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Cha Gio Goi Chon Nu Tieu
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Level4 2016-02-21
Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/01/long-phung.htmlBrusque service aside, Long Phung serves up the best pho in Singapore, and short of flying to Hanoi every other week to get my pho-fix, the little spot will have to do as a viable alternative.Service at the cash-only establishment was typically Vietnamese; you accommodate them rather than the other way round. Despite my repeated instructions to hold off all parsley/coriander leaves/spring onions/cilantro on everything, only 1 dish was parsley/coriander leaf/spring onion/cilantro-free; my chicken pho arrived laced with spring onions. When informed to the waitress, she tersely informed that there was no instruction to hold off the said herbs in "all of the dishes", and because she, like many Vietnamese women, was scary and fierce, I picked out every last speck of spring onion on my own instead of sending it back for a redo.Oh well, as I see it, Long Phung provides a most authentic experience of Vietnam. And it's not like they charge for service anyway, so there's that.We loved:1) Cha Gio ($7) with 3 parts minced vegetables, 1 part minced pork, exactly the way it's done in Vietnam: Juicy and flavourful, this had a beautifully crisp rice paper skin.2) Ga Vien Chien ($10): succulent morsels of Vietnamese-styled popcorn chicken3) Bun Bo Hue ($7.50): a Hue-specialty of beef brisket hunks, pork leg sausage slices, in a heady deceptively fiery broth that balances the spicy with the salty and sweet, enlivened by a hint of lemongrass4) Pho Ga ($7): pure wholesome goodness, with generous lashings of shredded chicken, and a deliciously delicate chicken stock. So good even if marred by spring onions.5) Bun Thit Nuong ($7.50): dry-styled noodles topped with the most lusciously grilled pork ever, redolent of lemongrass, and served with a fish sauce-based dip.6) Com Trang Bo Kho ($7): sumptuous French-influenced beef stew, with fork-tender brisket swimming in a mildly spicy gravy continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-28
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comAnd the search of best authentic Pho continues... It was to my surprise that there are a number of Vietnamese eating places in Joo Chiat. As usual we patronized the one that has more crowd, the restaurant settings was more towards a family environment with spacious walkways, comfortable and big tables for groups.Perhaps it was a sunday evening , servers were slow yet steady in their serving.Place was simple and well kept with illustrated food dishes plastered on their walls. Though there were a handful of vietnamese around in the restaurant, these pictures aid patrons and gave them a better view of particular dish.Of all juices and drinks, I had decided to opt for the Thai coconut for its refreshing taste. Meat was soft and easily scrapped out from its husk. Sweet and thirst quenching under the heat.Jackfruit Smoothie was not a bad idea too. Simply love the sweet fragrant from the fruit itself and when everything was blended into smoothie, it is actually very soothing too for a hot day like this.My all time favourite again from the Vietnamese Cuisine! It comes in small or big portion where the small consists of 4 rolls at $7 while the bigger portion has got 6 rolls at $10.50. They termed it as their rolled salad with shrimp and pork rice nicely by the translucent moist rice paper. The dipping sauce played a big role in this dish usually, however the sauce over here in Long Phung was kind of let down as it reminds me of our local "Chee Cheong Fun" sweet sauce, not the kind of style I like.Pho Nam ~ Well-done beef's brisket noodle soup gave me the refreshing taste from its broth. It was light, however I find that the brisket were rather hard and at some part, the noodle has kind of funny smell which was not too pleasing.Looks like we are always stuck between these two familiar dishes and that is none other than their special noodle soup again. As compared to my previous bowl, the light tasting broth was delighting in its beef combination, herbs, eggs as well as garnishing. Beef ball over here was not too spectacular and taste run-of-the mill, something that you can get off the shelves perhaps.For two consecutive meal with Vietnamese Cuisine, even though Long Phung is considered as authentic, my vote will still goes to Mrs Pho for its environment and Pho. Do note that only CASH is accepted here. continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-29
(This photo is taken after 3pm when the queue had already subsided.. LOL) An authentic Vietnamese Restaurant, Long Phung, located at Joo Chiat road serves quality food at affordable price. The restaurant is popular with locals and the foreigners as well. The queue is quite long when i reached there at 2pm and i had to wait 15mins to get a seat. Their specialty is Pho Dac Biet - Sliced beef noodle which i had heard so many people talking about itRestaurant is full even after 2pm. My goodness.......Vietnamese Spring Roll (Small $7) - 4 spring rolls wrapped with vermicelli, vegetables, bean sprouts, sliced prawn and pork. The rolls are extremely fresh and crunchy. The vermicelli is used instead of turnip which we usually see from the chinese spring roll version. The softness of the vermicelli in this spring roll is wonderful. The vegetables and bean sprouts adds crunch to the spring roll and if you are a meat eater like me, there are prawn and pork slices wrapped together too. Dipped into the sweet brown sauce with peanuts bits for extra flavors and crunch.Chicken noodle soup ($6.50) - The clear broth is fantastic! It is tasty and not salty. Lots of garlic, onions and bones must have used to create this wonderful broth. The broth is not oily and with the Pho (kueh tiao noodle), it is simply delicious. Generous portion of vegetables and garnish. Really a comfort food!Grilled Pork Vermicelli ($8.50) - Slightly more expensive dry noodle but it comes with fried spring roll and grilled pork chop. A bowl of slightly sweet syrup is given to add in the mixture for easy mixing. Lots of ingredients such as fried onions, peanuts, bean sprouts, cucumber and cabbage are added into the vermicelli as well. The dish itself taste superb. The syrup makes this dish slightly sweet which make it very appetizing and refreshing. The amazing part is the fried spring rolls and pork chop which are fresh, not oily and goes well with the other ingredients. Really a must try dish. Verdict: 4 /5Good food, fast service and affordable pricing. This is really a good place to visit if you have not do so. Try it, you may change your mind about Vietnamese cuisine. They are much more delicious than what you think. continue reading
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This place takes my vote for the best Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore. It is prepetually crowded and best to go early i.e. before 6.30pm for dinner or expect to queue for at least 15 minutes.Their phos are excellent; my favourite being their beef pho. The soup is deliciously tasty (not overly salty) and beef is nicely sliced and very tender. Servings are generous as well.Do try the spring rolls and fried quail too. The spring rolls are exceptionally fresh and goes well with the vietnamese sweet sour sauce. The fried quail is well marinated in honey and very tasty. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-11
Good:- Ordered beef pho. The beef tastes soft and easy to bite while the soup is flavourful and fragrant, not too salty.- Chilli, bean sprout and lime is placed at the side of the bowl for you to add in at your own preference, which is great.Not-so-good:- A short walk from the mrt station is needed.- Limited carparks along the roadside.Overall:Would return to eat again one day when i am around that area. continue reading
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