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Most of the Japanese dishes prepared at Irodori are contrived to accentuate the natural flavours of freshest fish. Utmost care and thought is given to the combination of colors, textures, sized shape of ingredients. continue reading
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More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/irodori-japanese-restaurant-affordable-japanese-buffet-at-riverview-hotelFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookThe two things that formed my impression of Irodori Japanese Restaurant: Lightning Speed Service and Affordability ($36.8++). In addition, serving above-average food standard contributed to their numerous accolades and awards. On top of all these, selected card holders (find out HERE) will enjoy an additional 15% off for LUNCH buffet!Nothing fanciful nor grandiose, ambiance at Irodoriis themed towards zen, oriental and casual.Menu is neatly organised into different food types with easy to read description for each dish.After browsing through the menu, we were ready to order!After making ending my last order and before I could complete my first paragraph, came our first dish in 9.57s! Breaking the world's 100m record.Just to name a few, here were our orders: Salmon Sashimi, California Maki, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Grilled Prawns, Salmon Head etc.Certain dishes were disappointing: Grilled Bacon with golden mushroom and another grilled beef.Overall, I was very pleased with Irodori Japanese Restaurant. Left the place a happy person as I didn't burn my pocket and the food was value for money! continue reading
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*Pris and I decided to meet for lunch at Irodori Japanese Restaurant, since she mentioned that the Japanese food here was good, and I have yet to try it for myself. The open concept dining area was already filled with diners when we met up before noon. We were seated and served the Cold Tofu starter - with some salted vegetables and Japanese soy sauce, a tantalising appetite-teaser while we browsed the menus to order from this ala carte buffet setting.Next, the Beef Slices - succulent and tasty, especially with the sweet flavor of onions infused into the flesh and gravy.And the Lobster with roe - we were only allowed to have one each of this item. For the lobster lovers, this was definitely a favorite with us - springy fresh lobster meat, tinged with natural sweetness and the crunchiness / crinkling bursts of roe atop added a unique texture to the dish.Moving on, the platter of Sashimi platter that we could not do without. Fresh, succulent and tasty, the tuna, swordfish, snapper and salmon slices were devoured rather quickly with squeezes of lemon and wasabi. We had another platter of this item, especially the Salmon and Swordfish sashimi.For more detailed information and photos, please do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/03/lunch-at-irodori-riverview-hotel.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-15
Good:- All-you-can-eat ala carte buffet. Fiod is fresh and of good variety.- Personal favourite is the complimentary mayo roe grilled prawns that we had at that time. The prawn tastes delicious with the mayo.- The handrolls are good, especially the spider handroll. The softshell crab in it tastes crispy and not too oily.- The sashimi there taste fresh too and you can order as much as you like.Not-so-good:- Located far away from any MRT station.Overall:Fresh japanese buffet. Will definitely return again in future! continue reading
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I have been to a number of Japanese buffet restaurants and I must say this is one of my preferred ones because it serves my favourite mekajiki (swordfish) sashimi that comes in thick cuts and always taste fresh and sweet. I have had bad experiences where the sashimi served were either slightly frozen (not properly thawed) or simply tasteless but at Irodori, its sashimi lives up to expectations, at least to mine, on every visit so far.At S$35++ per adult, you can order as much (don’t waste food though!) as you want from their menu of more than 100 items, ranging from sashimi, makimono (rolled sushi), yakimono (grilled dishes), nigiri sushi (finger press), temaki (hand roll), ippinmono (appetisers), agemono (deep fried dishes) to teppanyaki and more.The moment you sit down, the service staff will take orders for drinks and serve you this adorable looking appetizer which is actually matcha (green tea) tofu with tempura crumbs as topping. Very light and refreshing – a good start to the meal.The good thing about the buffet here is that food is only prepared upon ordering so hot dishes arrive piping hot whereas sashimi is freshly sliced on the spot.I like sitting by the bar counter so I can see the chefs at work and sometimes engage in small talk with them when they are free. The sashimi chef working right in front of us always ask if we’d like another plate of sashimi whenever our plate goes empty. Of course, we’d never reject seconds or thirds. That’s what we are here for. Just to satisfy our sashimi cravings to our hearts’ content.Despite that, it doesn’t mean the other food on the menu is not worth trying. There may be hits and misses but I’m sure everyone will find a few things he/she likes and may grow addicted to.I tend to avoid carbs at buffets as usual so sushi is a no-no for me. But my husband always order the Irodori Maki which has mayonnaise on top and a few of his usual must-eat sushi just to fill himself up (even more) O_oTo continue reading, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/09/15/irodori-japanese-restaurant-riverview-hotel-havelock-road/ continue reading
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Level1 2013-12-05
这是一间种类多的日本自助歺,有100样食物供大家选择,这里是不用出去选择,只要坐下看着歺牌点菜便可。虽然地方不是很方便,因为附近没有地铁站,但是地点因为是酒店內,所以环境幽美。而且价钱也不很贵,午歺比较优惠,而且有八五折。晚上就没有折扣。这里值得推介原因是食物都很新鲜,尤其是鱼生,朋友们都赞不绝口。而且种类很多,味道又有水准。尤其是熟的更是我的最愛,因为很多选择,所以老少咸宜。而自己比较爱的是软壳蟹寿司,金针菇牛肉卷。如果想吃得比较顺,可以点菜时一边叫一边食,因为每当客人较多时,传莱的速度会有点慢。所以要注意。(而且最好打电话订位,晚上很多时候没有位!千万不要直接去啊!)如果可以做到有中文翻译歺牌就更加好。 continue reading
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