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Honguo means red pot in Chinese and the restaurant serves specialties from Yunnan. All our Honguo restaurants are decorated with paintings and posters of interesting features in Yunnan to complement the authentic Yunnan cuisine. continue reading
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Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian (16 Items) Pork Dumplings w Chilli Sauce XO Seafood Fried Noodles Pork Ribs Yunnan Noodles Soup Chilli Sauce Marinated Chicken
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Level1 2015-01-19
We were there on a busy Saturday afternoon and while my partner’s order of XO Seafood Fried Rice was served promptly, I have waited a while for my Cross Bridge Vermicelli to arrive in a kinda of steamboat style - with some 15 little dishes of various ingredients and a big bowl of soup. I was advised to put in the quail egg first, followed by seafood and meat and then the rest. I was initially a little skeptical about putting the raw stuff in because the broth didn’t seem boiling hot but turned out the temperature of the broth did efficiently cooked the raw ingredients nicely. I have never tried any kind of Yunnan Cross Bridge Vermicelli before so there wasn’t any comparison but the light and delicate milky broth is to my taste and the vermicelli portion is generously comforting. I have also tried a few spoonful of my partner’s fried rice and quite unlike my cross bridge vermicelli that is mild and light in taste, the fried rice is strong and flavorful and I like that every spoonful is filled with bits of ingredients for the tongue to play with. Both dishes cost $9.50. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Having retain a good impression from my last visit, Here I am, trying out their other delicious food again.This time round, I opt for their fried rice. The fried rice is wrapped in a lotus leaf and placed in a wooden "box". The fragrance of the fried rice is totally overwhelming! Topped off with a few pieces of fried chicken, a slice of tomato and cucumber, the fried rice is just awesome! The fried chickens are hot and crispy, and it's best when eaten together with the fried rice. A perfect combination! Totally recommended and worth it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-24
If you are in NEX and craving for some soupy stuff, you can pop over to Hong Guo that is located at Basement One. The restaurant has an quite simple and open concept, no doors nor windows and so you can see all the customers eating when you walk past the restaurant.Salty Dog $4.50Nice refreshing drink, it's a bit sourish and slightly salty. It's soda with sour plum syrup and 2 salted preserved plums added into it. Seafood Hotpot Set - $14.80They have a few hotpot sets to choose from, you can choose either seafood hotpot, pork ribs hotpot or beef hotpot. Their soup base comes in 2 types, the non-spicy or the mala soup. I am not a fan for mala and so I have it in the non-spicy soup base. The soup is thick with a little milk added to the it. It is sweet and tasty. The beef is those braised beef cubes and is tender and nice.The set comes with 2 side dishes, the si chuan pickles and bean thread. I opt to have to 2 si chuan pickles instead coz I don't like the bean thread.Apart from only having beef cubes in the soup, there's also golden mushroom, bamboo shoot and a kueh tiao look-a-like. It is smooth and transparent. Taste like kueh tiao with kueh chap texture, nice.The servers here are prompt when you call for them. Great service. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-27
The FoodI ordered the signature noodle dish called "Cross Bridge" bee hoon which come with 11 different ingredients and 1 bowl of bee hoon and 1 big bowl of soup and was told to "cook" the noodles by myself. I add in the ingredients one by one followed by the noodle and mixed thoroughly. All the ingredients are cooked before hand except the quail egg and get cooked by the hot soup eventually.The bee hoon is springy and the soup was surprisingly clear and refreshing and not too salty. It also has a unique taste, one that you can’t easily replaced with other noodle dishes. Maybe that’s why people still patronize this shop even though $8 for a bowl of beehoon is slightly over-priced!The PriceSlightly over-priced at $8 per bowl but then is quite unique hence still worth it for a new experience!OverallI will definitely come back again and highly recommended to try this! continue reading
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Level4 2012-11-06
this is the signature and main dish of Honguo Restaurant which is the "scholar over the bridge mee sua". I am not too sure why is they called this name but they are some history behind. I find it special to have this noodle served as they separated the ingredients when served and mixed everything together into the soup broth only in front of the customer. I should have asked the waiter to let me DIY as i can take the photo of the ingredient first. The one i ordered is the 7 ingredients one which costs me $8.50. They have 9 ingredients and 12 ingredients at different prices. The ingredients includes two quail eggs, spring onion, chives, preserved vege, fried fish-cake-like thing, squids and noodles. The soup is really piping hot as the quail eggs that poured inside are cooked after few seconds. Ingredients given is not so generous, and those ingredients are only very cheaply available, so i dont feel that this bowl of noodle worth the price. And the soup broth is quite peppery which I don't like it. So this will be my first and last time here. continue reading
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