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At Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao their handmade noodles are thick and soft, tempering the spicy and sublime soups that fill your mouth with full-bodied flavour. The xiao long bao are deftly crafted by our master chefs, retaining their authentic taste and texture – fine, hand-rolled skins that seal the thick broth within, yet yield their contents with one bite. continue reading
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Xiao Long Bao La Mian
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As a kiddo, my grandmother would cook these yummy nian gao in a white broth and stuffed it with lots of vegetables and for me to eat randomly. Here at Imperial, I chanced upon the same nian gao but here, they stir-fried it in dark sauce, with some cabbages and mushrooms. I actually quite enjoyed the chewy texture. It was very fragrant but turned cold fast due to the restaurant super low temperature. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-28
So we went for the INCANTO show again because of the previous cancellation halfway through the show. After the fantastic show, we went for dinner at Imperial Treasure, again. This time we had a proper meal of four dishes and one rice. As always, the service is quite good, the crew is friendly and quite efficient.Drunken Chicken. ★★★★★It's very very delicious! The chicken skin is bouncy and "transparent-like"! Both the chicken skin and the meat totally absorbed the wine-laden gravy and it's so shiok!Sweet and Sour Fish. ★★★★☆A really fresh fish with a well-mixed sauce! The balance of the sweet and the sour taste is near perfection! Seeds also add that extra crunch! Very interesting!Crab Meat Fried Rice. ★★★★☆I love the fried rice! Though it is a bit too oily. Every rice grain is glistening with the oil and the dish looks very pretty~ XD The crab meat is not crabsticks but real crab meat! Super delicious.Frog Legs. ★★★Very expensive dish without much legs. They are also buried under a ton of chilli and green spring onions. The taste is good but really too little for the price paid.Pig's Trotters. ★★★It is very sour!! Otherwise, it's quite okay because the meat is super tender and the skin is so sticky and bouncy, yummy!When we were leaving the restaurant, we saw the Illusionist, Joe Labero, who performed earlier for us, was just starting to settle in his seat! Good taste! ^_^ continue reading
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Located at Resort World Sentosa, this Imperial treasure outlet has a very high ceiling due to the structure of RWS. I like the fact that the renovation of the restaurant is done in such a way that there are quite a lot of privacy for the customers. On top of that , the warm orange lighting gives people a very relaxed feel. However the air condition here was kind of cold the day I went there.We ordered Shanghai stir-fried rice cake ($14), Xiao Long Bao ( Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling , $6) and wanton with hot chilli sauce (6.6) and spent a total of $31.31.Personally I love the xiao long bao here and feel that they are one of the best xiao long bao served in Singapore. The skin was handmade by the chef here and they were really thin yet thick enough to hold the meat fillings and the rich flavorful broth. I would suggest anybody who order this, eat it while hot to savor the best of the xiao long bao.Although the skin of the wanton with hot chilli sauce was really thin as the xiao long bao but the got chilli sauce wasn't as good as the ones at other outlets. There was a lack of some elements that I couldn't really put into wordsThe fried rice cake here was not of evenly cut. They might be cut from a big chuck of rice cake instead of those machine cut ones. The rice cake tasted quite springy as compare to those selling outside but I felt that it would taste better if it was cut slightly thinner.It was quite a good meal if the air condition there wasn't so cold. On top of that,the service here was quite average and the staff here spoke mainly in mandarin. I requested for more ginger for my xiao long bao but was given only a very small amount of ginger. =( continue reading
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Full Zi Char - Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/05/zi-char-imperial-treasure-group-la-mian.htmlPart of the Imperial Treasure Group, La Mian Xiao Long Bao is an offshoot branch that specialises in La Mian, Xiao Long Bao and dim sum wanton dumplings, but also serves typical Chinese Zi Char dishes. As a fine dining restaurant, Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) hold itself to high standards, consistently winning awards or placing among the top / best restaurants in Singapore. Service at Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is excellent. Befitting a Chinese Zi Char restaurant of this standard, staff are well trained, knowledgable about the menu, able to provide recommendations, polite, observant and efficient. The drawback; some of them are unable to converse in English, though all staff do have at least a basic understanding of the language. So while you can speak to them in English and they understand, some staff (not all) can only reply in Mandarin Chinese. The Sauteed Egg White With Fish Meat And Conpoy is a beautiful and light eggy dish, with strands of fish and scallop, given a sharp tang with dash of vinegar. Consistency is somewhere between a soup / broth and a thin gravy.The Lamian With Five Spice Marinated Beef features the signature hand crafted and pulled La Mian, which are both thick and soft at the same time, though it tended to clump together slightly. The beef was thinly sliced but well seasoned and flavourful, though I felt they could have provided slightly more slices of beef.The house signature Xiao Long Bao Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling features hand crafted skin that is thick enough, yet yields easily with a bite. The broth within is rich and meaty in taste, and the meat is well packed and flavourful. Excellent, really one of the best Xiao Long Bao Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling I've had in Singapore! continue reading
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Level4 2012-08-20
As the title suggests, I tried a very interesting dessert at this restaurant. It is the fried banana fritters with malt sugar (as shown in the 3rd picture). The reason why I find it interesting is that the waitress has to soak the fried banana fritters in ice before serving it to us. Hence, it is cold in the outside and warm in the inside. The waitress explained that the fritters have to be soaked in water to prevent them from sticking together as it is coated with malt sugar. Do give it a try as it taste good! continue reading
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