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Kinki Restaurant & Bar is based on the urban ethos of being brave enough to change the game. Kinki is shaking up the dining scene with an ambiance that defies tradition, modern Japanese dishes peppered with their own touch, and a drink list that features muddles of intoxicating liquids from the East and West. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-08
This chirashi set costs $40. I find it rather expensive as the sashimi slices are rather thin although they do taste fresh (and cold). Some of the sashimi types include scallop, salmon, swordfish, and tuna. The sashimi had very little sweetness in it but I like how the fish roes aren't salty and went well with the rice. The salad dressing is a little salty while the miso soup tastes just right - not overly salty. There are also seaweed and tofu in the miso soup. At this price, there's many other more value for money chirashi don out there (the sashimi selection in this chirashi is not impressive as well). Once is enough! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
The name very funny hor...sound like kinky...so kinky... Oh man, it's like a rhythm. I wonder is it a Japanese word? But one look at all the animation on the wall, you will know it's a Japanese restaurant, no doubt. Be tempted by the eye-feasting seafood sashimi!But the sashimi very expensive, so we didnt order. SOBZ >.< The staff so bad, made us sit at the counter and droolz at the sashimi.... Nevermind, my orders were good also, okay?Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi - $22The eyes brightened up on sight of the generous portion of foie gras and meaty scallop. The tiny rice roll can barely 'support' the weight lor. Thumb up for this! Beef Teriyaki - $24Dont be put off by the "bloody" scene, must be my camera and the not so bright lightings. This was really tender and juicy. Kinki Okonomiyaki - $26The first two dishes were good but not filling. We browsed through the menu, looking for something that can be filling and still affordable, and ended up with okonmiyaki. Overall, we really enjoyed the food, with creative item such as the Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi. However, the pricing was kinda steep (we spent close to $100 for 3 items), even the hot ocha cost $4 per pax. Guess I will probably save the place for treats on special days. Not to forget if you are seated near to the windows, you will get a good view of the Singapore River as well. =)Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/ for more review! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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The Entertainer Party was held at Kinki Rooftop Bar at Collyer Quay, a very funky and cool bar with a gorgeous view overlooking the Marina Bay. I know it has the perfect view for fireworks and aircraft formation performances because the folks from NDP were having a rehearsal that day and we were stoked to have the front-row seats to witness these! This means only one thing: this is the place to hang out for NDP this year!We were greeted with a charming service staff which presented the spicy mayo salmon served in mini lemon flavored cones to us. Brownie points to the wonderfully creative presentation and double that for the creamy consistent texture of these canapes.The baked vine cherry tomato tartlets were picturesque, shiny with a glaze of balsamic sauce. Nesting the entire tartlet into your mouth will result in exhilaration when the juicy cherry tomatoes burst. An interesting swirl of sweet and savoury in a single pop. Had to take a picture but I wanted to throw this into my mouth already! First world dilemmas, eh?The sous vide marinated scallops lined with thick unagi sauce was wrapped in fresh ohba leaves, formed a delightful little combination which was flavourful and indulging with the fat scallops. This looked the least appetizing, but ended up being the hot favourite of the night.Read more: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/07/the-entertainer-party-at-kinki-rooftop.html#more continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-30
I was hunting around for places to eat around the Fullerton Bay area and came across this very interesting Japanese restaurant called Kinki (what a cute name, don't you think?). Kinki sits just on the edge of the Kallang River, directly overlooking the majestic Marina Bay Sands hotel. The view from the restaurant is excellent on a clear day and I'm sure the night view will be even more stunning! It was rather packed for a weekday lunch, and we were told that it was full house when we got there. However, the service staff were kind enough to make a table for us when we mentioned that we were just looking for a quick bite. But be sure to make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment.Their menu is rather impressive - not the usual Japanese food you would find at other restaurants. From Blue Fin Tuna, Sowrdfish, to even more exotic dishes including Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi or Sea Urchin. Prices can be quite steep, so be prepared to splurge on good food! >.<" I ordered the Negi Toro Don ($28) which consists of chopped Ootoro and Scallions on rice. Ootoro is taken from the most tender part of the Tuna belly and is packed with loads of Omega-3 goodness - I could eat this all week and not get bored of the freshness of the tuna. The scallions also add a refreshing kick to the dish. It's a very simple dish that is all about the natural goodness of the tuna and well-flavoured sushi rice. You don't need any fancy sauces - it's just all-natural goodness that makes this dish extremely good!My Negi Toro Don also came with a Red Bean Mochi on the side. While it's not exactly the softest mochi I've tasted, it had a pretty good chewy texture to it. Plus, I'm always picky when it comes to my desserts - they shouldn't be too overly sweet and this mochi was just right. The red bean paste inside was sweet enough to compliment the mochi skin dusted with matcha powder. Having traveled all the way to there for lunch, it would be a shame if we didn't get to try their other food items. So we decided to order an Unagi & Hokkaido Scallop Maki ($28) to share. This dish didn't impress me too much as I didn't quite like the deep fried Tempura exterior of the maki.Nestled inside layers of sushi rice is a slice of unagi, scallop, snow crab and avocado - a perfect combination, except for the tempura battered exterior which kinda ruined it for me. But it was still quite an interesting dish to try and I am definitely looking forward to coming back here again for more!Another interesting thing about Kinki is its design concept - the ceiling is filled with manga art and so is their menu. You will also find feisty wall murals of their mascot (this Japanese Sumo wrestler). I also enjoyed their sushi bar counter where you can watch the chefs skillfully slice up the sashimi for you. Oh, and did I mention that they even have an alfresco rooftop bar area for you to party? Overall, Kinki serves up super awesome authentic Japanese food in a funky artsy setting, making it a definite must-try for all Japophiles! =D continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
Kinki Restaurant is no stranger in our local food scene given not only the interesting name but also, they are well-known for quality Japanese cuisine as well as a breath-taking view of Marina Bay!At a Japanese restaurant, how well they treat their customers can be told from the quality of food they prepare an serve. In the simplest form, it is their sashimi. Hence, I ordered a Chirashi Set ($40) when I visited them for lunch. It is a very fulfilling set as a variety of sashimi were served on Japanese rice which is nicely done. It also comes with a side salad, miso soup, pickles and desserts too - azuki red bean in a green tea mochi ball. Yums! The selection of seafood in the Chirashi set differs day to day depending on the Chef's freshest catch of the day. Hence, diners can get to enjoy the best seasonal fishes and be wow-ed each time they order this. From prawns, salmon, tuna, herring, fish roe and a slice of tamago, I was able to savour the freshest seafood right with my bowl of rice. It goes perfectly with the freshly grated wasabi which won't leave a choking after taste unlike pre-packed tube ones.Besides this, I had the Unagi & Hokkaido Scallop Maki ($28) which was sheer delight with a lightly crusted tempura. After sinking the tooth through the light crust, I was greeted with the sweet and delicious snow crab meat with avocado that's between all the goodness. Thankfully, the avocado wasn't overwhelming and I was able to enjoy the sweetness of the various seafood. This is a perfect maki for those who do not like raw fishes and of course, children will enjoy it too!Although I was there during the busy lunch hour without any reservation, the friendly and thoughtful staff greeted us at the door and quickly cleared up a table to accommodate us. It was definitely a memorable meal at Kinki and I would be returning to the restaurant with a reservation. continue reading
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