Arriving by bus: 61, 80, 145, 166, 197 (Bus Stop No. - 05199, Opp Hong Lim Cplx), Arriving by Train : Exit D, Chinatown MRT - NE4 on the purple line continue reading
Since 1865, “JuChunYuan” has stood for the finest in Fuzhou cuisine. The famous “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” was birthed in JuChunYuan restaurant in 1876 and has continued to set the standard for fine Chinese restaurants around the world. Now, for the first time, this very epitome of authentic Fuzhou dining comes to Singapore. continue reading
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18:30 - 21:30
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Signature Dishes
“Pa Shao” Stewed Pork Belly Braised Monkey Head Mushroom Original 1876 Buddha Jumps Over The Wall
Review (18)
Level2 2014-12-27
We were extremely early but when we arrived we found that we were not the earliest. There were queue before us. As my mum was in wheelchair can the staff had advised to take the back door entrance instead. Wise decision!As we are the early birds, the waiting time for serving food didn't waited long.  There quite a variety of food to choose from. i.e, Tim Sum, Noodles/ congee, Speciality,  Vegetables & Dessert. We ordered stir fried carrot cake, steamed pork & shrimp, Salted egg custard Bun, Glutinous chicken rice in lotus rice, steamed BBQ bun, Deep fried sesame bun with red bean paste, poached pork wanton in spicy & chilli oil, Salted chicken in spicy sauce and many more. Each portion comes in 3 pcs and just nice for the 3 of us. Staff are observant and cater to needs immediaely.I like the osmanthus with wolfberry cake the most.It is light & refreshing. not too sweet as well. we had ordered 3 servings.Their signature dish, durian crepe, is a disappointment though. Too much cream and too little durian fillings. As compared, i prefer the osmanthus with wolfberry cake more than the durian crepe. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-24
It's Christmas Eve! So we decided to try the famous Chinese restaurant (Ju Chun Yuan) which serves good authentic Fuzhou cuisine and dim sum.The restaurant is located in Far East Square building, level 1. For those who are driving, you can park your vehicle in Far East Square. The restaurant looks like a Chinese temple. Walk straight in and you will find the place crowded with people enjoying their cuisine.We saw the banner promoting dim sum buffet lunch at $19.80+ per adult for weekday. So, we decided to go for it and gave us a chance to try the different types of dim sum.There are six dim sum categories as below:1. Steamed2. Baked & Fried3. Vegetables4. Noodle/Congee5. Specialty6. DessertAs it is a buffet, we limited ourselves to a few baked and fried dim sum so that we can try each dim sum from other categories. Please try to order a few dim sum at a time. If not, you will be too full to try the rest.Below is my recommendation.1. Steameda. Beancurd roll with pork and abalone sauce - NICE, MUST orderb. Steamed pork and shrimp dumpling - NICE, CAN orderc. Steamed salted egg custard bun - NICE, CAN order2. Baked & Frieda. Deep fried beancurb skin rill with shrimp - NICE, CAN orderb. Deep fried prawns dumpling with mayonnaise -NICE, CAN order4. Noodle/Congeea. Century egg and pork congee - NICE, MUST order5. Specialtya. Sliced chicken in spicy sauce - NICE, MUST orderb. Deep fried pork ribs with Juchunyuan sauce - NICE, CAN order (Note: big portion)c. Chilled pork shank with garlic - NOT NICE, can skipd. Sliced pork belly with spicy sauce - NICE, MUST order6. Dessert a. Chilled Almond Pudding - NICE, MUST orderb. Osmanthus with Wolfberry Cake - NICE, CAN orderc. Aloe & Lemongrass Jelly - NOT NICE, can skipd. Chilled Durian & fresh cream in pancake - NICE, MUST ordere. Chilled Sago with Mango and Pomelo - NICE, MUST orderOverall, I enjoyed the dim sum here much better than some of the other Chinese restaurants. Go for the items in "Specialty" category as the items are unique and more pricey and it is worth to try it. You must definitely try their signature dessert i.e. durian pancake! The durian is sweet and bitter and I love it so much!I paid S$46 for two adults. If we were to order the dim sum individually, the bill would have been S$123!!!. Hence, it is really quite worth it to try their dim sum buffet. Please note that this restaurant does not impose Service Charge for dining. This is another good advantage. continue reading
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Level2 2014-05-05
尝试了一下聚春园的dim sim buffet!作为一个广东人,这个虽然不是特别好吃,但是还ok啦!不过凤爪和排骨真心一般般。肠粉还不错,流沙包挺好吃的!虾饺不怎么好,干蒸不错。。。环境挺好的,在raffle place中间,挺好找的!整体而言,还可以!不够300 characters!ok! Then i will try to rewrite the content in English. Actually, JU CHUN YUAN is not a large canteeen, but the emphasis is quite good. it is good for those who like guangdong dim sim! the price is ok, i will try again. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-26
Read an article about liu sha bao around Singapore and one of its recommendations is the LSB at Ju Chun Yuan. After trying it out, I would say it was good but I had better at other places. The four season siew mai was their speciality and I felt it looks unique but taste wise it didn't taste any dfferent.This dimsum lunch buffet is also one of the cheaper ones around Singapore and I think as a whole it was worth the price. It also offers a variety of desserts which was very nice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
Ju Chun Yuan offers a pretty reasonable dim sum buffet spread for less than $30 on a weekend! My group of friends and I arrived here around 10plus am and the place was still pretty empty. The crowd started coming in from 11am onwards and our orders started taking longer to arrive but overall, their service is quite efficient! My favourite out of the three is the deep fried prawns dumpling followed by the fried yam dumpling! Another of my friend really like the yam dumplings and we ordered more servings of those! I like guo tie and the ones here are nice! It is nicely pan fried! The har gow here are very average and just one serving is enough. We ordered both versions of the steamed rice noodle roll, one with char siew and the other with shrimps. The one with prawns was quite bland but the char siew one is nice! The superior sauce pork ribs are one of their specialty items but I find it to be so-so only. The baked barbecued pork bun was quite disappointing as all of us find the the skin is too much and overpowers the filling inside. Out of the four of us, only one know how to eat chicken feet and so we ordered one serving to share. I didn't touch the chicken feet but the mushrooms noodles were not bad and we ordered one more serving of it! Compared to the har gow, the siew mais here are good, which was pretty unexpected! One of the items you have to order is the four seasons dumpling, as you can't find it anywhere else. Well, I have never encountered this dumpling before! It is actually pork within the four ingredients in the dumpling. Not bad! I didn't like the ratio of too much flour to filling inside the char siew sou but the sweetness of the char siew filling was just right. These two were the highlight of my dim sum buffet! Being an ultimate fan of custard paus, I was so eager to try their version, which is a Pandan skin Salted Egg Custard Bun! The custard literally flows out and one two or even three of it is really not enough! We tried amost all the items from the dessert list, like the Yam pudding, Pumpkin pudding, Almond pudding, Mango and Pomelo Sago and homemade Mua Chee, but none was worth mentioning except the Chilled Durian & Fresh Cream in Pancake. Eating the pancake definitely sent me to Heaven land as it was tooooo good. We ordered more of it which was too addictive! The other items we ordered were the steamed spare ribs, steam creamy yolk bun(definitely cannot fight with the salted egg custard bun!), century egg pork congee (not bad), pork shank with garlic (not bad), pan fried crabcake, pan fried sesame ball, steamed carrot cake(no need to try). Now the next time I come back here I will know what to order! continue reading
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