dishes for the 6 of us which includes personnel from OpenRice! It was way too much for us but guess what, we managed to finish everything. what big eater we are. Hehe. The first dish that is brought to us will be their signature curry fish head! It came in a super big pot! No doubt, the fish is really fresh and the meat is so tender. However, the curry was a little too spicy for me. Haha! But it might be good just for you curry eaters, the spicier the better! Next up, dried shrimp fresh bean.When it was brought upon the table, a very strong aroma filled the air mainly featuring the dried shrimp! The fresh bean was incredibly crunchy too. We also have the fresh bean tofu. Now, the main lead move on to the tofu instead. It was very tender and you dont have to bite to finish this dish. Yup, thats how awesome it is. Superior Vegetable SoupIm a bit skeptical about this dish initially. Thats because some restaurants always blend their soup base with a lot of water so they can earn few more bowls of soups and they dont care how the soup will taste. However, im so wrong today. The superior soup was in great flavour and could easily taste that they place a lot of herbs into it. We finished the soup clean without a drip. Prawn Paste ChickenI dont prefer this dish though. I thought the flavoring could be more overwhelming. Still, personal preference as some may like mild prawn paste seasoning but for me, i like it overwhelming till the wings go bright red. Next of the same seasoning but different genre? Haha! The salted egg sotong. I love love love this dish! Although it is the salted egg seasoning, they blend it really well to find them adequate for our taste buds. Not too salty or lacking of the saltiness feel. It was deep fried into crunchy sotong with the coating of salted egg seasoning. The sotong is fresh too! *must order*Mongolian Pork RibsHmms, i got to say this is something special as from the normal pork rib we had. A little too special to make me not like it a lot. the pork rib is nice, tenderly fresh but the seasoning wise, it is not what I expected. Last but not least, my favourite in all dishes, cereal prawns!!! Im a super prawns lover. The prawns here are the freshest I ever ate outside of home. It is big , fat and juicy. The cereal are extremely crispy too. I took them to complement my rice. This is also a *must order*. Thats the end of the food tasting session. I thought it was great as it was still a scrumptious meal in the heartland of Clementi in Coffeeshop. Good food in affordable price. good job! continue reading
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This zi-char stall is located conveniently near Clementi mrt station. It's on the opposite side of Clementi mall, you just follow the covered walkway once you exit the mrt station and you'll reach blk 325 within a 2mins walk. Thanks to OpenRice & the generosity of the stall owner, I got to try out a total of 9 dishes for the food tasting session today! First to arrive was our humongous curry fish head dish The curry is really spicy & quite delicious. The fish itself was fresh & had plenty of meat. There's also no "fishy" smell. Brinjals & ladyfingers were cooked till soft enough but I wish they had simmered the cabbage longer though.- Curry Fish HeadThe french beans were fried quickly, so they still retained their crunchiness and yet was not oily. Lotsa really crispy & fragrant dried shrimp were atop the beans. Just remember to distribute your dried shrimp well with the beans, else they can be quite salty if you eat too much in one mouthful.- Dried shrimp french beansAhhhh, when the superior vegetable soup came bubbling in a metal wok, we were at first a bit skeptical about it. I mean, how nice can a vegetable soup be? But surprise! This is actually my favourite dish here!! The vegetable used is Chinese spinach (aka heng cai, 苋菜) which is very fresh & green - tastes good Egg, century egg, wolfberries & tiny anchovies were simmered together with the veges in a really tasty broth! Ah...really superior soup indeed. The soup was all finished in no time hehe. A simple yet delicious dish - I like!- Superior vegetable soupThe salted egg sotong was fried till really crispy on the outside & the sotong still tender within. A pity that the coating used was too thick. There was also not a very strong salted egg flavor. Interestingly, instead of the more watery salted egg sauce that other zi-char places tend to use, the stall here seems to use fine salted egg powder - not sure how they do it. Personally, I like salted egg so I still like to have a more "solid" salted egg sauce. On the other hand, if you like just a hint of salted egg in your dish, then this might be your cup of tea.- Salted egg sotongSimilarly, the salted egg chicken (not pictured) was also fried well - crisp outside, tender inside. Once again, the salted egg "powder" was used. I don't eat much fried food so this is just an ok dish for me.The Mongolian pork ribs were tender. But I could not decipher what was used in the sauce. It's a peppery sauce with an aftertaste of peanut. Also an alright dish, but nothing much special about it.- Mongolian pork ribsFor the prawn paste chicken, there was not much prawn paste taste in the coating or marinade of the meat. Tasted like regular juicy fried chicken wings. - Prawn paste chickenThe french bean tofu is another dish that I really liked. The tofu was very soft & fragrant, like the "concubine" type of tofu. Topped with plenty of minced meat in a slurp-worthy sauce & french beans, this is another healthy & delicious dish. - French bean tofuOut of all the fried dishes, the cereal prawn is the winner. Really huge, fresh prawns were given. Errmm you couldn't really tell it's prawns right since they are kinda stuck together due to the cereal? Anyway, the fried cereal was very tasty and not oily at all. - Cereal PrawnIn general, the food offered at this zi-char stall is quite good, especially for their fresh seafood and the lovely superior vegetable soup. Do give this place a try if you are in the vicinity continue reading
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My parents and I went to pick my sister up from tuition at clementi and she was feeling hungry so she suggested we go to the nearby coffee shop for dinner. We decided to order the zi char to try. We ordered one large fried rice, one hor fun and the salted egg chicken. I was pretty amazed by this dish, I have heard about salted egg crab but not salted egg chicken. The chicken was deep fried till very crispy, the coating of the fried chicken taste a little like prawn paste chicken, very fragrant. It was more of juicy then oily, when you cut into it, the juice is ooze out. Surprisingly they deep fry it yet the meat was not dried up. There are some white powder on the chicken, it was actually the salted egg. I guess should be the egg yolk cos the powder was really fine and there was not a single bit of solid salted egg white. The salted egg was very fragrant, from my seat, I could absolutely smell the fragrance of the dish that was placed quite far away from me. I think that this is indeed a unique dish, love the way they cooked it, very delicious. not too oily and fattening too. The fried rice was good, the texture of the rice was just rice, it was chewy and not clumpy. I guess they used overnight rice, that’s why it is so nice. It was well seasoned, not too salty. But my favourite was still the hor fun. I love the gravy of the hor fun, when they served it, it was piping hot. The hot gravy envelopes the smooth kway teow. The kway teow was really very chewy, not oily at all. They were so generous with their ingredients. I love the crunchiness of the vegetables, it is not overcooked. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)