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L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle is a pâtisserie specialising in éclairs.Eclairs come in assorted flavours with a few permanent classics such as Vanilla & Pecans, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Ispahan. continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-28
Original review on http://www.nahmj.com/2015/07/10/leclair-by-sarah-michelle-singapore-shopping-centre-dhoby-ghaut/L'ÉCLAIR has finally opened their patisserie cum cafe at Singapore Shopping Centre with their dazzling instagram worthy looking Eclairs. I can assure you not only it is gorgeous looking but delish too.I was Wow by the design of the cafe. If you missed your Paris holiday, have a little of the mood over here. Design was elegant, modern, classy and cosy too.Speciality at L'ÉCLAIR is Eclairs. According to the menu, they will have 10 flavours daily with 4 Classic Collections, namely Vanilla & Pecans, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Isapanhan. The remainings are under the Seasonal Collections.Savoury was offered besides the sweets, Chicken & Bacon Pie (served with house salad).For drinks, 8 types of tea, coffee, hot and iced chocolate and 2 sodas.The box is in white and blue theme, though simple were classic. The box of 4s has each box designed to contain exactly 4 with no extra piece in between. And each Eclairs is contained individually in a paper container. The design of the box is very friendly, it allows ease of removing each Eclairs from the box.Classic CollectionsI have tried all 4 classic flavours. A dark chocolate with brownie bites is what offered in the Dark Chocolate Eclair is best for the Chocolate lovers. We felt though it was good but it didn't wow us as much as the other flavours, as chocolate is a common flavour.The Salted Caramel has the classic scent. The good part was it was lightly sweetened with popcorn adding to the crunch.My top fave in this collection is the Ispanhan, a flavour of Rose, Raspberry & Lychee. The Rose flavour slowly emitted the fragrance and infused with the subtle Lychee and Raspberry. Our conclusion for this flavour was amazing. A point to note, this is a signautre of L'ÉCLAIR.Lastly was the Tahitian Vanilla and Pecan. I was surprised that I enjoyed as I don't usually like anything vanilla. Perhaps it was due to the layered flavoured and texture present. It has a nice vanilla scent pair with nutty caramelised pecan that gave the crunch. These ingredients complemented each other well. Seasonal CollectionsEach week of the year, the seasonal flavours are rotated and there may be new flavours crafted.One of which I tried was the Passionfruit Eclair. I like the sourish sweetish fruity passionfruit sensation, though my Mom felt it was too sour. Certainly thumbs up for me.We tried the Banana and Walnut too. All we could describe was banana like how the Minions would say it. Lol! Bananas fan, you got what you wanted.The Lemon Merinuge has this classic meringue on top of the eclairs which diners could easily identified with. As it lack of the crunch such as the biscuit tart base, somehow it is not as enjoyable. Though the lemon custard has a good balance of sourish and sweetness taste.I am the Earl Grey fan. As such I will never missed out on anything Earl Grey. This Earl Grey Eclairs has a light scent of Earl Grey and lightly sweet. I would prefer the flavour to be stronger.For diner who like nutty flavours, one could choose the Roasted Pistachios & Strawberries and Hazelnut Praline. Both has some nutty crunch added to enhance the texture too.Coffee lovers and especially the Espresso lovers, Cafe Eclair would be the perfect choice. Speculoos is an Easter special which has a cute rabbit on it. As for taste-wise, except for sweet, I don't really favoured more than sweet.And at various special festival, there are special flavours. For 2016 Chinese New Year, out of the 4 flavours, I tried 2. The Pineapple which is so Chinese New Year, reminded me of the Pineapple tarts. The other Black Sesame which was like having a good bowl of the traditional black sesame paste. I prefer the former while my mom the latter. The other special flavour was created for the SG50 was the Kaya. It was so local. The last in the box is the Chocolate, pretty usual though.The choux pastry of the Eclairs were perfectly bake with the best texture and consist of all the correct elements. Each Eclair is pretty decorated, tempting all your senses. Taking a stock count of the number of flavours I tried so far. Wow! That was 12 in total!More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-14
L'éclair by Sarah Michelle is the first éclairs cafe in Singapore, specializing in beautiful French desserts that inspired them and caught their hearts while they were in Paris. So now they bring a piece of Paris back to Singapore, bringing éclairs to us made of highest quality ingredients. Decor was chic, timeless and elegant, making for comfort and offering an expanse of view of the outside through floor-to-ceiling glass panels.My first éclair was the Roasted Pistachio & Strawberries (SGD$8.00). The pastry puff itself was soft, carrying the weight of pistachio cream and bits as well as strawberries on top of it, giving it a very lovely combination of nutty sweetness, tart and crunch. The cream within was delicate and smooth, making for afabulous choice.Next up, it was Ispahan (SGD$8.50) - comprising of rose, lychee and raspberry. The dark red petal was too pretty for me to resist. Look at the layers of lychee chantilly cream sitting so snugly between the rose-coated top and soft pastry bed. Raspberries were inserted between the cream, adding a refreshing tint of zest to the luscious, feminine flavours of this pink pastry - every bite was filled with the beautifully-orchestrated flavours of rose, lychee and raspberry. Needless to say, I was glad I chose this.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/03/afternoon-tea-at-l-eclair-by-sarah.html continue reading
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L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle is the first éclair specialty store and café in Singapore. It was founded in 2014 by Sarah and Michelle, two good friends and pâtissières with a similar dream and passion. The ladies traveled across the globe to Le Cordon Bleu Paris where they spent nine months learning the art of French pastry. They then returned back to Singapore and started with pop-up stores and finally settled on a in-town location.Their interior is very glossy and shiny, with marble like decor and a simple round table as the epicentre of the store as you walk in towards to the eclair display and ordering counter.Behold! The holy display of eclairs. They are all so pretty and you can definitely tell alot of time went into meticulously placing all these decorations/toppings onto the eclairs. They were all neatly aligned in the display.The eclairs had toppings that helped distinguish what eclairs they were. Like the Isaphan eclar had a rose petal on it, which I felt was very cute and creative of them. As you walk down the eclair display, it's almost as if you're admiring a display of art work!Most of their eclairs are priced between $7.50-$8.50 1. Isaphan Eclair $8.50Filled with a light rose cream, embedded with fresh raspberries  and cut lychees, this is my favourite eclair! I have never tasted an eclair quite like this. The aroma of the sweet rose smell is also very pleasant and actually, due to it, I couldn't really smell anything from the other eclairs. The rose cream was subtly sweet and with the sourness from the raspberries, blended well together.2. Green Tea Eclair $8As a matcha lover, I had higher expectation of this, but then again. Real matcha isn't supposed to be sweet. The matcha cream here had a very slight matcha taste to me. The outer chocolate layer was so much sweeter that it was all that I could taste. A slight disappointment here, but this green tea eclair is on their seasonal list, so maybe it won't stay in the eclair display for long.3. Earl Grey Eclair $8Another eclair that I had high hopes for as an earl grey lover. I liked that they played fresh blueberries on top with earl grey infused chocolate. The chocolate was so yummy. The cream on the inside was infused with earl grey as well and was the perfect cream for the eclair. Now if only sarah and michelle can make a thai milk tea eclair, that would be heavenly! I needed like 5 of these, it was that good!4. Hazelnut Praline Eclair $8The hazelnut praline eclair stood out from the rest of the eclairs on display because of it's choux au craquelin top! It was filled with valrhona hazelnut cream and roasted hazelnuts. There were alot of roasted hazelnuts in this one. Any hazelnut lover would be extremely pleased with this eclair. The hazelnut cream here was one of the sweeter ones in comparison to the rest that I had tried.At L'eclair, they insist on using top quality ingredients to produce the finest tastes and flavours. Each piece is lovingly assembled by hand which are generously filled and delicately garnished with utmost precision. All of these attributes to beautifully hand made eclairs that taste just as beautiful!I can safely say that this place is probably going to be a hit with the ladies. Being how pretty these eclairs are!!!  You can also order these eclairs online whenever you have the craving. Their nearest mrt is Dhoby Ghaut, so it's not too far off for anyone to reach. Verdict : Their eclairs are not just special in appearance! They are also spectacular in taste! The eclairs are a work of art and though at $8 a pop, I feel it is worth the money!  continue reading
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Level2 2015-11-06
L’éclair – not your ordinary Éclair. With graduates from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Sarah and Michelle helming L’éclair, they built up their éclair business from scratch, experimenting everything down from the choux pastries, creating new flavours and making sure it is aesthetically pleasing. We are honored to be able to try their most popular and best selling éclairs. Starting with one of their most popular éclair - Ispahan ($8.50), a lychee and rose cream éclair with raspberry fruit sandwiched in between the pastry choux, is easily the prettiest éclair among their selection, which any girl would fall in love with. Oh and yes that pretty petal is not only visually pleasing, it is also edible! The orange éclair you see is their new flavor – Mango Passion fruit ($8). Slightly on the tardy side, it’s good for those who like their desserts sweet but yet want something sourish. I would go for something sweeter though. On the other hand, their Lemon Meringue ($7.50), which I usually do not pick because I am not a fan of sour desserts, but THIS changed my mind, I actually found this really light, not too tangy and not too sweet, just the right balance. Earl Grey ($8) is also another of our favourite, this black tea I frequently drink has become a pretty pastry (another excuse for me to eat more), not too strong an earl grey taste but just right there they hit the nail, plus they are topped with gold dusted blueberries! Hazelnut Praline ($8), the only one with a different outlook as compared to the rest, has whole hazelnuts in them, which reminded me of Nutella, just much lighter, I could eat another one. Are you sick of éclairs yet? No I’m not, but if you are thinking of something savoury, then their Chicken & Bacon is for you. With a nice sweet pastry-crust, inside is an aromatic mix of bacon, chicken and mushroom bits, so filling and good. With such amazing interior and imported decorations, I can say I fell in love with this place, simple classic French style, which reminds me of Paris so much! While this might be a tad on the pricier side, I’d say you pay for what you get. Ingredients used are of high quality; you can’t just stop at one éclair (there goes my diet). Go and you will understand what I mean. continue reading
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