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Featuring contemporary oriental design and décor amidst a fine dining ambience, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant offers both exquisite fusion and authentic Chinese cuisine created by Head Chef Lim Beng Keong. Opened in December 2007, Jia Wei has since revolutionised the art of modern Cantonese cuisine with its wide selection of elaborated Cantonese cuisine, traditional Hong Kong dim sum and an extensive list of wine labels to complement each meal. continue reading
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Gui Fei Chicken Peking Duck Baked Sea Perch in Kawasaki Sauce
Review (6)
Level1 2016-06-26
Food was standard. But the price was too steep.. they have 3 set menus but didn't bring out the set menu initially then when they brought out the set menu they gave us the 600+ one and not sure how when the bill came out it was worth 900+! continue reading
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 I have been trying to find good and inexpensive Chinese cuisine in Singapore but sometimes you're just running out of choice if you're not going to Imperial Treasure group of restaurants in Orchard.Jia Wei is a new discovery and if we call it a hidden gem it could be fully justified.  We tried some traditional dish like clay pot salted fish with tofu the taste is great and the size and texture of tofu is just right where you could taste the sauce and the silkiness of tofu.  Just that salted fish could hardly be found in the clay pot.梅菜芥蘭 is fantastic as you could see the chewy part of kale have been removed and only the young and tender parts are served.  Sometimes it could not be found even in fine dining Chinese restaurants.  It's just that the 梅菜 is not good enough.  It shouldn't be related to the way how it is cooked but the ingredient is just not good enough as you could taste a little bit more sweetness from it but anyway it's just not very good it's still quite good.Soup of the day is great and it's of truly Cantonese style.  Personally I don't like very herbal taste but instead the time spent on cooking the soup is more important.  We had the lotus root with pork soup and it's a good surprise.Service is great and the waitresses really know what you want as I really hate telling them in every detail - as nowadays even robots are with AI and they could learn from experience.  If robots could do it why we need human beings as waitresses?!In general we're very satisfied with the dishes and we will come again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-05-06
Jia Wei 家味 is a pleasant dining hall for lunch as the tables are spaced further apart than most Chinese restaurants and its clientele comprises mostly adults or families with older rather than noisy young kids. This makes the restaurant conducive to private conservations as the staff were unobtrusive if rather inattentive, in the sense that you've to ASK for serving spoons and for soiled plates to be replaced.We had dim sum and fried carrot cake with XO sauce for lunch. The steamed dim sum fared better than the fried items. Here's what is worth ordering:* Steamed Shrimp Dumplings 笋尖虾饺 The dumpling skin was thin but resilient, encasing not one but two fresh and succulent prawns. Excellent take on a classic dim sum item. * Crab Roe Siew Mai 蟹皇烧卖Unlike your regular siew mai containing mostly pork, this is Jia Wei's unique creation of ultra thin wanton skin encasing shrimp and lots of crab roe with just a teeny bit of pork. Sinful in terms of cholesterol levels from the crab roe but oh so good. * Four Treasure Siew Mai 四喜烧卖A work of art, it is almost too pretty to be eaten. Below the colourful diced mushroom, carrot and bell peppers is a tiny minced pork patty with plenty of chopped chives. Another of Jia Wei's signature creations not found elsewhere. * Scallop Rice Rolls 带子肠粉While the rice flour noodles are a trifle thicker than your usual cheong fun at Canton Paradise or Imperial Treasure, each roll contains two whole scallops. Sublime.Six types of dim sum, carrot cake and vegetables shared amongst three adults, with the bill at less than $27 nett per head. Not cheap but the quality and nifty handiwork by their dim sum chef made it worth the money. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-30
The xiao long bao is very juicy. One bite and the entire soup comes spilling out. Have to eat it while steaming hot. The meat is soft and easy on the throat. ($4.80)Chicken feet has always been my must have dish whenever I visit a dim sum restaurant. I heard that this is the dish to eat if you want more collagen Anyway, I like how soft the chicken feet is being cooked. Just put into the mouth and the bones come out easily. ($4.60)Didn't really like fried bean curd skin because I always thought they are normally too salty. However, this dish came to be quite different. Crispy on the outside and soft as well as chewy on the inside. Best part is that the saltiness is not present. ($4.20)Har gao deep fried. Quite different from what I used to have in other dim sum restaurant which normally come steamed. This item is probably deep fried before steaming. Quite a unique way of presenting. ($4.80)Didn't taste the sharks fin at all. I didn't even know that this dish contains sharks fin until the bill came. ($5.00)The total bill for the 6 of us came up to $145 which of course the most expensive dish went to the BBQ meat combination plate which was $40.00. The service was really fantastic. The dishes were served slowly but the waiters would attend to us by topping up our teacups or taking orders in a flash. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)