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IPPUDO first started in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by its founder Shigemi Kawahara (internationally acclaimed 'Ramen King'). IPPUDO TAO features richer broths with bold, red-spicy miso variations in their ramen. Their menu also offers some of the IPPUDO classic favourites as well as other kushiyaki specialties that are unique to IPPUDO TAO. continue reading
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Tokunou Tonkotsu Ramen Shiromaru Motoaji Akamaru Shinaji
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We decided to pop by here because it opens till midnight on weekdays. Finding a parking spot on the road side parking was pretty hard but we managed. The ramen broth was so strong though good... I am pretty sure there's a lot more msg In it compared to normal ramen! But it's still good. I actually enjoyed these freshly fried chicken wings, even though I did hear a microwave oven beep before they cooked this, so I guess they use a microwave oven to thaw it first.. I don't really like that, but at 9:40pm I can't complain too much.A slice of char siew had me gulping down half a glass of ice water, it was that salty.. My friends tried their super doooper hard noodles which according to the waiter was noodles cooked in bowling water for a glorious 3 seconds.. Which means it's pretty much raw noodles.. But my friends loved it The bill for 3 hungry people.. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-18
Whenever I have ramen cravings and I am too lazy to research for new ramen places, only one place comes to mind – Ippudo. I prefer this outlet (Mohamed Sultan) as compared to the one at Mandarin Gallery because they accept reservations, opens till late and is always less crowded.Other than being famous for its ramen, Ippudo is also well known for its pork buns.A fluffy, pillow soft steamed bun encases a succulent piece of braised chashu - so tender that it simply melts in your mouth – with a creamy mayo based sauce. This is similar to the Chinese kong ba pau (pork slices with steamed bun), except that the meat is lighter in taste (which I prefer). Just try not to overload yourself with pork buns, after all the ramen is still the star of this place.Classic ramen – Shiromaru motoaji ($15): Classic Hakata-style ramen. The broth was hearty and tasty, yet light on the palate (not laden with oil). Served was thin and straight noodles (no kee taste noted) and topped with tender and flavourful slices of pork belly, cabbage, black fungus, spring onions and pickled ginger. This would be suitable for those who prefer their ramen simple and safe.Modern ramen – Akamaru Shinaji ($16): My all time favourite! Ippudo’s tonkotsu broth enhanced with blended miso and garlic oil. This is also served with served with thin and straight noodles (Hakata-style noodles) and topped with buttery slices of pork belly, black fungus and and spring onions. The rich and flavourful broth was more aromatic than the classic (garlic oil, of course) and this is also the reason why I love it so much. Even though the broth looks oily, it doesn’t leave a cloying feeling. So fret not and slurp away! The flavoured egg did not disappoint as well. It was still cold when served and the yolk (most important part for me) was deliciously molten, just the way I like it. This ramen would be suitable for garlic lovers and those who prefer a full flavoured broth.Featured ramen – Bonito tonkotsu ($16): Another non-spicy take on the signature tonkotsu broth, this is made with bonito fish stock and served with Hakata-style noodles. The broth was heavy on the taste of the bonito fish stock and extremely flavoursome to say the least. Initial mouthfuls drew praises all over the table but the taste of the bonito fish stock got a little overwhelming after awhile. Tip: Adding raw garlic cuts through the rich tasting broth and the piquant taste of garlic adds an extra kick to the ramen. This would be suitable for those who are fans of bonito and/or like strong, bold flavours.Overall, this is place recommended for its ramen, especially the Akamaru Shinaji. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Tried Ippudo previously and now I’m back for more ! This time round I ordered their Pork Bun, it’s very similar like Chinese kong ba Pau; steamed fluffy buns with their unique tasting ippudo recipe braised pork, its more savory then our usual sweet ones. Dashimaki Tamago was well cooked but I feel that it tasted normal (doesn't have any wow factor).Spicy Chicken Wings were well marinated,crispy on the outside tender and juicy on the inside, sprinkle with aromatic black and white sesame. Spicy Miso Tonkotsu spicy miso paste, springy and velvety ramen soak up the goodness from the soup and spicy fragrant oil resulting in a shinning flavorful ramen with added texture, but it’s slightly too spicy for me. continue reading
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FoodUnique of its kind. Simply very different way of serving and presentation as compared to other japanese dining. Yakitori is well "Yaki-ed" and not too burn and not too oily.ServiceService is good. As we are in big group with baby pram, they help us to find a table quickly.AmbienceLove the lights and open dining experience. Not too hot.PriceFor such food and dining experience, it's reasonably priced. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-28
Frankly, my first encounter at Ippudo Mandarin Gallery wasn't very nice, as I don't really fancy food with strong ginger taste, and also because we had to share tables with another couple, which baffled me a lot given that I wasn't having my meal at a hawker centre or foodcourt. Anyway since my colleague who is leaving us soon is the queen for today's lunch, I can't say much haha.We were able to book the VIP room as it was a table for 10. The room was not very big, just nice for 10 people. There is this weekday lunch promotion for March - the Ippudo pork/ fish/ shrimp buns (2 for $5++). It actually looks like the Chinese kong bak pau and we decided to order that first as we were all hungry.I had the Ippudo Fish Bun. The fish was nicely fried, but seriously, it's actually like eating a Filet O'Fish, same kind of crispiness, just a smaller portion hehe.Shortly after, the sides to our set lunches came. I ordered Set A which comprises of the green salad, gyoza and choice of drink (I chose the hot green tea). The price of the set is just to add $5++ to the ramen that you pick.The green salad was very yummy. I like the sauce they used (tasted like wafu sauce?) and the vegetables were very fresh & crisp. As for the gyoza, it was nothing to wow about although they were pretty delicious.Before I could finish my sides, my Ippudo Shiro ramen arrived! I remember I actually had this the other time at Mandarin Gallery and was not impressed. However surprisingly, this time round I felt it tasted better. Guess could be there wasn't any strong ginger taste lingering in the soup. This ramen is actually Ippudo's original Tonkatsu soup served with thin noodles, 2 pieces of Chashu, cabbage and black fungus. I asked for the spring onions to be removed. Since the ramen soup didn't "stink" of ginger, I could finish every bit of it, although I didn't finish the soup as I was too full by the time I finish all the noodles and my sides.We were all so full after completing the set lunch, but my colleagues went ahead to order the desserts which I decided to skip in order not to torture my stomach further hehe.Overall, I think the dining experience this time at this Ippudo Tao branch was more pleasant than the one at Mandarin Gallery. Besides, with the weekday set lunch, it's actually more value for money. So I don't mind going to this restaurant again. continue reading
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